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Chapter One

"So, baby," Hermione said to her husband as they got ready for their 10-year Hogwarts reunion. Well, they weren't getting ready yet. Draco was lying on the bed in his boxers, and Hermione had climbed on top of him in a straddle position. "What are you going to wear?".

"I don't know," he replied, putting his hands on her waist.

"Well, you better put on something more than this, or all the girls are going to try and steal my husband," Hermione said, biting Draco's ear.

"Well I can't get dressed with you on top of me," Draco said, trying to push her off of him.

Hermione pouted at Draco. She thought he liked it when she sat on him.

"Don't make that face," Draco said, leaning in to kiss her. Hermione giggled. He got up and walked into his closet. Then he poked his face out and said, "You pick for me.".

Hermione smiled. "Okay," she replied, hopping off the bed.

Harry woke up groggily the morning before he was supposed to go to his Hogwarts reunion. He rolled out of bed and into the hallway and saw that Ron was already up magically making coffee.

"Morning," he said, stumbling into the kitchen. He and Ron had been living together ever since they both got jobs at the Ministry. Harry was an Auror, while Ron worked in the Department of Mysteries. Both jobs brought back memories to them from their Hogwarts years.

"Hey, Harry," Ron said, pouring a cup of coffee and offering it to him. "Excited for the reunion?".

Harry shrugged. "It'll be nice to see everyone again. You know who I haven't talked to in a while? Hermione. I wonder where she is. I thought she would have gotten a job at the Ministry by now, wouldn't you?".

Ron swallowed and nodded. "Strange," he replied.

"What are we supposed to wear to this thing? Are we supposed to be fancy?" Harry asked as Ron walked over to the table in between the couch and the kitchen counter and opened up the Daily Prophet.

"I guess I'll just throw on a nicer shirt and some jeans," Ron replied. "Though I can't exactly say that all my clothes are so nice. You know, if we have such great jobs, why is our apartment so shitty? And why are our clothes always dirty?".

Harry shrugged. "I guess that's life," he said. After a moments' silence, Harry spoke again. "I wonder what happened to Malfoy.".

"You don't see him often?" Ron asked, still staring at the Daily Prophet.

"No," Harry said, walking out of the kitchen. "You do?".

"Yeah," Ron responded. "I see him all the time at the Ministry. I'm not sure what his job is, but I think he has a pretty well-paying one there.".

"No surprise there," Harry said.

"Nope," Ron replied.

Meanwhile, down the hall, Ginny had just finished getting dressed. She put on a white, layered miniskirt and a white, lacy muscle tank. She grabbed the box of donuts she had bought a few minutes before and skipped out of her apartment and over to Harry and Ron's. She rang the doorbell. A few minutes (and rings) later, her brother opened the door.

"Hi Ginny," he said tiredly.

"Hi! I brought donuts," she said, shoving her way through the door and past Ron. She set the box down on the table and opened it up. Harry jumped off the couch and grabbed a jelly-filled one.

"Thanks, Ginny!" he said, his mouth full of jelly and donut.

"No problem," she said, blushing.

Ron picked up a chocolate frosted one and started inspecting it.

"Ron, what are you doing?" she asked.

"Making sure you haven't poisoned it," he replied. He took a big bite out of it. "You haven't.".

Cho was having breakfast with her daughter, Samantha, the morning before her 11-year reunion. Dumbledore had decided that this year, there would be a 9-year, 10-year, and 11-year reunion all together. Cho liked that idea, except that she would have to see Samantha's father (her ex-husband), which she really wasn't in the mood to do. But she was just going to have to be the bigger person and deal with it.

"Oh, Dylan, it's going to be so fun! I can't wait!" Colin exclaimed to his boyfriend.

"Neither can I," Dylan replied from the closet. "What are we supposed to wear, though?".

"I'm not sure," Colin replied. "Just wear whatever you want! It won't matter...".

Maybe Dumbledore should have put a dress code in the invitation.

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