Title: The Tomb of Memory

Author: hoshi-tachi

Category: Gundam Wing/ Harry Potter crossover

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Not a bloody clue- er, wait, 3x4 for sure. Still deciding on the rest.

Summary: There's something odd about Duo and Quatre's new safehouse. Maybe it's that constant sensation of being watched…

Warnings: Violence, swearing… no abuse this time, oddly enough. Yaoi… which is male homosexuality for you ignorant people out there. Don't like it? Press the back button.

Disclaimer: Despite my fondest, I have yet to own either Gundam Wing or Harry Potter. Pity.

How the fuck did she keep finding them?

I mean, Duo reflected as he ducked back inside the house and safely out of sight of the limo, we change addresses, names, hell, we even got Heero working the computers. It's impossible!

So how was that pink freak of a limousine sitting outside their safehouse?


Knowing they didn't have much time, the braided American shook the questions from his mind and ran for the living room, where the others hopefully were.

All eyes turned towards the former thief as he burst into the room and slid to a stop. "Duo, what-?" Quatre started to ask, rising from his seat on a couch.

"Relena's here," Duo said, interrupting the blonde with only the slightest of qualms. Around them, the air filled with curses.

Okay, so maybe only Fei-kun was actually cursing, and that was in Chinese, but the hyperactive teenager was fairly certain they were curses even if he couldn't understand them.

With an unseemly haste that he would later deny ever having adopted, Heero headed for the back room he shared with Duo. A minute later he emerged with a duffel bag in hand. The Japanese boy nodded briskly to his fellow pilots, before striding to the back door and out into the night.

Still blinking in surprise, Quatre looked at the other three and shrugged. "Perhaps we should follow his example?"

"Shit, that's got my vote," Duo said, snorting. "There's no way I'm stickin' around to wait for Miss Princess to interrogate me." Not waiting to see if anyone else agreed with him, he took off for the bedrooms.

When he came out, lugging an identical bag, only Quatre was waiting for him. "Where's everyone else?"

The little blonde smiled cheerfully, hefting his own duffel in one hand. "Well, both Trowa and Wufei have missions in this area tomorrow, so it wouldn't really be best for them to leave right now."

Duo grinned. "So they're out distracting Relena for our escape?"

The smile grew. "Precisely."

"Well, we'd better not waste their sacrifice, then. Onward, Macduff!" With that said, the braided American bounced out of the room. Quatre followed close behind, the smile on his face changing to one of bemusement.

"So where're we goin', anyway?" Duo chirruped curiously an hour later, peering out through the shuttle's round window.

Beside him, Quatre shoved his bag in the overhead compartment and sat down. "First we have a short stopover in Paris, and then we take another flight to London. Not more than a couple hours in the air total, and in a couple of days we can send coordinates to the others."

The other boy turned, glancing at his companion with amethyst eyes. "An' what's in England? Another safehouse?"

"Well, yes. It's a house that the Winner Corporation owns." The Arabian ignored Duo's muttered "As usual" and continued. "This one's a bit unusual, though. Not quite a national treasure, but certainly an… oddity."

Duo looked skeptical. "What, is it a castle or somethin'?"

"Quite the opposite," Quatre said, smiling. "It's a remnant from that building craze at the end of the twentieth century, suburbia."

Duo wrinkled his nose slightly. "You mean when they built everything to look the same?"

"Yes. Most of them have fallen apart in the three centuries since, but not this one. In fact, that's what's so unusual about it. In three hundred years, there hasn't been any decay whatsoever. Supposedly, it looks exactly the way it did when it was built."

Duo cocked his head slightly. "Supposedly?"

Quatre shrugged. "I've never actually been there myself."

"Oh." The American pondered that for a few seconds. "Does anyone know why it ain't fallin' apart?"

The blonde boy shook his head. "One or twice a year scientists will petition the company to go visit it, but they never come up with anything. Don't worry," he added as Duo frowned in concern. "I'm the one who has to grant the petitions. There won't be anyone there while we are."

The braided boy nodded, leaning his head back against his seat and closing his eyes. There was nothing but silence for a minute, before he opened his mouth, eyes still closed. "Ya know anything else about it?"

Quatre studied him carefully, puzzled. "Why the interest? I hadn't thought you enjoyed architecture."

An annoyed violet eye slit open. "This thing doesn't even have a movie. I'm tryin' to avoid boredom here."

"So why don't you just sleep for a bit?"

Duo snorted. "'Cause the sugar high from that dessert thing you made still hasn't worn off, that's why."

"…Oh." Quatre mused over that quietly. "All right, I can tell you a bit about the house's history, then."

"How do ya know so much about it? I didn't think architecture was your strong point, either."

The blonde shrugged, shifting in his seat. "One of those petitions I mentioned came in a couple of months ago. It seemed kind of interesting, so I did some research. For instance, the first residents were murdered."

That caught Shinigami's attention. "Really?"

Quatre nodded sadly. "It was just before that vicious little war, the one where no one could figure out who was fighting whom. All four of them were found the next day by a concerned neighbor. Husband and wife, their son, and the wife's nephew. According to the coroner's report, there were no marks on the bodies, no reason for the family to die like that."

"That's… actually kind of creepy," Duo said, glancing out the window, then back at his companion. "And this is the place we're stayin' in?"

"You're not the only one to think that." Quatre smiled at his friend's almost nervous expression. "There haven't really been any permanent residents since. Even the scientists never stay more than a couple of weeks."

After a moment the American grinned maniacally, folding his arms. "Cool."

Quatre shook his head in exasperation. "Only you, Duo. Only you."

Still grinning, Duo slid down and shut his eyes, deciding to try to sleep after all. "Hey, Q?" he asked a bit drowsily, one last thought hitting him.

"Yes, Duo?"

"Where is this place, anyway?"

"It's in Surrey. 4 Privet Drive."

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