A/N: Well, my first non-Tolkien related poem on this site! I hope you like it! I tried okay? Please review!!! It will tell me either to continue to venture out of the safe haven of Tolkien or to stay there!

Lament for the Fallen:
Mighty Hector

Sing, o blessed one
Tell the tale of Troy, of Priam's glorious son
The name shall live forevermore, resonating in eternity
Hector, protector, pride of Dardanus

Your brother's folly cursed Illium
Born under a dark sign
He found his way back
Under your guard, your shield

Gods and men fight, for power, splendor
Peleus' son, for name, for honor
Glory, etched in legends
Atreus' younger, fair Helen was his prize
But you, o illustrious one
All that was dear to your heart

Alas, Pergamus' high walls
Doomed, with your mighty prince
Andromache, lament is your toll
Alone, without child or love, sorrow falls

Lo! You knew naught of the esquire
Yet doomed you were when that ill-fated spear
Flew from your magnificent hand
Embedded in Patroclus; Fate has condemned

O Hector! Priam's finest son
Dauntless defender of Ilios
Troy's delight, savior in dark times
Without a thought of shameful retreat

You left Dardanus' luckless walls
A father, Priam never grieved more
Hecabe, Helen, your brothers mourn
Widowed Andromache, doomed child

Astyanax, fate sealed with his father
Your city ruined before you were grown
Flung off those dear walls, biting the dust
Some Achaean furious that Hector slew
A brother, a father, a son
You cannot avenge them.

Alas, illustrious Hector, your fall
Sealed the fate of your doomed city
Loved by the gods, it wasn't enough
Troy, living only now in songs of yore
Hector, your great name buried in lore