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Is it so hard? (chapter 6)

When Matt woke up, it was dark. He blinked his eyes, not remembering where he was for a second, then looked into Tai's sleeping face. Matt smiled. Tai looked so cute…

Then his stomach decided to let itself know, growling loudly, and he grimaced. He hadn't eaten anything since that morning. He slowly sat up, careful not to wake Tai. Tai whimpered in his sleep, and Matt brushed his hand through Tai's hair.

Matt quickly stood and walked towards the campfire, where he spotted Izzy.

"Hey Yamato…"

He turned, and smiled at Izzy. "Hey, just grabbing something to eat. I'm starving…" Izzy nodded, and Matt grabbed some fruit from one of the bags. He was just about to head back to Tai, when Izzy spoke again.

"So… how's he doing?" Izzy's voice sounded worried. Matt wasn't surprised by that. Izzy almost hadn't seen Tai since they came here. The rest where giving him and Tai an awful lot of privacy, now that he thought of it…

"He's doing better, I think…"

Izzy smiled back. "I hope so…" Matt nodded, and shuffled his feet.

"Well… I better head back.."

Izzy nodded, and Matt quickly went back to Tai, stuffing berries in his mouth on the way. When he reached Tai, he saw that he was shaking again. Matt frowned, and grabbed one of Tai's hands. They where warm to the touch…

Then he heard Tai whimper again. He looked up, and his eyes widened. Tai was crying in his sleep… He shuddered and whimpered again.

"No… I'm sorry…"

Matt frowned. Tai was having a nightmare…

"Yama… please, don't hate me…" Matt sighed sadly as a pang of guild went through him. He reached out to shake Tai awake. Then Tai said something that made Matt freeze in his tracks.

"Yama, no! I love you…. Don't hate me, please!"

Tai loved him? That couldn't be… but he just heard Tai say it. It could be just the dream, but those words had to come from somewhere right?

Matt was jerked out of his thoughts as Tai whimpered yet again. Matt grabbed Tai's shoulders and shook him gently. Tai gasped, then his eyes snapped open.

"Taichi… are you alright?" Matt asked softly. Tai stared at him, and slowly shook his head as his eyes filled with tears. Matt reached out and pulled Tai into a tight hug, letting him cry on his shoulder. He rubbed his back, trying to get him to calm down. Eventually, Tai's crying subsided, and he sat up, sniffling slightly.

"Are you alright now?" Matt asked Tai gently. Tai nodded. "Yeah.."

"Want to talk about it?"

"I… I don't know…" Tai looked down, staring at his hands.

"You where talking in your sleep…" Matt said softly. He needed to find out if Tai meant what he'd said. He looked over at Tai, and saw he'd tensed. Then he heard him whisper: "What did I say?"

"You mentioned my name. You begged me not to hate you…" Matt went silent for a while, then he added in a whisper, "…and you said you loved me."

Tai tensed even more, and then started to shake.

"Taichi…. Tell me about the dream…"

When Tai started to speak, his voice was soft and hoarse.

"I…. You and I… we where f-fighting again. You where shouting…" Matt heard him choke back a sob, and he knew Tai was crying again.

"But I couldn't keep it a s-secret. I needed to tell you the t-truth… You hated me…"

It was silent after that. Matt waited a while for more, but when it was clear there would come no more, he asked: "And what was the truth?"

Tai shook his head, sobbing silently. Matt started to get a bit angry. He desperately needed to know…

"Dam nit Taichi! Did you mean it!? I need to know!"

Tai flinched at Matt's tone.

"I'm s-sorry… p-please don't hate me!"

Tai's breathing had quickened, and he was gasping for air now. Matt's anger flowed away within seconds, and he felt extremely guilty. He grabbed Tai's shoulders, so he could look him in the face.

He had turned really pale, and tears where streaming down his face. Matt realised he was having a panic- attack.

"Shit.. Taichi! Calm down… I don't hate you. Really! Please, just breathe! Just calm down and breathe…"

Slowly, Tai's breathing returned to normal, and Matt smiled, relieved.

"That's it… just breathe…"

Tai was looking down at his hands again, and Matt could see the tears dripping from his face. Matt gently grabbed Tai's face in both his hands, using his thumbs to brush his tears away. But they kept falling, and Matt smiled sadly.

He stared into Tai's gorgeous brown eyes, and said softly: "Taichi… I could never ever hate you. You have to believe me… Do you believe me?"

Tai stared back into his eyes, like he was searching for something. Apparently he found what he had searched for, cause he slowly nodded his head.

"Good. Now tell me… I really need to know this… did you mean what you said?"

Tai took in a shuddered breath, then he whispered, "Yes… I meant it…"

It was silent after that. They stared at each other, brown meeting blue. Then slowly, a smile started to form on Matt's face, as his eyes filled with tears. Tai's eyes widened, but Matt shook his head.

"Ssst… no need to be afraid." Matt was grinning now, as a tear slid down his face. "You have no idea how glad I am to hear you say that…" he whispered. Tai had a confused look on his face, as he watched Matt cry and smile at the same time. It made him grin even wider.

"I love you too, baka."

Tai's eyes widened again, and he was gaping like a fish. "You… you…" he stuttered. Matt nodded, and drew Tai into a hug.

"Yeah…" he whispered. "I love you too…" He felt Tai tightening his grip on him, and they sat like that for a long time, basking in each other's warmth.

After a while Matt leaned back a bit, so he could look Tai in the face, and brushed back some of that wonderfully soft hair. Tai blushed and murmured: "God… you must think I'm a terrible cry-baby by now…" Matt grinned. "But you're my cry-baby…"

Then that wonderfully lopsided grin appeared on Tai's face, the grin Matt had fallen in love with. He couldn't resist. He slowly leaned forward, and when Tai didn't object, he closed the gab between them. His eyes slid close as he sealed Tai's lips with his own. Tai melted into the kiss, and he sighed.

Matt was surprised at how soft Tai's lips where, and at how sweet he tasted. He couldn't get enough of it, and when they had to part for breath, he wanted to dive right back in.

"Wow…" he panted, and Tai smiled shyly. Then he yawned. Matt brushed a hand through Tai's hair.

"Are you tired?" Tai nodded.

"Okay… let's get some sleep then." He crawled back into the sleeping bag, and pulled Tai tight against him. Tai sighed contently, and dropped off like a rock.

Matt couldn't sleep though. He couldn't believe Tai was finally his. But he was holding his angel in his arms, and he was absolutely real… Matt pulled him even tighter against him, and buried his head in Tai's neck, breathing in deeply.

He was addicted, he was sure of it. But he didn't mind. He smiled, and closed his eyes, slowly drifting off to accompany Tai in sleep…


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