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Protecting You From Manipulative Headmasters!

Harry woke up a few minutes after the door had closed. He was a very light sleeper and the smallest of sound could wake him up. He stared in front, lying on his back replaying every event since he had gone to his 'detention'. Everything had been so odd and confusing since he had left the Gryffindor tower.

First was the odd sentence from the little Max Evans 'A bite from the winged-snake, will succeed in pushing the darkness away, were curses have failed...' He knew who the winged snake was, his animagus form. The thing that confused him was the rest, a bite will push away the darkness it seemed rubbish.

The other was Malfoy; he seemed so nice and caring. That was weird in its self but that it felt so good and right was even more. He had calmed him like no one else could. He had given him hope. That was something Sauih had been trying to do since the day he took her in. He already missed the cold but at the same time warm arms around him, protecting him from the world. He wanted to hear the silky voice that tried so hard to drill sense into his brain.

His thoughts were interrupted when the potion master entered the room. He nodded at Harry and sat down next to him. They stayed in a tensed silence for a while. Snape took out his cigarettes and offered one to Harry in hope that the tension would ease. Harry took eat with a thankful look.

"Harry, I wanted to tell you that we would have to alert the Headmaster of the current situation." Severus said in a slightly lighter tone then he would use in class.

The young man sighed and looked into the pain filled onyx eyes. "So he can control my life once again. So he can hide important matters from me and lie to me. So he can manipulate me like he has done to so many others but that are to blind to see it."

"Were worried about you, we don't want to lose you" Snape admitted to the son of his old enemy.

"Oh the old coot doesn't give a damn about me, I'm just a weapon for him. A pawn in his game of chess, like every other life in his hands, I am sorry you had to be one of those two." The emerald eyes man whispered

Severus nodded, the boy was right. The oh-so-great Albus Dumbledore wasn't as nice and generous as he made it seemed to be. He was worst than any Slytherin in the art of manipulation. It wasn't right for a boy this age to have to deal with all this because he had defeated the Dark Lord when he was one. "You don't have to face the Dark Lord, it's not your job to kill him."

Harry sighed "I wish that was true..." Harry took in a deep breath "Has he found a new spy?"

Severus shook his head negatively. "I am afraid he will ask Draco, I hope that he will decline. He doesn't deserve the suffering it will bring him."

Harry silently agreed with the older man he had once hated. At the moment every insult and taunts were lost. He didn't feel hatred but understood the other man. "I'll do everything to protect him from the one no one thinks they need protection."

Severus raised an eyebrow at the teenager. "Why would you do that? Wouldn't you care a bit for my godson?"

"I do and I don't know why" Harry replied in a defeated tone.

Severus chuckled, Harry almost fell off the bed, the evil potion master had never laughed before. "The saviour of the wizarding world has finally a teenage problem. Well, well 'The Gryffindor golden boy' has feelings for 'the prince of Slytherin'." Severus stood up and left Harry to his thoughts. Maybe he's right, maybe...

Harry felt a sudden pang in his stomach, he didn't know how he knew but he knew that Draco was in danger. Minutes past and the uneasy feeling grew. Fifteen minutes had past and he started glowing a metallic shade of blue. Draco was in mortal danger and his soul wanted nothing else but to save the young man. The blue light flashed brightly and Harry had disappeared from the room.

Draco walked up to the DADA classroom. He opened the door to see every student writing an essay but Professor Lupin was nowhere to be seen. To his utter displeasure the first to acknowledge his presence was the Weasel. Weasley stood up and walked up to Draco. Draco glared daggers at him but the Gryffindor didn't seem to care. "So the Death Eater decided to join use?"

Draco's fist clench "Shut up Weasel, go fuck with the know-it-all and leave me alone"

The next thing happened in a flash. A fist came crashing on his jaw and his mouth was very bloody. He felt a knee in his stomach and stumbled to the floor. Many other punches and kicks were thrown his way. His vision slowly started to blur. Their was a bright blue light and his vision recovered. He saw Harry, his wand pointed at the red haired boy's throat. "Leave him alone Ronald Weasley."

Ron laughed bitterly "I knew you had turned dark."

"Oh but I did no such thing, though you ar very close at the moment aren't you?" Harry asked in a dangerous voice.

"Why are you defending a Death Eater then?" Ron spat, hatred radiating from his body.

"I'm doing no such thing, I only defend those who have proven loyalty to the side of the light!" Many Gryffindor gasped and the Slytherin looked ready to kill.

Draco stood up oddly and leaned onto Harry. "Harry we weren't suppose to tell anyone, it'll put me in danger Dumbledore said. I had to be a spy"

Harry placed his arm around the blond boy's waist. At that exact moment Remus Lupin entered the room "That is exactly why I told them, you will be in much less danger. I am here making an oath to never let the melding old fool manipulate you, I will forever protect you from him."

"Why are you doing this?" Draco mumbled his lift to swollen to speak clearly.

Harry smiled at the blond boy "Because I care, because I care"

Draco looked into Harry's eyes "Why?"

Harry remember the same conversation the two had had roles inversed "I don't know, but it feels just right"

Remus smiled, the two boys would accept it much more easily than he had previously thought. Remus sent the two boys to the infirmary and gave Ron a detention. He gave the class a lecture before sitting at his desk.

Dear Severus,

The first part of the bond is complete. I never thought it would go that fast. With or without the bond they need each other. They have lived and seen to much for 16 year olds. You should be proud of your godson, he deserves it.

Remus Lupin

Remus sent the letter by floo, a grin across his face that nothing could whip away. They had lost so much in this war and it felt nice to see someone he loved and cared about gain something, the only thing that mattered.