Author's note: This story idea was originally created by Lord Archive. You can view this one and more at his web page. I have the address on my bio page.

I hope you do give his page a view so you can discover that even though this story will start out slow, it will turn out very interesting. Since this was his idea, and to honor this great and influential writer, I will be using the un-dubbed names. I think you all know the original names, so I won't go into that. Like I said, it's going to start out slow, but I hope you keep reading, if you're fans of other animes, you're going to like it. Enjoy.


Chosen Warriors:


The Solution to the Chosen Children Problem


It's funny how quickly life can change, isn't it? One moment you could be lying in your big comfy bed in your safe happy home, choosing Universities to apply to, and planning your weekend trip with your friends, and the next moment be running for your lives, with everyone, even your friends and family turned against you. No, that's not entirely true. Sometimes you have an older brother who stands by you no matter what, who will hug you and tell you that everything will be all right, even though your far too old to believe it. Suddenly, your picture perfect world became much darker.

My name is Yagami Hikari, but please don't call me Kari. The only person that can call me that is my Oniichan, Taichi. My favorite hobbies are photography and playing with little children. I even once dreamed of becoming a teacher, but I don't think that's going to happen now. Certain events have forced my friends and me to escape from the life that we once pictured for ourselves.

You probably remember the great world invasion that happened on Christmas Eve when the world became over run with Digimon that had been let into this world by a human who used them to distract my friends and I. I bet you didn't know about the last part, right? That's because ever since that incident, the entire world has been against the Chosen Children. The governments called it "The Chosen Children Problem." I find it to be a great injury to a child's self esteem to be called a 'problem.' It wasn't until two years later when my friends and I found out that those digimon caused more of a problem then we realized. The destruction of property drove many people into debts and many places were forced to close. That's not counting the loss of life. The leaders were afraid of a backlash and those governments that could be easily overthrown were afraid of a coup; with all of this pressure, they needed someone to place the blame, and they choose us. I can understand why they did it, but it was still a prejudice move. Just because we had some connection to the Digital World, doesn't necessarily mean we were responsible. Of course, now that they had the scapegoats, they needed to do something with them.

The United Nations finally decided that all of the Chosen Children were threats to world security and needed to be dealt with. The solution was to 'relocate' all of us to special government area where we would probably never be seen again. We wouldn't stand for that, and they knew it. They needed someone to hunt us down; that's when they appeared. The Digital Hunters; equipped with the latest technology in weapons and surveillance, they appeared in Tokyo one day with the mission of capturing us. We escaped into the Digital World, but somehow they were able to follow us…..


Hikari panted as she charged through the darkened forest, sweat causing her short hair to plaster to her face. She was having difficulty breathing; it felt like her lungs were about to burst out of her chest. The sweat pouring from her forehead snake into her eyes, causing them to sting. She closed her eye lids fiercely in an attempt to make the pain disappear. Unfortunately, now that the sense that she relied most on was gone, she was not able to see the tree root. Her pink shoes caught inside the vine and she fell onto her face. "Owe!"


She opened her eyes and saw her older brother running over to her. His digimon partner was following loyally behind him. "Tai," Kari shouted, "Go on with out me!"

Taichi gasped at his younger sister's request. "I'm not leaving you!" He knelt down beside her and dislodged her foot, "What would I tell Mom? She'd kill me." He helped her onto her feet, but a loud sound exploded behind them. Hikari spun around with her eyes wide open. "Oh no! They're here!"

The three beings remained perfectly still as a figure stepped out of the trees. He wore a pair of thick boots and camouflage pants. At his left side hung a metal sword while on his right side was a large metal gun. He had two metal gauntlets on his each hand and his left eye was covered by a round red jewel. He stared at Hikari and his red eye began to glow. "Hikari Yagami." He turned to look at Taichi. "Taichi Yagami." He then looked at the small digimon. "Agumon." He grinned. "Excellent."

"Who are you?" Taichi demanded.

"You may refer to me as Lord Sentry," he responded, "For as long as you are alive, that is." He held up his left hand and aimed a wrist based energy projectile at Hikari. "Ladies first."

"Kari, look out!" her brother shouted, using the name that she would allow only him to call her. He fell on top of her, using his body to shield her. Over Taichi's shoulders, she could see the towering figure of the Digital Hunter. She closed her eyes, awaiting the final scream from her brother's lips, but a different voice screamed out. She opened her eyes again and saw that Agumon had sacrificed himself to save the siblings.

Taichi stared with horror as his partner's body began to spasm with white electricity. The small dinosaur looked over his shoulder, "This…is…the last thing I can do for you. Goodbye…my friend…" His body exploded from the inside out, dissipating the digital particles to the wind.

Hikari placed her hand over her mouth. "No! First Tailmon, then Agumon….Oh no."

Lord Sentry shrugged and pointed his writs laser back at the brown-haired girl. "Now, where was I?"

"Pummel Whack!"

The two Yagami siblings stared with shock as a green creature dove out of the trees and began to attack the Digital Hunter. "Ogremon?!"

"Get out of here!" the green digimon ordered, "I'll hold him off."

Taichi grabbed his sister's hand and began to pull her away. "Come on, Kari."

"But Taichi," she protested, "We just can't leave him."

The older boy glanced to where Ogremon was battling against Lord Sentry. "He wants to help us. We've got to run, or we're going to die!"

"But Taichi…"

He yanked her even harder. "We've got to run, now!"

Hikari reluctantly followed as they ran out of the forest.


Koushiro reluctantly entered the room as the soldier behind him jabbed a large rifle into his back. Inside was a group of more soldiers positioned around the walls, guarding a small table where some else sat, a young woman with short blond hair who had an open manila folder in front of her. When she saw Koushiro, she mentioned to the seat across from her. He sat down.

The woman stared at him. "I am Recorder, the file master for the Digital Hunters. I'm in charge of processing ever Chosen Child that comes my way. Now, why don't we start, what's your name?"

Koushiro kept silent.

Recorder looked up at him. "What is your name?"

No answer.

She sighed. "Look, you can make this easy on yourself or not. We already know your name, Izumi Koushiro."

"If you already know my name, why did you ask me?"

"Because, I thought that maybe you would be willing to cooperate and tell me where the rest of your group is, along with your leader, Taichi Yagami?"

"Taichi's still safe?" Koushiro thought, "Then, maybe we'll still make it out of this alive."

Recorder sighed. "So, you don't want to cooperate, huh? Have it your way." She mentioned to the guards by the door. "Take him away."

They grabbed Koushiro by the arms and pulled him through the door. A second later two new soldiers appeared, pushing a purple-haired girl into the chair. "Stop!" she shouted, "I can walk myself you know!"

Recorder looked up at this girl. "What is your name?"

"Inoe Miyako, not like it's any of your business!"

The blond woman nodded. "I see. Tell me, where do you think that Taichi Yagami would go if he was trapped in the Digital World?"

"How should I know?" she snapped back, "I'm not his babysitter!"

She sighed. This was going to be harder then she thought. "So, you have no idea?"

"No! He could be anywhere! The Koromon Village, File Island, Gennai's house…" Her anger melted away as she stared around the room, "Whoops."

Recorder smiled. "Take her away."

The two guards grabbed her and dragged her to the door. "No, wait! I was only kidding, yeah! He wouldn't go there, no!" Her voice disappeared as the door closed. Recorder grabbed a small communicator. "Operator?"

Another woman's voice responded, "Operator here."

"This is Recorder, inform Lord Sentry that I have some locations he might want to explore."


The two siblings eventually made it to their original destination: the undersea house of Gennai. They were surprised to see that only a few of the group that had entered the Digital World with them were there: Sora Takenouchi, Yamato Ishida, Takeru Takashi, Daisuke Motomiya, Noriko Kawada and Ken Ichijoji. "What happened to the others?" Hikari asked, "Where's Miyako?"

"And Koushiro?" Taichi asked. He marched over to Daisuke, "You were with them, what happened?"

Daisuke turned away from his mentor's questioning gaze, "They didn't….make it."

"What?" Taichi gasped, "They're…dead…?"

"No!" Daisuke said with a slight smile, "No, they were just…captured."

"Yeah," Yamato said, "They're probably half way to one of those 'relocation' camps by now."

"This is just great!" Taichi shouted, "Our digimon are all dead, and now we're separated!"

The others all looked to the ground with depressed expressions on their face. "Sorry," Taichi said, "I didn't mean to…"

"No, it's okay," Sora forced herself to say, "We're going to have to accept it, Piyomon is…" She started crying slightly.

Taichi slammed his fist into the wall. "We've got to do something! We can't let them get away with this!"

"Now, now," Gennai said, "I understand that you are upset about the loss of your partners, but for now, I suggest you rest."

"Are you crazy?" Daisuke shouted, "They're probably closing in on us right now!"

"It might take them some time to find us," Gennai said with a smile, "I've erected an invisible barrier to protect us. The guest rooms have already been made, now please, you need to rest."

"I think he's right," Ken said, "We're in no position to do anything right now. After escaping from them, we're too tired to barely keep our eyes open."

Taichi sighed. "All right."

Gennai smiled reassuringly and mentioned to the group of Floramon that gathered near the hallway. The Floramon that appeared to be the leader bowed. "Please follow me to your rooms."

The Chosen Children reluctantly obeyed. After they had left, Gennai walked over to his small computer and logged on. A darkened image of a dragon appeared. "What is it, Gennai?"

"Lord Qinglongmon, we have a major problem."

"Yes, I know," the Holy Beast answered, "I have felt it. The Chosen Children's digimon partners have been killed, and the Children's powers stolen,"

"What are we going to do?" he asked.

"How many of the children are with you?"

"Eight, why?"

"Bring them to my temple. All with be revealed."

"As you wish."

The next morning, the Chosen Children that had not been captured where following Gennai as he led them up a mountain path covered by a thick forest. Taichi did not like the idea of wandering in the open without any sort of protection, but Gennai kept assuring them that once they reached their destination, everything would be all right.

He decided to take up the rear, so he could keep an eye on everyone else. Unfortunately, this gave him a view of Matt and Sora, walking hand-in-hand. He still could remember the day when he found out they had started dating; it struck him a major blow that he still was not over. Every time he saw them together, it took everything that he had to keep himself from charging over and ripping them apart.

He shook his head and turned away. He could not let his emotions interfere now. He had to find a way to rescue Koushiro and the others, before those Digital Hunters hurt any more Chosen Children.

After what seemed like days, Gennai finally stopped his trek up the mountain path. He opened his hand and mentioned to a large building hidden behind the trees. "May I present the temple of Qinglongmon."

The small group of Chosen Children had to strain their heads backwards in order to see the very top of the colossus structure. The temple contained stone carvings of angels and heavenly creatures around the top and the base. A elegantly decorated staircase rose off the ground slightly to twin doors decorated with more angels. "Wow," Noriko said, "This place must be really important."

"Yes, it is," Gennai said, "Come, follow me inside."

The Chosen Children followed him up the stairs and through the massive double doors. The inside was shaped like a cathedral, with a stone altar at the far end, illuminated by light streaming through stain glass windows. Gennai stopped in front of the altar.

"Okay," Daisuke said, "What's going on? Why are we here?"

"Qinglongmon has a way to aid you, but unfortunately, due to Belial Vamdemon's rampage across the Digital World, Qinglongmon can't appear here at this time. There is too much evil present."

"So then what was the point of coming here?" Yamato asked.

"Qinglongmon can help you," Gennai clarified, "But in order to communicate with him, one of you must be chosen as his new priest."

"What?!" the eight Chosen Children gasped.

"What are you talking about?" Takeru asked.

"Yeah, how can one of us become a priest to a Digital God?" Ken questioned.

"Anyone can become a priest," Gennai said, "All it requires is becoming an intermediary between this world and the world of the Gods." He could see that they were still nervous and wary. "If you want to save the other Chosen Children, you must do this."

Sora looked at the teenagers standing with her. "Who would even be able to do it?"

The room was silent until Hikari stepped forward. "I'll do it."

"Kari?" Taichi asked.

The brown-haired girl turned to face the others. "You know that I've always had strange powers, I'm probably the best one to do it."

"No way," Takeru said, "We don't know what becoming his priest will really require."

"I've got to agree with him," Daisuke added, "I don't want you to get hurt."

Hikari sighed. "I'm the best choice, and you know it. We have to help our friends."

Noriko stepped forward and smiled. "I believe in you."

She returned the smile, but turned to the person whose permission she was actually waiting for. "Oniichan?"

Taichi sighed deeply. "I don't like the idea at all, but if you really think you can do it, then I believe in you." He smiled, "Go for it."

She ran over to hug him warmly. "Thanks, Taichi." She twirled around and marched towards Gennai. "What do I have to do?"

The older man gently grabbed a hold of her hand and led her over to behind the altar, where a small glowing sphere was resting. "Place your hands on this Digi-core, and you will understand."

Hikari nodded. She took a deep breath, then firmly gripped the glowing sphere. The world exploded in bright light.


The Floramon tried not to scream as she stared at the sinister face of the human who was squeezing her throat. "Now," the human said, "Let's try this again. Where are the Chosen Children?"

The Floramon struggled to speak. "I…would…never…tell…you…."

The Digital Hunter growled and squeezed even tighter. "Where are they?"

"Easy, Nimrod," another voice said.

The human turned towards a group of other Digital Hunters, who were standing at the shore line of the pink lake, and the remains of Gennai's house. "What was that, Orion?"

"I said to be easy with her," the other Digital Hunter replied, "You'll never be able to find out anything if you kill her."

Nimrod glared at him, "You think you can order me around?!"

"Both of you, quiet!" Lord Sentry shouted. He walked over to the Floramon being held by the Digital Hunter Nimrod. "Now, we know that the Chosen Children were here, and we know that you know where they are. Look around you at the destruction that we did. We killed the rest of your friends. If you tell us, we'll spare your life."

She stared at the leader of the Digital Hunters with surprising strength. "All of my friends are dead, why should I stay alive?"

Lord Sentry growled in anger. He was going to try with more intimidating strength when Orion called out to him. "Sir, I just received a transmission from Operator, one of our remote scanners located them. We know where they are."

Lord Sentry turned to the Floramon. "Guess what, we don't need you anymore. Nimrod, do what you want with her."

Nimrod stared at her, and then shrugged. "Eh, leave before I change my mind." He threw her into the air; then clenched his fist, which caused a small launcher on his wrist to fire, sending a blast of energy through the Floramon's back, deleting her instantly. He grinned. "I changed my mind. Ha!"


Hikari blinked a few times and she found herself floating amongst the clouds.

"W..where am I?"

"Welcome, Hikari Kamiya."

She glanced up and saw the colossal, yet comforting, figure of the Digital God of the Eastern Continent. "Qinglongmon!" she gasped.

The dragon god smiled warmly. "I always had a sneaking suspicion that you would become my priestess."

"W..what do I have to do?" she asked.

"That will come in time," he said, "Our first order of business is to arm your friends so that you will be able to protect the other Chosen Children that have not yet been targeted."


"Inside of my temple are seven globes, similar to the Armors that once allowed your digimon to armor digivolve."

Hikari looked to the ground, saddened. "But, Tailmon is…"

"Yes, I know," he interrupted, "These globes will give armor to the seven others in your group. Seven armors to correspond to the seven constellations in my section of the celestial sphere. These armors will give your friends some…interesting abilities. You will find them in the altar below. Look for an image of a sun surrounded by seven stars. Press the sun seven times in quick succession"

Hikari nodded. "Yes, I understand."

Qinglongmon nodded. "You must hurry, those that are hunting you are coming to the temple."

"Yes, I understand. Thank you."

She felt herself return to her body, and the waiting questions of the others. "Kari!" Taichi shouted, "Are you okay?"

She nodded. "Yeah, but I'll explain later. Qinglongmon said that the Digital Hunters are coming closer." She began to search around the altar until she found the sun surrounded by seven stars. She followed Qinglongmon's instructions and pressed the sun seven times and the top of the altar popped open, like a latch being undone. She mentioned to the others. "Help me lift this up."

The seven other Chosen Children stepped around the alter lid and lifted to expose seven spheres resting inside. Hikari turned to the others. "You're going to have to trust me."

Outside the temple of Qinglongmon, the Digital Hunters stood facing the impressive building. "They're inside of there?" Nimrod asked.

Orion nodded. "One of our spies saw them enter this building."

Lord Sentry stepped forward. "Attention, Chosen Children! We are the Digital Hunters, and we have found you. Come out now, and I promise we will go easy on you."

There was no reply from the temple. Lord Sentry sighed angrily. "I am growing impatient! My offer only stands for the next five seconds, and then we come in after you!"

Still, only silence.

"Very well. Five seconds, starting…now! Five….four….three…two…one!"

The twin doors of the temple were flung open as seven fully armored figures jumped out, each in a different color: orange, red, blue, gold, yellow, black, and green. Although the armor covered every inch of the person's body, it was obvious that orange, blue, yellow, gold and green were male, while red and black were female.

The three Digital Hunters stared in shock at the new fighters standing defiantly before them. "And who are you?"

Orange stepped forward. "Oh, I'm sure you remember us."

Lord Sentry raised his eyebrow. "Yagami?"

"That's right," he said, "You thought you could hunt us down and use terror to defeat us, but look who's holding the cards now!"

Orion chuckled. "According to my sensors, you have the power level of a Child digimon."

Lord Sentry laughed and mentioned to himself, "How do you honestly think you can stand against me? I'm sure you remember how easily Wargreymon failed before me."

Taichi started to clench his armored fists tightly. "Yeah, I remember."

"What are you getting so angry for?" Lord Sentry asked, "Agumon was nothing but a bunch of misused data."

"Digimon are more then data!" the red armor shouted, "If you had one you'd understand!"

"Sora's right," the blue armor replied, "You invaded this world, and we're sending you back!"

The armored Chosen Children lined up and called out their names in succession.

Orange: "Yagami!"

Red: "Takenouchi!"

Blue: "Ishida!"

Gold: "Motomiya!"

Yellow: "Takashi!"

Black: "Kawada!"

Green: "Ichijoji!"

Nimrod began to laugh. "You sound like a group of cheerleaders! Come on, I'll take all you on!" He charged forward, swinging a blade out of his wrist gauntlets. He ran towards Taichi and swung his blade across Yagami's chest, but the armored chosen child latched his foot behind Nimrod's ankle and kicked it out from underneath. The Digital Hunter stumbled backwards and Yamato slammed both of his fists into Nimrod's stomach, sending him into the ground. Sora ran over and brought her fist into the Hunter's face. Nimrod swung his legs around, knocking the three armored Chosen Children into the ground.

"Ha!" he laughed, "You're nothing compared to me! Ha ha ha!" He was too busy gloating over the three fallen armored teenagers, that he did not see Takeru and Daisuke charging at him from behind. The two armored Chosen Children slammed their feet into Nimrod, throwing him forward. He spun around to continue his attack, but Ken charged up behind him and brought both of his fists into the Digital Hunter's back. Noriko attacked by swinging around her foot and smashing it into Nimrod's face.

Taichi and the others jumped back on their feet and stood in a straight line. "All right. Now, attack at once!"

Each armored Chosen Child fired a blast of energy; much like a digimon would, straight at the stumbling Digital Hunter. Nimrod was thrown backwards, landing in front of the two remaining Digital Hunters. Lord Sentry grabbed Orion by the neck and squeezed tightly. "You said they had the strength of a Child!"

"They…they…do…" Orion groaned.

Lord Sentry threw him into the ground. "Let's get out of here before they increase in strength!" He grabbed Nimrod and spun to leave, but paused. He looked over his shoulder straight at the Chosen Children, "This isn't over, not by a long shot." The Digital Hunters ran down the mountain and disappeared in the underbrush.

"You guys did it!" Hikari shouted, running out of the temple, "You guys were amazing!"

"Thanks, Hikari," Daisuke grinned, "I know I was pretty good."

"I hate to interrupt," Ken said, "But the Digital Hunters know where this temple is, I think we should get to another location, and fast."

"He's right," Taichi said, "Come on, we'd better get out of here." He turned to look at the older man that was walking out of the temple, "What about you, Gennai?"

"Don't worry about me," he grinned, "I'm very resourceful. This old man would just slow you down; you'd make better time on your own."

"But where should we go?" Noriko asked.

"There is a Koromon village in the woods below," Gennai said, "You should be able to hide there for the time being."

"Thank you for everything," Hikari said.

"Come on," Taichi said, "We'd better hurry."


It's funny how quickly life can change, isn't it? One moment you could be lying in your big comfy bed in your safe happy home, choosing Universities to apply to, and planning your weekend trip with your friends, and the next moment be running for your lives, with everyone, even your friends and family turned against you. No, that's not entirely true. Sometimes you have an older brother who stands by you no matter what, who will hug you and tell you that everything will be all right, even though your far too old to believe it. Suddenly, your picture perfect world became much darker.

We now have a large task ahead of us, one that's going to be difficult and dangerous. However, each and every Chosen Child on Earth is counting on us. I can only hope that we can convince the Earth that Chosen Children and regular humans can live in peace with one another. I shuddered at what the world will become if we can't.


Author's note: All right, so what do you think? Remember, it's only the prologue, the rest of the story will have a plot that's much more involved and deep, but hey, if I'm writing it, the plot can't be simple, huh? So I hope you continue to read this tale.

Also, if you've looked at Lord Archive's fanfic page, you know what this tale will be about, so if anyone has any ideas for evolution lines for the Chosen Children, please, let me know. Thanks.