There were many enemies that we Chosen had to face: Devimon, Etemon, Vamdemon, Metalseadramon, Pinochimon, Mugen Dramon, Piemon, the Digimon Kaizer, Archanemon, Mummymon, Oikawa, and countless others, but none have been so ruthless and cold-bloodied as the Digital Hunters, and their leader, Lord Sentry was the worst of the worse. I have never felt such hate and rage since Vamdemon. Lord Sentry had no regard for any Chosen, their families, friends, or anyway connected to them. They brutally murdered our families, killing everyone

My parents were killed my the Digital Hunters, along with Tailmon, but even though I lost them, I never felt alone, because my brother was right along side me. Taichi continued to watch out for me. After he died, I didn't think I could go on all alone, but I realized that as long as Daisuke was beside me, I would never be alone. He became my strength, and was there for every major event of my life from that day forward. Daisuke, my love.


The Chosen Warriors

Chapter XVI:

For the Sake of the One I Love


Daisuke was awoken with the sound of loud sobs. He blinked a few times, trying to remember what had happened. He remembered fighting Nimrod…killing Nimrod, but…how did he get here? He suddenly remembered the sobbing; it sounded like…


He noticed the Priestess of Qinglongmon curled up on the floor. He leapt out of the bed. "Hikari…Hikari!"

She did not respond, only continued to cry. He tried to stay calm. "Hikari, what's wrong?"

The brown-haired girl seemed to finally notice his presence. Her cheeks were bright red and her eyes were sore and puffy, she must have been crying for a long time. "Oh, Daisuke," she sobbed.

A dark feeling appeared in the pit of his stomach. "What?"

Hikari took a few deep breaths, trying to get her crying under control. "It's…it's…" She fell back to her knees. "Taichi's gone!" she burst out.


She nodded, but almost fell over and needed to use her hands to keep herself from falling. "Oniichan is dead…he's dead!" She fell back to the floor and began to sob again. Daisuke found himself having trouble sitting correctly. He almost fell onto the floor as well. He needed to be strong for Hikari, even though he wanted nothing more then to curl up and cry too. He knelt on the floor and placed his hand on the brown-haired girl's shoulder. The Priestess of Qinglongmon quickly embraced him and continued to cry in his chest.


Outside, the small room, Maria had been listening to the exchange. She felt Hikari's pain, but maybe there was something she could do to help. She silently walked out of the warehouse that was currently serving as their home and stepped into the morning fog. She knelt down and placed her hands together in prayer. "Lord Baihumon, I wish to make my second wish: restore the lives of the Chosen Warriors that have fallen."

A transparent image of Baihumon appeared before his Priestess. "Lord Baihumon," she nodded.

The Western God nodded. "I am sorry, but your wish cannot be granted."

"What? Why not?"

"Death is final; even I cannot bring a soul back from the hereafter. I am sorry."

She nodded. "Yes, I understand." She sighed deeply, "I understand."


The young blond man glanced up as Lord Sentry walked into the command room. "Why are you so happy?" he asked.

"Why wouldn't I be pleased?" he asked.

"Our entire army has been defeated in one attack by Ichijoji!"

"And died in the process," Lord Sentry grinned, "and in that battle, the remainder of the Baihumon Warriors were killed, and I challenged Yagami and killed him with my bare hands! And…and soon the Priestesses of Baihumon and Qinglongmon will be within my grasp! I will kill them myself! We are close, my otouto, very close!"


The midday found Daisuke, Hikari, and Maria standing inside of a morgue. "I can't believe we snuck in here!" Hikari hissed.

"We have to see Wallace," Maria said, "I owe him that much."

"Are you sure this is where they took his body?" the Priestess of Qinglongmon asked.

Maria nodded. "While you were watching Daisuke, I followed the police back here."

Daisuke stared at the rows of small doors. "Okay, which one is it? I can't read American."

Maria scanned the names and she pointed at one just above her reach. "That's it."

Daisuke nodded and pried open the door and slid out the shelf that contained a body covered by a white sheet. "This is really creepy," Hikari shivered, "Are you sure we should be doing this?" Her question was answered by the sad expression on Maria's face.

Daisuke slowly pulled over the sheet to reveal the face of Wallace. The Priestess of Baihumon gasped and covered her mouth. "W..wallace!" The full weight of the deaths of her warriors, and even Hikari's finally came crashing into her. She fell onto her knees and cried. Daisuke tried to help her to her feet, but she had no intention of standing. She just continued to bawl.

Hikari stared at the body of Wallace and an image of Taichi flashed through her mind. She could only image Her parents were gone, and now so was her brother. She was alone. Alone, all alone, she was all alone…The loss of her brother coupled with her anxiety and fear overcame her.

"I…I can't stay here," she said, "I…I've got to…" She charged out of the morgue.

"Hikari-chan!" Daisuke shouted, torn between running after the woman he loved and protecting the sobbing Maria.

"Go," the Priestess of Baihumon managed to say.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah..I'm all right," her crying was becoming under control, "J..just go."

He nodded and charged after his Priestess. Maria continued to cry for a little longer before rising to her feet. She gave a silent prayer for the fallen boy before her, then she covered him and pushed him back into the wall. She dried her tears and started to leave. She walked through the halls, carefully not to be caught by morgue personal, when she felt a presence behind her. Thinking that one of the morgue workers had found her, she slowly turned around to await the questions, but to her horror she realized who it was. "Lord Sentry!"

He chuckled. "I'm glad you remember, I was worried you know."

"H…how did you find me?"

"Please, I exterminated nearly every Chosen Child on earth, so don't you think it's easy to track an energy signal as massive as yours and Hikari Yagami's?"

Maria was slowly stepping backwards, but keeping her eyes on the Digital Hunter. "W..what do you want?"

"To kill you of course," he chuckled, "But you have something I need."


"Those remaining wishes."

She found a new well of courage filling up inside of her. "I'm not giving you those wishes, and since I'm the only who can, you'll never get them."

Lord Sentry laughed. "I can be very persuasive." He walked towards her, "Now, about those wishes…"

Maria's courage vanished. She screamed and charged down the hall.


Daisuke finally found Hikari collapsed on a park bench. "Hikari-chan!"

She slowly turned to face him. "Daisuke…I'm sorry. I just couldn't be in there anymore, I just kept remembering Taichi…" Her face contorted and she began to cry again, "Oh God, Daisuke, why did he have to die? I miss him so much already!"

He sighed. "Listen, I know it's hard, but we've got to move forward, right? I mean, that's what Taichi-sempai would have wanted."

She sniffled, holding back her tears. "Yeah, I know…I know…But, how can I go on without him? He was my brother!"

"I know that, but Hikari, I'm here, and I'm NOT going anywhere, don't worry."

The Priestess of Qinglongmon was about to respond, when she gasped loudly. "Maria!""

Daisuke spun around and watched as Maria charged towards them with Lord Sentry in hot pursuit. "Hikari, Daisuke!" she shouted.

The Qinglongmon Warrior did not hesitate. He quickly transformed to his armor, then evolved to his highest form, Crono from Chrono Trigger. With simple ease, he unsheathed his sword and charged. Lord Sentry easily backhanded him into one of the garbage cans. This gave Maria a chance to run behind Hikari.

"So," the Digital Hunter smirked, "Daisuke and Hikari. Excellent, I'll destroy you all and complete my mission!"

"Forget it!" Daisuke shouted, jumping back onto his feet. He held his sword tightly in his hands, "You're not killing any more!" He charged forward and swung his sword down as hard as he could. Lord Sentry easily blocked with his armored forearm then used his other fist to slam Daisuke in the face.

"He's not going to last much longer!" Maria gasped.

"He needs help!" Hikari shouted.

"Who? We don't have any warriors left!"

"No!" the Priestess of Qinglongmon gasped, "Yamato and Sora! They're still alive! But how are they going to get here?"

The Priestess of Baihumon nodded. "I can bring them here."

"But, that's your second wish!"

She smiled. "Don't worry, it's worth it." She placed her hands together and closed her eyes. "Lord Baihumon, I want to make my second wish, please bring Sora Takenouchi and Yamato Ishida to us!"


In of the Digital World, Sora and Yamato had just finished burying Taichi and Ken. The redheaded warrior placed her head on the blond warrior's shoulder. The young man wrapped her arm around her. "I miss them too."

Sora shook her head. "Noriko and Ken died right in front of me! E..everytime I close my eyes all I can see is their dead bodies in my mind!" She started shaking, "I…I don't know if I can go on! I…don't want to lose you!"

Yamato hugged her tightly. "I'm not going anywhere, I promise."

She hugged him tightly. Suddenly, a blast of light and wind tore through them. They were yanked into the air and vanished, only to reappear a second later by smashing into the hard sidewalk. They both jumped to their feet and saw the two Priestesses. "Hikari?" Yamato gasped, "W..what's going on?"

"Yamato!" Sora gasped. The blond warrior spun around in time to watch Lord Sentry throw Daisuke into the street. Thankfully, the car stopped with inches to spare. The driver jumped out.

"What's going on?"

"Just go!" Daisuke shouted, lumbering to his feet, "You've got to go!"

The driver ignored him. Sentry grinned and pointed his wrist-based laser at the driver and blasted a hole through his back. "You…you…" Daisuke tried to speak, but his rage and horror overwhelmed him.

"He was simply in the way," Sentry said, "If you didn't seek shelter from him, he'd be fine right now."

Hikari was quivering with rage as well. She could only see Lord Sentry as the man who killed her brother. Her body began to radiate bright blue light, which exploded in a force that harmed no one except for the Digital Hunter.

"W..what is this!" he shouted.

Hikari, completely enveloped in light, pointed her hands forward, and the blue light shot from her palms. Lord Sentry quickly countered by firing a light beam from his own wrist-based laser. The two energy beams smashed into one another, each one halting the other. Daisuke shouted to Yamato and Sora. "We've got to help her!"

Yamato and Sora quickly evolved to their highest levels, Sailor Moon and Ryo from Samurai Troopers. Yamato leapt into the air behind his priestess, executing Ryo's signature move, "Double Fire Cut!" His fire beam smashed into Hikari's beam.

Daisuke stood to the right while Sora stood to the left. Their own energy attacks also added to Hikari's beam, causing it to grow in strength, however, it still was not enough.

"Moon Scepter Halatation!"


Sentry laughed as his laser continued to push back the Qinglongmon Warrior's beam. "Come on, keep it up! I can do this all day! Ha!"

Sora gripped her scepter tightly as it continued to pour energy into Hikari's beam. "Man, this is suicide!" she thought, "We can't win, there's no way! We're gonna end up dead, just like Taichi. What's the point anyway? We're the only ones left, there's no one left to protect." Her eyes drifted over to Maria, who was hiding behind Hikari. "No, Maria's still here! And she has wishes left! She could make a difference, she could change everything! I've got to fight, to save her! But, even if we do win, we're not going to make it, but, then again, sometimes you have to give it your all, sacrifice even yourself to do the right thing. Ken, Noriko, you taught me that much!"

Up in the air, Yamato's own energy beams were keeping him afloat as well as adding strength to Hikari's beam. "Takeru, I wish you were here! I need your help so badly, but, you are here aren't you? Watching over us right now. I still can't believe you're gone, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have ever made it through the Digital World. You kept me going, it was your strength that fueled me! Takeru, I won't let him hurt anyone else! I promise!"

Down on the bottom, Daisuke poured all of his energy into Hikari's beam. His eyes drifted to the Priestess of Qinglongmon. "Taichi-sempai, you've got one hell of a kid sister here. Like brother like sister, huh? Taichi, you taught me everything I know: about soccer, about being a Chosen, about being a hero. I learned everything from you, and how do I repay you? I just let you die! Well, I won't make the same mistake with Hikari!"

All three Warriors screamed and poured even more energy into Hikari's beam. Lord Sentry was visibly shaken. The might of the beams forced him to skid back, but he did not falter. He slowly raised his other arm, which had it's own laser, and pointed it at the Priestess of Qinglongmon. He fired a beam that smashed into Hikari, the force of which sent her three warriors flying in all directions. Once the combined energy beam had vanished, Lord Sentry grinned. He was panting, however, and he stumbled as he walked.

"There..I..I did it…" He glanced in Maria's direction. "And now, about you."

The Priestess of Baihumon did not run. She stared him directly in the face, the courage of Hikari had deeply touched her, if the Qinglongmon Priestess did not run, then neither would she. "I'm not going to give you my last wish."

Sora, who had been thrown onto the roof of one of the abandoned cars in the middle of the street, stared at the young Hispanic girl. "M..Maria…'ve got to run!"

"I won't," she said, "Michael, Mimi, Wallace, Sam, Steve, Tatem, and Lou, all gone because of him! I won't dishonor their sacrifice by running now."

Lord Sentry laughed. "So touching." He pointed his wrist based laser at her, "But after seeing Miss Yagami's power here, I don't think it would be a good idea to let a Priestess of the Digital World live. You're going to die."

"Maria!" Sora shouted.

Hikari had been flung backwards and smashed into a street light, but she still stood strongly. "Maria, run! Run!"

The Priestess of Baihumon remained still. "I will not run."

"Then say goodbye!" Sentry laughed. He fired a massive beam from his wrist-based laser, heading straight towards Maria. As she was enveloped with light, she had her hands together and her eyes closed. When the light faded, there was not even a trace of her left. The Baihumon Warriors and their Priestess were completely gone.

"No!" Daisuke shouted. He and Yamato had landed into one of the garbage cans. They grabbed their swords and stumbled back into the battlefield. Sora soon joined them. They were all several drained, having used all of their energy for Hikari's beam. All three struggled to stand, but none of them would ever give up. They were about to attack, but a white light from behind caught their attention. Hikari was standing in the center of four glowing objects; as the white light faded, the objects became clear: a blue earring, a ring, a necklace, and a mirror.

"S..shinazos?" Sora gasped.

"Maria," Daisuke said, "She was asking for a wish, she did this."

"Her dying wish," Yamato said.

Hikari was shaking. "M...Maria's last wish, to give me the Shinzahos." She stared Lord Sentry directly in the face. "Lords of the Stars, Gods of the Digital World, I call to you. Descend from the heavens and grant me my wishes. Appear to me as I call your name, Qinglongmon!"

"No!" Lord Sentry shouted, running towards them, but he was thrown back by the force of the summoning. A giant transparent blue dragon was hovering over the brown-haired girl. It stared down at her and seemed to smile.

"Congratulations, Hikari," it said, "You have succeeded, but time is of the essence. I must merge with you and to use my powers three times, all you have to do it call my name."

She nodded. "I understand."

Qinglongmon turned completely transparent and flowed into the brown-haired girl. She stumbled for a moment, but quickly regained her balance.

"Hikari-chan?" Daisuke asked.

"I..I'm fine," she said.

"A condition you won't be in for long," Lord Sentry sneered. The three Qinglongmon Warriors turned to face him, their weapons ready.

"Bring it on!" Daisuke shouted, "We're gonna finally cream you!"

"Ha!" Sentry laughed, "From over here it looks like I just need to blow and you'll fall over."

Hikari stared at her warriors and realized that Sentry was right. "I can fix that. Lord Qinglongmon, I want to make my first wish, heal Daisuke, Sora and Yamato."

A wave of light washed up from their feet, erasing all scratches and injuries, repairing their clothes and revitalizing them. They glanced at each other and grinned. "All right!" Daisuke shouted, "Let's go!"

Sentry laughed. "I'll take you all on!"

Yamato charged from the right and swung his sword, but Sentry blocked it with his forearm. Sora ran from the right, but was blasted away by his wrist-based laser. Daisuke ran up from behind. Sentry grinned and executed a roundhouse kick that struck all three warriors.

"Is that the best you got?" he laughed.

Hikari clenched her fist. There had to be something she could do, but what? Suddenly, she felt a presence behind her, something familiar. She glanced over her shoulder; no one was there, but she still felt something…four presences in fact, four familiar…

Realization dawned on her, she knew exactly what to do. "Sora, Yamato!" she screamed, "Give me your energy!"

"What?" Yamato gasped.

"Hikari, what do you mean?" Sora asked.

"Just do it! Please, trust me."

The two Warriors nodded and ran to her side. They placed their hands on her shoulders and forced their energy into their Priestess. Hikari held out her palms and fired another blast of blue light.

"This again?" Lord Sentry laughed. He readied his wrist-based laser, "I beat it before, why even try?"

Hikari smirked. "Who said I was aiming for you?"

The Digital Hunter gasped. "What?" He watched as the beam shot over his shoulder and struck Daisuke's sword. The Qinglongmon Warrior watched in awe as the blade suddenly radiated in a multitude of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

"What is this?" Sentry shouted.

Daisuke smiled. "I guess you don't play too many video games, huh? Crono's ultimate weapon is the Rainbow Sword, made from seven lights, or in this case, seven stars, the Seven Stars of Qinglongmon!"

Lord Sentry held his ground. "Do you think that scares me? I'll break your pathetic sword and after I kill you, I'll tear the heart from your weak little Priestess!"

Daisuke roared and charged towards him with his Rainbow Sword gleaming in front of him. Lord Sentry fired from his laser again, but Daisuke leapt into the air at the last second, the energy blast smashing the ground.

"Where did he go?" the Digital Hunter asked, glancing around. He looked to the sky seconds before Daisuke came charging towards him from behind. Sentry spun around seconds before Daisuke's sword rammed through his chest. A fountain of energy flowed from the Digital Hunter, through the Rainbow Sword and into Daisuke. The Qinglongmon Warrior was suddenly assaulted by visions and images, so strange and odd that he realized they came from his opponent. Sentry's life flashed before Daisuke's eyes, everything, including the events of a fateful day in the Tokyo river, as well as the name of his opponent.

"Yamaki," Daisuke gasped, his sword still rammed through Sentry's chest, "Your real name…it's Yamaki."

The Digital Hunter coughed. "D…damn you, Motomiya. Didn't Yagami ever teach you not to look through another man's heart?"

"Your wife, I…I had no idea…"

"Don't…!" he coughed, " won, don't disgrace it with your feelings! You're freaks of nature, accidents in reality! You killed me, but, it's not over. There will always be someone to protect the world from freaks like you! You may have saved yourselves now, but what about your children? Their nightmare has only just begun!" He gave one final laugh before his eyes closed and he died on Daisuke's sword. The Qinglongmon Warrior breathed in relief and released his sword, dropping the body to the ground.

"It's finally over."

"Daisuke!" Hikari shouted, nearly tackling him to the ground, "Oh Daisuke! You're okay!"

He smiled. "Thanks to you. That was amazing, using all of our energy like that!"

Yamato and Sora walked over. "I have just one question," Sora said, "Where did you get those other four energies from? There were just three of us."

"No, they were here!" Hikari gasped, "Taichi, Takeru, Ken and Noriko, they were all here! They were all around me, I swear!"

Yamato smiled. "I'm sure they were. I'm sure they were."


Recorder gasped as she listened to the report over her headset. She turned to the blond man standing behind her. "I…I don't believe it."
"What is it?"

"Lord Sentry…he's gone, killed by the Qinglongmon Warriors."

The other man clenched his fists in rage, "Those freaks, those blasted freaks! They'll pay for this, I swear they'll pay!"

Recorder nodded. "Y..yes, sir."

Mitsuo Yamaki took a deep breath. "They'll pay for killing my older brother, I will take over his mission, and I'd like you to be there with me, Miss Ootori."

She nodded. "I would be honored."

Yamaki smiled. "Excellent."


The next day, Hikari stood in the central park of Tokyo. The journey home from New York was difficult, but they managed to make it. Daisuke wanted to join her, but this was something that she needed to do herself.

She walked for a bit until she stopped before a strange building, small and concrete, with iron bars along the front. "What a strange place." She sighed, "I think this is far enough, no one will see me here."

She placed her hands together and closed her eyes. "Lord Qinglongmon, I want to make my second wish, please, heal all the damage done to the Digital World by the Digital Hunters!"

She felt a slightly jump from inside of her. She knew that Qinglongmon had just granted the second wish, too bad she would never be able to see the beauty of the Digital World again.

She hesitated. "Well, Maria, I guess you were right after all, Earth and the Digital World can't ever exist in peace with one another. Lord Sentry's last words convinced me of that." She glanced to her right and a transparent image of the Priestess of Baihumon appeared.

"This doesn't need to be forever," Maria said, "The time isn't right, perhaps one day, the two world will exists alongside each other in peace, but not now. The Digital World isn't ready for the prejudice of humans, and Earth isn't ready for the sheer power of the Digital World. Now, make the wish, Hikari, protect the Digital World."

She nodded. "Qinglongmon, I have my third wish, seal the Digital World, but not forever. When a Chosen Child of true heroism arrives, he or she will be able to break the seal."

She felt an even greater jump from inside. Qinglongmon had granted her last wish. Her mission was now over. She only wished that she could have made her true wish, everyone on Earth deserved a digimon partner, it would fulfill their lives, just as Tailmon did hers. "Someday, I know it will happen, some day."

She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder, but when she spun around, she saw that no one was there. She smiled. "I'm glad you agree Taichi."

She turned back around and began to walk out of the park.


The battle was finally over. We had won, I only wished we could have done it sooner, so many Chosen were killed, all because of a man filled with hate and prejudice.

Well, that's not my only regret. I wanted everyone on Earth to have their own digimon partners, but I could not. As long as people like Lord Sentry and the Digital Hunters exist, the chosen will never know peace. Hate and bigotry cannot be cured by a wish to the gods, only humans can conquer that for themselves.

May you live in peace and happiness, and never let your hate rule your life. Farewell, until we meet again.