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Outlawed Will

Chapter 1 -







I'd escaped three months ago. 'They' weren't about to put me back in that hell hole. And I'd be damned if I let them. 'They'd' get a beat-down and a bullet wound to the chest if 'they' thought they could stop me. I'd escaped twice already, this was the third. 'They' can't confine me anymore.

I wasn't dangerous. That much. People and I just don't get along. Besides, I'm usually on the loner's side. And my scowling face wouldn't welcome anyone to open conversation anyway. I'd always been alone. Well, as far back as I remember anyway, which isn't far. About a year or so. I don't know what 'they' did to me to make me lose my memory, but I wanted to find out. As far as I know, going by what 'they' told me, I was an experiment, a human lab rat to test out 'their' theories and hypotheses. Once I was human, but no more . . .

From a before picture, I saw that I had long black hair and deep violet eyes, appeared as normal as any other human, but now, I had long silver hair and fierce golden eyes. My once-blunt nails were replaced with claws and my modern teeth turned canine. My ears shifted to the top of my head as small white, triangular pieces of flesh sticking out from my hair. All of my senses were higher than that of a regular human's and my abilities were as well. In other words, I was a freak of nature. 'They' were trying to create an ultimate warrior - and that's what 'they' got . . .

If I have all of these powers and great abilities, why can't I just take 'them' all out? Because 'they' control me. Naraku controls me. 'They' made sure of that, if not anything else. 'They' put a microchip in my head that, when a signal is let out, would make my head feel like it's splitting in two and my ears feel like they were bleeding. If the signal continued for more than a minute, I'd pass out. That was 'their' trump card if they couldn't get me the old-fashioned way. However, that won't stop me from running. Won't stop me from trying to find out who I am, who I was, no one would stop me. No one. And if killing people is necessary, then I'd have to do that too.

I've killed people before. It was nothing new. I was made for it, right? So why not make them proud of 'their' creation? I really don't care much for people. They treat me as bad as 'they' did. Screaming "Monster!" and calling the authorities on me. 'They' are always a step behind me, so I have to keep moving. To tell the truth, I get a high off of killing. I'm supposed to. But I'm not a crazed killer. I only kill to protect myself, and when someone pisses me off.

'They'd' almost got me last week. I was hiding out in an old warehouse when 'they' surrounded me. I pulled out my sword - Tetsusaiga - and made sure my gun was loaded. Five minutes after that, I kicked their bodies aside and hijacked one of their cars and threw one of their motorcycles in the back and rode from there. I knew they would track the car, so I dumped it off in another town to throw them off and headed the other way with the bike. I'd spotted a bar near the edge of a city and went in there.


I put my scotch down and dug in my trench coat pocket. I left some coins fall onto the counter for the bartender - I'd found it in the vehicle, normally I wouldn't have paid a damn thing - and walked out to my newly acquired ride. I don't know where I was going, but I'd figure it out on the way. As I slung my leg over the bike I heard a gasp and a squeak. My ears from under my bandana strained to hear against the restricting fabric. I heard the sound again and turned my head down the road. The sound was coming from an alley around the corner. I shrugged it off and settled on my bike.

I was about to turn the key when I heard a scream - a female scream - and sounds of struggling. It wasn't my business, but for some reason I went soft for a moment and sighed to myself as I got off of the bike to go investigate the calamity.






I was running away from home - again. The rich life was never for me anyway. I hated it with all it's parties and balls and charity events. I loved my family, but they were too caught up in money to see the real me or care about my happiness. They also expected too much from me. They wanted me to take over the family business - The Shikon Corporation - in real estate. Like I know the first thing about real estate . . .

Freedom was another factor in my adventure away from home. I could never do a thing! I could never do any extracurricular activities at school, for one, my parents wouldn't support me in it anyway, and two, with all of my "extra" tutoring and balls to go to, I never had time anyway. I went to a private college with stuck up sluts and air-headed assholes. It was always so boring there anyway; even if I had joined anything. Once you're used to something your entire life, it just falls in with everything else right? Wrong. I get sick of everyone doing everything for me! It gets irritating after a while. And if you've never had it happen to you, you won't understand.

I left a few hours ago taking nothing with me except a duffel bag with clothes and feminine amenities, a stun gun, and my credit card. The credit card was most important of all - I needed money didn't I? I would just have to put a hold on my spending so they won't track me with it. Besides, we were rich, the money taken out would just come from my parents account anyway. No big deal.

Then came the troubling question of where I would even go to. I decided that taking the bus was the best mode of transportation if one wanted to get away from home. Taking one of my family's cars would tell them exactly where I was, and walking was out of the question. Taking a plane was even worse. So with that, I left, leaving only a note saying how unhappy I was and to not look for me, even though I knew they'd try anyway.

Sneaking my way through the security - I'd done it tons of times before, I'm a computer wiz - I thought back to what my mother and father were saying to me last night.


"Now Kagome, you know your father and I only want what's best for you! Besides you're still young!"

I was sitting on the living room sofa in the middle of another one of my parent's lectures of being a dignified young lady. We'd just left a giant party early because of my "rude remarks" and because I accidentally knocked over the entire buffet table by shoving one of daddy's friend's son into it.

"That's right darling," Mr. Higurashi, my dad, interjected. "You need to act like the lovely young lady I know you are!"

"What if being a lovely young lady doesn't cut it Daddy? I don't want to be one of your pretty little trophies that you show around to your creepy friends and their sons!"

"Kagome!" my mom scolded. I sighed and leaned back into the sofa in a very undignified way. "Sit up, Kagome! You'll ruin your posture!"

"I don't care about my damn posture!" I sat up crossly. "You two treat me like I'm still in high school! I'm 19 years old! Hello? Grown! I don't even know WHY I'm here listening to you two!!"

"Because we're your parents and we care about you! We KNOW what's best for you! And if you ever catch that tone with me again, young lady, you are going to be in a world of hurt!!" my dad shouted.

"Since when do you care about me? I've never known THIS to be true!!! Tell me, please!"

"Kagome, how could you say that?" my mom softly covering her delicate hand over her chest, heartbreak in her eyes. I felt a twinge of guilt settle in my heart and cast my eyes toward the fine wine carpet in front of me. "We love you Kagome! And no matter what you think, we won't stop loving you! I don't even know - "

"Oh, just stop it!" I said furious now. "Just stop! You don't love me! If you loved me, you'd know every detail about me! What I like! What I don't like! I bet you don't even know what my favorite color is! Do you? You don't even know, do you?"

"It's red, honey - "

"No!" I interrupted my father. "It's yellow! Dammit, it's fucking yellow! You don't care about anything I want to do because you think it's stupid and petty! Everything is more important than Kagome! Even Souta! You ignore him too! Well you know what? Screw you both!!" I turned on my heel and ran up the steps, but not before yelling back at their pleas, "If you knew you weren't going to be good parents, then why did you have kids?" I rushed in my room and locked the door. I went to my bed and flopped down on it. Hot tears were streaming down my puffy face. That's when I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I was going to run away again - but this time, I was going more than three blocks.


I'd scowled at the house and hightailed it out of there before a sundown. I took the city bus as far as it would go - which was the outskirts - the slums - of the city. I figure I could hitchhike to the next town from there. It wouldn't be that hard, would it? So I walked up the sidewalk headed out of town. There were many strip clubs and liquor stores around where I was, and the air was heavy with the smell of garbage and alcohol. It was also very dark now, so it would be impossible to see if it weren't for the streetlights at every corner. The sounds of the city were subdued out here, so for me, it was relatively quiet.

When I reached the corner of a bar, I got the chills. Me getting the chills was not a good thing. It happened right before Hojo would ask me to dance or right before my parents caught me somewhere I wasn't supposed to be. I quickly glanced behind me whirling my hair in the process getting it caught in my face, so I had to swipe it away. There was nothing there. With a frown, I turned back around and came face-to-face with a thick, hairy, and very unattractive man. I gasped in shock and reached for my stun gun, but he caught me by my arm with his sweaty hand.

"Now what is a pretty little girl like you doing all the way out here?" He smirked and I recoiled looking at his teeth - if that was what you would call them - more like jagged pieces of rock in his mouth. "Now I know I've never seen you around here before!"

"You're right - now if u would let me go please!"

His grip tightened making me squeal in pain. "I think I'm gonna have fun with you!"

My eyes widened in horror as he dragged me into an alley with him. I struggled as I reached for my stun gun with my other hand, but he held that in place and squeezed it, too, making me drop my bag in the process. He slammed me against the opposite wall and held my shoulders in place as he was about to kiss me. My reflexes livened up and my knee met him groin. He doubled over and I reached into my pocket for my gun and I gave it to him good. He slumped on the ground and didn't move.

I let out a heavy breath and inched away from him. As I went to retrieve my bag, I saw another figure enter the alley. I quickly picked up my bag and looked into the eyes of the newcomer. My body froze in awe and fear. Whoever this was, they had intense golden eyes. They held me with their gaze and suddenly went hard. I saw him reach for something in his coat pocket and I was soon aware of this stranger pointing a gun at me. All of the awe left me as I gawked at them.

"Don't move."

That was the last thing I remember hearing before an ear-shattering bang filled my ears.




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