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Outlawed Will

Chapter 3 -

Escape From Perrok






I ran away from my old life, had nothing with me but a laptop and the bare essentials, and was gliding through the air with a guy I hardly knew. Yup, life was grand. Thing was - I wanted to avoid my parents so much I'd probably do anything to stay away from them. Plus, I'd promised Inuyasha that I'd help him with that chip thing in his head if he'd keep me away from my family. My attention shifted back to the buildings rolling under me and the guy's back I was on.

"So, uh, Inuyasha - where are we headed?" I asked leaning forward a bit.

"You tell me," he replied bounding up another building.

"What! You don't know where we're going!" Honestly, I could have smacked him in the head.

He lightly landed in a side alley away from sight. "Hey, look, I got to this town just this morning."

"So did I! If you want to get out of this place with your head in tact, you need to have an escape plan!" I slid off of his back in obvious disarray and re-adjusted my bag strap. "And one that could actually work!"

"So, Miss I-Know-Everything, what do you suggest?" he asked plopping himself down on the ground, arms crossed.

I glared at him then focused my eyes on the brick wall beside him. Hm, what do I suggest? If I were an escapee, which I kind of am, what type of an escape plan would I have? Well, first of all, I'd change my wardrobe in a hurry. My head swiveled back to his disheveled appearance. He raised a brow at me. Then, I'd get a good and ready supply of money. Maybe I can replace my credit card with a form of debit so I won't have to charge things everywhere I go . . . Then I'd need a form of untrackable transportation. I glanced at Inuyasha again. I'll figure that out later.

"Well? Kagome?" he interrupted.

"Well, we need to get you different clothes."

"With what kind of money?"

I smirked. "Mine."

He stood up brushing himself off. "Yours? Are you sure you have enough? If we're gonna be in and out everywhere, we need - "

"No problems Inuyasha; I got it all covered." All I'd need to do was get this dumb credit card transformed into debit, if that failed, I'd have to access my own account. As soon as I got the money, I'd buy Inuyasha new threads and we'd be out of here! "Genius doesn't begin to describe my superior intellect!" I squealed.

"Say what?"

I looked over at him. "Nothing, nothing. Look we need to find a bank around here so I can get some money, okay? A First Capitol bank. After that, we can get you new clothes, and start heading to that head base thing you were talking about."

"C'mon then," he said while bending down again. I climbed aboard.

He leapt out of the alley and on top of the building we were next to.

"I think we need to head towards a busy-looking street. Best bet for a bank." he said back to me.



"What is it?"

"How long does your laptop jam my frequency?"

"Uh, hm, I have no idea, but I'll check it out."

"All right." he landed in a wooded area near a car-packed road. We'd reached the inner city. He straightened up, my signal that the ride was over. I slid on my feet and followed him out of the trees to the rocky sidewalk. The sight reminded me of home. Traffic everywhere, sun blazing overhead, and the combined smell of smoke and fast food. I kept following Inuyasha blindly while examining at the different cars and how much they looked like the people driving them.

I brought myself back to the present. A bank. Where was a First Capitol bank? All I could see were buildings and plazas everywhere.

"Bingo." My attention focused on the back of Inuyasha's head as he turned slightly and pointed ahead. "There's a bank further up this road."

I tilted my head to the side, confused, and quickly rushed beside him to get a better view. "I don't see a bank."

"You will when we get closer."

I peered up at his nonchalant face and continued walking forward. "Whatever you say."






We reached the bank and Kagome toddled inside when she saw it was the right one. She was serious about the money thing. I thought she was joking. She must be loaded if she says not to worry about anything. And I hope she's right. She walked up to a teller and asked her about credit cards and debit cards. I let out a sigh and went to sit on one of the chairs by the window on the other side of the room. Light and dark strips of light gave the floor a pinstriped look as I ruptured it with my shadow.

If Kagome did get the money, and other clothes for me, where would we go after that? 'They'd' just follow me . . . Oh, no, I'd be putting Kagome in danger. And I needed her. Kagome . . . She wasn't like most people I'd encountered. Despite the fact she helped me by leading 'them' away from me and agreed to get this thing in my head deactivated. I looked at her. She was talking with one of their bank representatives. She was actually nice. And she cared . . . She reminded me of Sango . . .

I wonder where she came from? She was alone when I first saw her in that alley with that drunk man. And she said she was trying to avoid her parents. But why? Was her family abusing her? Or was she running away? Or both? Either way it goes I still need her to gain my freedom.

I raised my head as I saw her walking towards me with an unsure look on her face.

"Okay," she said. "Here's the thing, I can't turn this credit card into a debit card, but I'm keeping it with me for emergencies."

"Okay . . . " I nodded.

"I can sign to get my own debit card though, and have it link to my own account."

"I'm assuming you have enough money in your personal account, right?"

"About five-hundred-sixty-six-thousand-four-hundred-eighty-three dollars and 2 cents."

'The hell? . . . ' I stared at her not believing what she just said.

"What? I went on a shopping spree a little while back, so some of my savings are down the drain. We can use some spending money anyway." She smiled.

"Are you serious?" I yelled. She gawked at me and I got some unwanted stares. I grabbed her arm and pulled her closer. "You're gonna carry around that much money?"

"'Course not! You can't use the card unless you have a numeric code for it. You can use it at ATMs when you need cash."

I let her go and sat back in my chair. "So what now?"

"The man is gonna come back with a couple of papers and the debit card's mine!" she giggled. "I never thought I could make it on my own, but I guess I thought wrong." She sat down in a chair beside me and looked at me. "And don't worry," her voice went down to a whisper. "We'll get you your own life, too. I'm gonna help fix whatever problem you have."

I couldn't stop myself from asking. "Why?"

She looked a little surprised at the inquiry, but her face relaxed. "Because, you helped me. You may not have meant to, but you did. Other than that I don't know." her gaze landed on her own shadow in front of her. "Maybe I want adventure. Goodness knows I need it. My life was so boring before this. Before you." she smiled at me again. "You never told me what your story was anyway. Your 'details'."

"Another place and time."

"Okay, but you'll have to tell me sooner or later. There he is." She stood up and walked over to the man she was talking to before and went to a table to sign for her card. When she was done giving her signature on the papers, she shook the man's hand as he handed her her new plastic money. She was starting to walk towards me, but didn't get to me because of the many hordes of 'them' bursting into the bank.







They just came out of freaking nowhere! I had just finished signing for my card getting ready to walk to Inuyasha, when the multiplied version of those guys in black from earlier came pouring into the bank lobby.

I looked at them, then Inuyasha. He was standing with his teeth barred and his hand near his guns and sword. He glanced at me and glanced pointedly at the door, and back at me again. He wanted me to get out. Probably at the first chance I got.

"Everybody get down and nobody move!" one of them yelled, he was the only one with a hat on like that other guy, so he must have been in command. "There is an escaped criminal in here and we don't want anyone hurt!"

"Sir! There he is!" one of the men yelled turning a gun towards Inuyasha. The rest followed suit and pointed their guns at him, too.

"Everyone!" the commander yelled. "Please vacate the bank as quickly as possible!"

The customers and tellers immediately stopped what they were doing and rushed to the exit and emergency exits. Inuyasha was taken from my view as a couple of security guards ushered people out and people pushed past me. I held on to my bag and tried to push back to Inuyasha - I couldn't leave him there! I needed him to protect me! And he still needed my help! When everyone had gotten out of the building and stood off across the street I ran back inside the building's emergency exit in time to hear gunshots and lots of yelling.

As the door banged shut behind me, I saw bodies littering the floor and blood everywhere. I raised my head to the sight of Inuyasha holding a gun to a man's head. The man was shaking and crying as Inuyasha had a tight grip on the man's hair.

"Where the hell is he! I know you know where he is, so why don't you stop wasting my time and tell me!"

I gasped as my hand came up to my mouth. In record speed he stood up, the man's hair still in hand, and pointed his gun at me. I gasped again and stumbled backwards falling. My arms picked me up and I looked at Inuyasha again. The guiltiest eyes met mine and his grip on the man loosened as he fell with a 'thud' on the ground crawling away into a corner sobbing.

His gun went back into the folds of his coat and gave me an apologetic look. "If 'they' can't catch me, 'they're' ordered to kill me . . . " He surveyed the bodies on the ground. "All I do is fight back . . . "

At that moment, I knew there was a lot more to his story than being a mere criminal. He looked so sad. Like a child losing his parents. I wanted to comfort him. To go over and hug him, but . . . I couldn't move. I just stared at him. And he just stared at the ground.

The sound of sirens in the distance sent his head shooting up. He ran over and, scooping me up by the arms, leapt to a nearby building. The people in the bank watched us go in amazement, pointing up at us. He put me down on another building he had jumped on. He chanced a glace at me. Could I trust him now? He had just murdered those men and I'm still standing here with him. He wouldn't kill me would he? Of course he only did that to protect himself, right? He couldn't be that bad, could he? Those golden eyes of his told me no. His eyes weren't maniacal. He was innocent . . . The problem was finding out who was trying to make him guilty. I'd get to the bottom of his story, but I couldn't do that without moving forward.

I looked off into the distance and said, "Well, let's go."

He crouched down for me to get on his back and he ran and jumped and sped nonstop straight to the next city - Valkia.



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