Author's Note: I fell in love with the idea of Eomer & Lothíriel falling in love. Then again, so did a lot of people. This is my idea of their story. It started as my way of justifying the women in Minas Tirith (as shown in the movie) and became my sweet, sappy view of Lothíriel and Eomer's romance. Only, at the moment it's all about her. Don't worry though, he'll come in eventually!!

Each chapter will be told from a different person's point of view. Lothíriel's will be most dominant, however. Rated PG-13 for future chapter's sake. Feedback is most welcome - I really would appreciate it! Well, that and some more beta readers, but that's probably asking too much.

Prelude (Imrahil POV)


She turned to face me, a smile spreading across her face. She had been watching the ships come into the harbor.

"Hello, atar," she said softly. "What has brought you to my quarters today?"

"I have some troubling news to discuss with you, my dear," I replied. I closed the door behind me, shutting out the noise of the palace. Sensing something was wrong, Lothíriel stepped away from the balcony.

"What is wrong? Is there a council meeting?" Lothíriel asked. "Father?"

"I have received reports that Minas Tirith might be threatened by...evil. By Sauron, no less. Reports are coming out from the East that he is rebuilding his army. The Nazgul have been said to ride." I paused, noticing Lothíriel had taken a seat in a nearby chair. "Dol Amroth has been asked to help reinforce the White City."

This information had not surprised her, for she had been privy to all but the most private of meetings, and she had known that her cousin has been sent to Rivendell for an important mission. We had all heard the words 'Isildir's Bane' often in the past year, and the fact that no word has come from Boromir, or Gondor, about what the conference pertained to has caused us worry.

"So you are going to Minas Tirith," she asked. I sighed and shook my head.

"Your uncle's letter was brief, not giving me much information except that Minas Tirith needs reinforcements. And if Minas Tirith is lost..." I cannot end my sentence.

"So you are going." Lothíriel wrapped her shawl tighter around her shoulders, her words firm and resolute. Having seen her echo this posture in the past, I could tell she was unhappy. The scholar in her knew that war was not the answer; the princess in her knew that war was often vital.

"You are too much like your cousin," I told her, sitting down in a chair. "I know that you dislike battle, and I know you would seek to prevent it at all costs. But I fear that this is inevitable. I have also heard news that Corsairs are sailing past Lebennin. They are en route to Belfalas, and if they come, they shall try to sack our city."

Lothíriel had said nothing in the past several minutes, her eyes focused on a point low and far away from her. Her hands nervously worked at the edges of her shawl. My daughter is frightened, but she will not let it show.

"I am worried what would happen if the city falls...I am worried about your safety. I am here to offer you a choice: you may stay in the city, or you may come to Minas Tirith with me." Having said that, I leaned back in the chair and waited for her response.

If she stayed in the city, I worried what could happen should the palace be sacked. The image of pirates slitting the delicate throat of my daughter filled me with rage and worry. I do not believe that taking her to Minas Tirith is the best answer, though it will save me worry. I would at least know where she was at all times, and would be able to fight to the last to save her.

"Atar..." she finally said. "What would you have me do?"

I shook my head. "I cannot decide this for you. I can tell you that danger awaits you at both places, most assuredly in Minas Tirith. I can only say that I would like to have you close to me during this conflict for reasons I consider selfish." I started for the door. "Do not let your care for your cousins influence your decisions. You must realize that, if you choose to come with me to Minas Tirith, you walk into certain danger. You walk into either the end of the world, or the beginning."

"It's your choice, melda, not mine," I added, heaving a sigh as I spoke. I cannot make her decision. I had already cursed the fact a decision should be made.


I turned back to her. Lothíriel had risen from her chair. Her clear grey eyes shone with something that resembled conviction. Her decision, though quickly made, had been accepted by her completely.

"I will accompany you to Minas Tirith," she said. "I realize it will be hard, but there will be more hurt and suffering there than here. Perhaps I can ease the burden of the healers...or something." Lothíriel blinked then smiled slowly. "In any case, I wish to come. This is an important time for Gondor, and I wish to be there."

I nodded. Relief flooded my body. At least she would be within my sight. I stayed at my position by the door.

"We leave tomorrow morning," I said to her.

Lothíriel nodded. "I shall be ready."