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He has gone now...

Well he has not completely gone... But it will probably be better if he was. He has his own body now... so he is no longer a part of me. Not that anyone would want to be a part of something that weak and pathetic and... Damn, I am crying again.

I close my eyes tightly trying to stop the tears.

Why am I so upset over him? All he has ever done was made my life a living hell. He lied to me about everything. He used me... and I still loved every minute of it.

To think, I actually thought he loved me back... I must be crazy.

It is so quiet now... no one whispering in the back of my mind. Not even his presences... it is so empty. I have this huge hole inside me. He has only been gone a day or so and I already miss him.

I look down at the knife in my hands. So many times this knife has been used... So many times, it has been painted with the blood of others. It is only stained with my blood now. My skin is littered with fresh cuts.

Replacing the emptiness inside me with pain.

Unfortunately there was nothing that could ever fill that hole like he did... no amount of pain could ever overcome the hurt inside. Nevertheless, this pain is the only thing I know now.

I placed to cool blade to my skin. Producing another cut on my chest... right were I had cut Malik. I felt the tears in my eyes again. I killed him... He did not do anything but look at me as his friend. Possibly even loved me...

I ran my icy fingers though the blood dripping down my skin. I brought my fingers up to my mouth and slowly licked it off.

A door opens down stairs... he must be home. Or he left, I lost track. I do not even know what day it is anymore... or what time. I unplugged the clock on my nightstand... my whole room is in darkness. After all that is what I love... that is what he is. He is the true darkness.

It is odd is it not... hole is with something messing. But then again whole means that it is complete. And there is only a small difference.

I must be feeling the effects of blood loss. I cannot keep my thoughts straight.

Now... what was I thinking about...?

I make a few more marks on my arm. The pain feels so good... there was not much of it though. I was becoming numb... the cold around me seemed to freeze even my insides.

I hear a door open again. You know... he has not spoken to me since he got his own body. He has not even looked at me. It is as if he does not even know I exist anymore. He does not care.

Nobody cares...

Pharaoh did. He risked his life for me so many times. However, just like in the game, his luck ran out. Now he is gone... Malik is gone... not to mention countless others.

For what?

I got that little bit of blood that keeps me going. He got what he always wanted... a second chance at the Millennium Items. When he wants something, nothing and no one can stand in his way. That is why I should have known he was lying to me.

Love can be the most wonderful thing in the world... but it can also be our worst enemy.

I am so stupid!

I threw the knife a crossed the room in anger. I curled up in a ball, burying my face in my arms. I heard something break but I do not care. Everything is gone. The only two that possibly ever cared for me are dead. Killed by my own two hands.

He has his own body now... I am not useful anymore.

I sobbed into my arms, unable to stop the tears. It did not matter. The tears dripped down my cheeks and into my cuts, making them sting.

Nothing matters anymore...

Everything is gone...

I have no use...

Why am I still here...?

I lifted my head up. Crawling to the edge of my bed, I looked at the knife on the floor, along with shattered pieces of the mirror that once hung on my wall. I got up to get the knife again; I was too weak and fell to the floor.

I used what strength I had left to get over to the knife. When I got there, I caught a glimpse of my reflection. My skin is so pale... there was blood on my face and in my hair. I can see where my tears have been shed... almost looks like I have been crying tears of blood.

I pick up the knife. The Millennium Ring was glowing and I could feel the spirits around the room. There was only one last thought in my mind before I placed the knife to my throat... before my last cut.

I love you my yami...

I made my way up the stairs to Ryou's room. I have not seen him since my game with Pharaoh. I feel bad, but there were a few things I needed to do first. Like steal the rest of the Items Pharaoh had.

I cannot wait to see the little light. He has really proved how much he loves me over the past few days. He deserves a reward.

He was often confused about why I called him my hikari. I know he is not how everyone saw him, but no one sees him as I do either. It had been so many years since I was sealed in the Ring that all I knew was darkness... then Ryou came. He was like that light at the end of the tunnel.

He was my light... my second chance at life, and my quest for the Millennium Items. I did not know it then but he was also my second chance at love.

Everything I have done was for him. So I can be with him in everyway I can. I was mean at times; I know... that is just how I am. Living in the dark and cold for as long as I did, you would be that way to. I told him every chance I got that I loved him. He needed reassurance with what I said sometimes.

I stopped outside his bedroom door. I was getting a very ominous feeling... and I did not like it at all. I slowly opened the door. Tears stung the corners of my eyes as I saw the scene before me.



He was laying there... there was so much blood. I saw the blood stained knife next to him... along with the pieces of a broken mirror.


I shook my head. This is not real... the shadows are playing a trick on me. A very cruel and unusual trick.

I knelt down beside him, I still was not sure if I wanted to know the truth. I slowly reached over and touched him... his skin was like ice.


Please Ra...

I took his body in my arms. Why? I could tell he had not been dead long... I was just a few seconds to late.

The spirits were about... I used the Ring to shield us.

My hikari... why did you have to leave me? I lightly ran my fingers down his cheek. I could see the trail of tears...

I wanted to be the one to wipe your tears when you cry... hold you close when you were cold and alone.

However, I am to late...

You saved me hikari... but I was too late to save you...

A single tear was shed as I leaned over placing a soft kiss on his cold lips.

I love you my hikari...

The shield was dropped and the spirits swirled around the two. The only think left in the darkness of the room the Millennium Ring and two voices that echoed though the house, before settling in the peace of the fates of those lost...

"I love the dark..."

...I am the only one that knows you...

"I love the cold..."

...understands you...

"I love him"

...loves you...

...Le Fin...

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