Real by the Lady Arianrod

A/n: Just an attempt at a SasuSaku. They get a bit physical as teenage hormones flare up… And of course they're confused by such circumstances.

Disclaimer: Again, Kisimoto owns Naruto. sigh

Enjoy my odd, somewhat lame fic:

Sasuke turned his head away from Sakura for the thousandth time. She sighed with the same passive sadness that always plagued her when she was with her 'true love'--- she knew that he would always be like this.

What would stop this foolishness, this obvious denial of the strength of her love? Sakura clenched her fists, her heart swelling with an untouched, unknown power.

She didn't care anymore.

Sakura touched Sasuke's still-smooth face with her eager hands. She let her lips grace his forbidden mouth for the first and perhaps last time. Sasuke's eyes widened but his body went slack with momentary bliss. What was going on? He was relishing this moment for some unspeakable reason in this certain place, after all these years….

Sasuke didn't want this feeling. It was unwelcome and made his heart twist in ways he never thought possible. This was unreal, uncalled for, but… it was meant to be. His body accepted the abrupt thrust of Sakura's form into his own as they softly collided, lips barely touching in a dizzying half-kiss.

"S-Sasuke-kun… I'm sorry," Sakura whispered into Sasuke's deaf ears. He shook his head, face still placid as ever. His hands, however, were not motionless. Sasuke pulled Sakura closer to himself, longing to possess and examine the girl that had so long stood by his side. He was accepting her tireless advances at that moment, fulfilling every one of her childhood fantasies with his rapid embrace.

Sakura didn't realize what was happening. It was all too much, all too perfect and unbelievable. Why was Sasuke-kun initiating such contact? Sakura felt her face color with pleasure at his touch. She began the fruitless struggle to control her own hormones, desperately trying to keep a lady-like distance from the man of her dreams.

His id overpowered her, crushing away all of the tactful defenses that she had learned as a proper young girl. Sakura longed to devour the flickering energy that lapped the glass surface of Sasuke's body. Sasuke himself indulged his long-suppressed sexuality as he ran his hands wildly through Sakura's rose-colored hair. He then calmed a bit, allowing his hands to rest casually at the small of her back.

"Sakura," Sasuke said in a deliciously low whisper. He did not attempt to tease her or take advantage of his power over her…. Sasuke merely let out his physical yearning as he repeated Sakura's name, his voice falling to the ground as soon as it was emitted.

Sakura allowed Sasuke to pull her towards him as he leaned into her with a heavy kiss. She threw her arms about his heated body, nerves tingling with ecstasy. Sasuke and Sakura connected in a spark of untamed fire and uncontrollable youth: their first true kiss.

It was all over as soon as it had started. Sakura backed away, face red with awe and pleasure. Sasuke unconsciously flicked his tongue across his moist lips as he stared at Sakura in silence. They didn't say anything for a while.

After their battle of hormones, Sakura felt the old distance growing between them. An aura of frost fell over Sasuke's shoulders once again, and he walked back to Konoha without speaking.

Sakura wasn't sure what had happened back there. Sasuke wasn't sure either, but he was still a bit hungry for that forbidden warmth.

Maybe they just weren't aware of the fact that even sad, cold little ninja children were the same as every other teen. Being normal was odd for them, after all.


End notes; I'm not much of a SasuSaku fan, but I can see some kind of hidden physical tension between the two erupting later on as they become teenagers. Who knows. Anyway, review if you wish!