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Chapter 1: And the heat is on

Kaoru Kamiya, a junior at Junaziko high school, was locked in the battle of a soccer game. The champion ships game was in session. Brutal as it was, she continued to fight with all she had. It was almost half time, and she was just bursting with energy. She was fighting against the toughest opponents her team ever had. Her team had been undefeatable. Until now. They were neck and neck. Tied in a tight knot. She was relieved to say the least. All other teams they faced were creamed by them. She began to lose hope that there was an actual challenging team out there. Her team was named, 'The Ravens'. It was an all girls team. She was proud of the name. And the team she faced where named, 'The Crimson Knights'. That was a good strong name. She commented to herself. She was the team captain for her team, or in other words, the best player. And from her observation, only one person stood out on the opposing team...

Who was that person anyway?...


Kenshin Himura was racing down the field at a speed not even he knew he had. But surprisingly, he wasn't tiring one bit. He actually felt he could speed up more. But, he would rather let the other team suffer. He knew they couldn't keep up so he didn't even bother to raise his speed. He snickered as he ran with the ball right in front of his feet, gracefully dribbling it through the other players. He was too preoccupied with laughing at their frustrated faces that he almost didn't notice the ball being swept from his possession. He blinked, and whipped around to find the other teams captain, running the opposite direction of him, with the ball. His eye twitched with annoyance as he then chased after the ball. He almost felt like he was in a game of cat and mouse. A very complicated game. He shook his head with a chuckle. He wasn't complaining. He hadn't faced a team yet that was any competition for his team. He then grinned as he thought about how strange it was that it was a girls team he was challenged by. He then led his focus to the other teams captain in front of him. He didn't really know who she was, but she was hot to say the least.

Who was she?...



The buzzer for half time squalled loudly. Kaoru walked over to her team mates in the same state they all were in. Drenched in their own sweat. Sure it may sound disgustingly uncomfortable. But once you got out in the game, it was all worth while. She was tossed a cold bottle of water by one of her team mate friends, Misao Makimachi, and she caught it with ease. Although Kaoru was hot and sweaty, she was still a sight to behold. She was beautiful to say the least. She had sapphire eyes that gleamed with pride, and determination. She had raven hair that glistened with natural navy blue hue. She had a beautiful figure, and porcelain skin to top it all off. Her hair was tied in a pony tail, and was now drenched with the water she received from Misao. It felt so good just to cool down during half time. Kaoru still couldn't believe that they were actually playing in the champion ships. She was excited beyond something she couldn't dream of. But...she was also...scared. Kaoru had a secret that she wished to share with no one. It still remained a secret for so many years. Kaoru shook her head to clear her mind of those thoughts. She then heard a couple of the girls mumbling about the other team. She decided to join in on the conversation.

"Look at those boys. They think they're so good. We'll show them!" One of the girls sneered. She then took a chug of her water as another girl spoke.

"I heard that one of them is gay. The team leader. But I don't believe it. He's too good looking to be." She giggled with a blush. Kaoru then drifted into her own world for a moment, still hearing the comments of the others.

"The one she's talking about is the one right there. With the orange red hair tied in a high pony tail. You see him?" Another girl answered. Kaoru then carefully glanced at the opposite side of the field where the other team was. The stadium was something close to what a football field would look like. It was all open so it was like they were playing on a regular field. Only with a screaming crowd, and brightly lit, neon lights. She pin pointed the place where they other team was, and easily spotted the guy under the bursting light. He wasn't good looking. No...not at all. He was gorgeous! If a man could be gorgeous. He was handsome no doubt. a way, a manly way,...he was...well...Kaoru simply spit it out. Sexy! He was sexy. She wasn't afraid to admit it. But...he was the opposing team. It wasn't her place to start giggle gawking. In other words, not her time to stare at the opposite sex in a admiring way. But before she could turn her head back to the conversation of her team, to her dismay, she found herself staring right into the eyes of the guy she was quote on quote, giggle gawking. He had...the most beautiful eyes she could dream of! Violet-plum with a mixture of gold. She blushed a faint pink, and turned her head back to her conversation circle.


Kenshin was talking with his team mates at the time, but couldn't help the feeling that someone was watching him arouse in his system. Well of COURSE someone was watching him. He was in the middle of a champion ship game with hundreds of screaming fans in all directions. He was about to shrug the feeling off his shoulders before he caught a glimpse of something in the corner of his eye. He turned his head from his friend to come eye to eye with sapphire. He blinked a couple times before she turned away. He couldn't really tell what her facial expression was because the field was so wide. But he sure could see HER alright. And man she was fine! He wasn't a pimp type guy no. But...she just wasn't your ordinary beauty queen. Not that beauty queens were ordinary. He was just about to get a better look at her before a hand came waving in front of his face, waking him from his day dream.

"Oro? Uhh...what were we talking about again?..." Kenshin asked sheepishly. His friend, Sanosuke Sagara, sighed in annoyance.

"We were talking about the other team! Y'know, the girls team?" He said, emphasizing the word 'girls'. Kenshin then nodded his head and smiled cockily. "Anyway, we were talking about how they think that they're so good. I mean look at them. Optimism written in their faces. I can't wait to see what they'll look like when we beat 'em. Eh Kenshin?" He said while turning to face his friend. He then noticed he was staring at a girl on the other side of the field. A.k.a Kaoru.

"...yeah..." Kenshin said slowly, still entranced by the girl he was looking at. He watched her laugh, and he smiled. He suddenly was pulled out of his train of thought by a loud buzzer, announcing that half time was over, and the game was about to continue. Kenshin sighed, and shook his head. He took one last swig of his water before he returned to the field, pumped and ready for more. He then stole another glance at Kaoru, and she was rolling her shoulder, stretching it while bending her neck here and there. He smiled slyly. He would have some fun before the game ended. All set up and ready to go, the referee blew his whistle, and the second half began. Sweat pored down their faces as the flares of the game burned higher than ever.

And the heat is on...

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