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Author's Note: Well, this is the sequel to Somewhere I Belong. There's not much y'all need to know just yet, and this is more of a prologue than anything else. But, this story is definitely going to be one hell of a ride and is probably the most developed of all my stories. So, please, read, enjoy, and review everyone! –muah!

Breaking The Habit

                The tantalizing aroma of bacon, eggs and fresh coffee filled the air as he tried hard to resist it. The bed was too comfortable and cozy to get off of despite even the fact that she wasn't in his arms at the present morning. Though, there was another point as well – it was morning, and mornings were meant to be slept through. The silly concept of breakfast was a new idea that she had taken up on lately, but he had opposed it. He was a night owl and she was too, no matter how hard she tried to deny it. Lately, however, she had been quite successful at denouncing the living of the night and joining the rest of the human population with the waking in the morning. But, damn it; she was not going to convert him. He was intent on staying in bed, no matter how scrumptious her eggs were, or how crispy though strips of bacon were, or how soothing that cup of coffee was… oh, who was he kidding?

                He kicked off the covers grudgingly and reached for his boxer shorts that were lying on the middle of the floor. A quick glance at them and noticing that they were covered with pink and red hearts, he remembered why he had taken them off in the first place. Though of course, there were other reasons why he took them off besides the sheer grotesque look of them. Glaring at the hideous boxers, he picked them and pulled them on reluctantly. Damn her for tricking him with food, he cursed silently as he headed towards the bathroom.

                Turning on the water, he splashed his face with a handful of water. Grabbing her toothbrush, he squeezed toothpaste onto it and proceeded to brush his teeth and rid of his awful breath. He grinned into the mirror as he brushed, feeling a tad satisfied with the fact that he was getting his revenge by using her toothbrush. He often used her toothbrush without her knowledge. Sometimes it was because he wanted to spite her when they had an argument the previous night; other times because he knew she used his razor to shave her legs; but most of the time, it was just because he found it funny every single time she would complain about how her toothbrush always wore out so much faster than his did.

                 Rinsing the brush of the paste residue, he placed the brush next to his rarely used one and looked in the mirror. While he stared at his handsome reflection, he couldn't help but practice a few smiles. There was the lop-sided smile he used whenever he needed to ask for forgiveness because of something stupid he did or said. There was his patented smirk he used whenever he was imagining or implying a suggestive activity. There was the coy grin he put on whenever he wanted her to do a particular favour. Most of the time, it took more than a smile to get her to comply. Usually, he had to add in dinner, flowers, chocolates and comply with whatever she wanted first, but he figured with enough practice, the smile itself would eventually do the trick.

                One more second and one final smile, he walked out of the bathroom and headed towards the breakfast that was waiting for him. As soon as he caught sight of the delectable plate of food before him, he seated himself down, picked up his fork and was ready to scoff down the food when he noticed that she had arranged the bacon and eggs into a happy face. He couldn't help but smile at her gesture as he made a mental note to personally thank her later.

                When the food had been devoured, he picked up his cup of coffee and headed towards the futon situated in their tiny living room. He plopped down on it and turned on the television while sipping his coffee slowly. There were reports after reports of mutant disturbances – so much so that he had to turn off the television. He always hated the news, especially in the morning when that was all that was on – well, that and Barney but there was no way he was going to spend the morning watching some overgrown purple dinosaur who probably needed to be high all the time in order to sing those awful sugary songs.

                He downed the last bit of his black coffee and set it on their small wooden round table. Now, with a hearty breakfast in him, he leaned back down onto the futon and closed his eyes while pondering what he should do with his day. She wasn't going to be home from work until five in the morning, and he didn't have any jobs to do that day since he had been taking some time off from 'work' due to the massive inflow of money he had managed to achieve from his last heist. Perhaps, he could go visit her at work but decided against it because she usually hated when he did. He was always a distraction, and could never keep his hands to himself when she was dressed in that cute waitress uniform. Another option was robbing Warren Worthington of some precious jewel or other. It didn't really matter what he stole, he was more interested in what new security system Warren had set up and how easy it would be to break through it. Warren was always an easy one to take from, he thought and smiled contentedly.

                While weighing the different options in his mind, he picked up a cushion off the floor. An odd warm feeling was emanating from the cushion as he flashed opened his eyes and realized that he was charging the cushion involuntarily. He immediately threw the cushion up in the air where it exploded and loads of pieces of foam and fabric were scattered all over the living room. He stared down at his hands and shook it out while he stared at the mess before him. He hadn't meant to charge the cushion, it just happened. But then, it could only mean one thing… yet, he had that fixed a long time ago. He had mastered his powers for years now. He probably did mean to charge the cushion without even realizing it; he concluded and began to pick up the pieces of the exploded pillow.

                Picking each piece up was beginning to become inefficient, and he realized that it would be best if he got the vacuum cleaner out. He reached for his empty mug and headed towards the kitchen where the vacuum cleaner was kept in a small closet there. However, as he walked towards the kitchen, the same odd warm feeling was emanating from the cup as well, and sure enough, when he looked down, he saw that he was charging the mug up as well. He quickly threw the cup into the air and ducked while the mug exploded into hundreds of shards of ceramic.

                While getting up back onto his feet, he noticed that his left bicep had been cut as well as his right knee. Nervous and somewhat terrified of what had just happened, he didn't dare touch another item as he headed straight to the showers. He didn't know what to think of his sudden lapse of control, but all he did know was that he needed a shower, if not anything but to bring back some sort of reassurance to him.


                The door opened slowly as she untied her ponytail. She walked through the front door and kicked off her shoes. Work had been busy that day, but the diner was always busy on Saturdays. In actuality, she preferred working when it was busy since that meant more tips for her. She shook out her long wavy hair and brushed a hand through it. As her fingers ran through her hair to the tips of it, she brought it up to look at a few split ends. A haircut was definitely needed and she was tempted to chop most of her hair off, but Remy wanted her to keep it long. Despite her own wishes, she kept her hair long for him. She figured it was a small price to pay if it meant that she wouldn't ever have to do the dishes, since that was the bargain she dealt with him.

                Placing her bag and jacket on the hangers next to the door, she walked through the kitchen and noticed that the breakfast plate she left out for Remy was completely cleared. But, the dish was still sitting on the table and the lights weren't turned on, neither were they turned on in the living room. Becoming a bit worried, she hurried towards the bedroom and opened it. A sigh of relief left her cherry lips as she saw Remy asleep in bed and dressed in nothing but the pink and red hearts boxers she bought for him as a joke for Valentine's Day the previous year.

                Leaning against the doorway while watching her Cajun lover sleep, her lips curled up in a devious smile as she stripped herself of her uniform to reveal her red lace undergarments. Tip-toeing across the cold hardwood floors, she gently laid down next to him so that they were facing each other. With the tips of her fingers, she softly brushed back a few of his auburn locks and kissed him tenderly on the nose. His eyes flashed opened and he grinned dopily. "Home already, chere?"

                "Mmmhmm… and ah see that ya still in the same position ah left ya… oh… eight hours ago." She pointed out.

                "Not true, chere. Remy's not butt naked anymore." He replied smugly.

                "Ain't that a shame, Swamp rat?" She commented.

                "Is it now, chere? Does my Roguey wanna have her wicked way wit' dis Cajun?" He drawled huskily.

                "Well, now that ya suggested it…" She began and moved closer to him so that their body was pressed against each other while running her fingers through his hair and she was a breath away from kissing him. "Actually, Ah don't think ah wanna anymore." She said unexpectedly and pulled away from him. She didn't get very far though as he grabbed her in his arms while she giggled wildly.

                "Oh no y' don't. Y' ain't playing dis Cajun like dat. Y're not allowed t'get dis Cajun all excited only t'tease him!" He said as he held her with one arm and tickled her with his other hand.

                "Remy… stop…Remy… sorry! Okay…ah'll…Remy!" She squealed between her fits of laughter while he continued to tickle her viciously.

                 "Remy… okay! Ah'll… ya can… ah'll do anything! Just stop!" She shrieked as she struggled to get out of his arms and away from his tickling hand.

                "Anything?" He queried while he continued to tickle her.

                "Anything!" She squealed while laughing. Immediately, he stopped and secured her in his arms so that they were facing each other. Giving him an apprehensive glare, she asked, "So, what is it do y' want Swamp Rat?"

                "Chere, don't give me dat look. You enjoy it as much as I do." He said and his patented grin appeared.

                "Remy, ah told ya ah ain't ever gonna…" She stopped mid-sentence as he interrupted her with a deep long probing kiss. After a few moments, they finally broke apart from each other as they tried to catch their breaths.

                "I just wanted a kiss, chere… dat's all. What did y' think I wanted?" He replied with a mischievous look in his devilish eyes. 

                She looked at him with suspicion since she knew that that wasn't what he was going to ask for, but then blushed slightly as she realized that perhaps she was wrong and had jumped to the wrong conclusion. He picked up on this as he taunted in a teasing voice, "Ma cherie's got a dirty mind…"

                "No, Ah don't!" She huffed, and her cheeks grew pinker since she was caught.

                "Not'ing t'be ashamed of, Roguey. Remy likes 'em dirty…" He commented and smirked arrogantly.

                "Hmph… 'Them', Cajun?" She questioned his choice of words and pouted.

                He chuckled at her jealous inquisition. "Sorry, chere. I meant my girl, or t'be more specific, my beautiful amazing green-eyed with skunk-like hair cherie." He corrected himself.

                "My hair ain't skunk-like. Ya know ah can always cut if all off…" She threatened emptily and continued to pout.

                "Dere's no pleasin' dis woman…" He mumbled playfully and proceeded to press his lips against hers for he was no longer in the mood to argue with her. Murmurs of ecstasy escaped the both of them as the kiss ran deeper and he turned her gently on her back while he positioned himself on top of her. One of his hands ran up and down her side as the other snaked behind her and started to unclasp her bra. He received a familiar yet odd warm feeling while he struggled with the clasp of her bra when he suddenly realized that he was charging it. He quickly pulled off of her and shouted, "Chere! Take it off!"

                She looked down and realizing that her bra was glowing an unusual crimson, she quickly obliged to Remy's demand, took it off swiftly and threw it across the room where it exploded with a loud 'BOOM'!

                While looking at her now dismantled bra, she adverted her gaze back to him and placed a hand on her hip. "Remy! What the hell was that?" She asked loudly.

                Shaking out of his own stunned reaction, he glanced at her and feigned a collected cool. "Just couldn't get ma cherie naked fast enough." He replied smoothly.

                Glaring at him while contemplating whether or not she should believe him, she finally rolled her eyes and accepted his explanation. "Did ya really have t'blow up my bra? It was one of my favorites." She stated.

                Feeling the control return to his hands, he edged closer to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Je suis desole, Rogue. How about Remy promises t'go underwear shopping wit' y' next time? Y' can buy as many as y' want… given dat y' give dis Cajun a good modeling show as well." He suggested as he placed his hands safely on her exposed back and farther up from her red lace underwear just in case he accidentally charged those up too.

                "It's gonna take more than a free shopping trip t'get ya out of this one." She pouted.

                "What else does my Roguey want dis Cajun t'do?" He queried with curiosity and an arched eyebrow.

                She bit her lips, brought his head down and whispered her request into his ears. As he listened to what she wanted, he grinned contentedly and picked her up and over his shoulders. She squealed with delight as he charged towards the bathroom where the shower was waiting for them while forgetting the unusual incidents of his day.