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Dark Connection -

Chapter One

"The Monster in my closet."

"And then, when they saw the building on fire! And all the pokemon stopped the fire! Remember Grandpa?" The older man, Soloman Mouto held a child in his lap, a boy of no more than ten.

Yuugi Mouto.

The man chuckled softly as he lowered the boy to the floor, patting him softly on this spiky head, earning him a giggle. "Of course I remember, I was watching the cartoon too you know." He smiled gently at young Yuugi and then rushed him off to bed, he was old after all, he needed his sleep.

And if he didn't put Yuugi to bed he'd be talking all night.

Besides, he was sure that if he sent the boy up to his room he would just preoccupy himself with his many toys anyway.

Yuugi hummed to himself as he walked up the stairs and into his room. Sure most kids would be afraid to sleep in a big, dark room, the only room upstairs. Sure it was a scary thought that his Grandfathers room was downstairs. But he had his...

Yuugi ran into his room and dived onto his bed, pulling a large stuffed animal from under the covers.

...Dark Magician stuffed animal!

As long as it was there he felt no fear. because it had once promised to keep him safe for as long as they were together. Or actaully, Yuugi asked it if it would and made the Magician nod his head. But it was still a comforting thought for the young boy.

Despite his happiness, he sighed, remembering that he was expected to fall asleep some time tonight. Like every night. He hated to sleep because he would dream. And those dreams would remind him of things that were horrifying to Yuugi. Things like his parents, his abusive father, his dead mother...

Though he was only seven when it happened he remembered everything as if it had just happened, the knife, his drunk father, his mother. She saved Yuugi, ran with him to his grandfather's home, bleeding from a stab wound in the chest. His poor mother died that evening...

Yuugi could forget when he was playing, or when he had something to take his mind off things. But when he slept he was relaxed and that caused all the memories to flow back into his mind.

He shivered.

"Yuugi?" Yuugi jumped, not expecting to hear his Grandfather's voice, or to see him emerge from the doorway. "Yuugi are you going to sleep now?"

"In a minute." He told him innocently, that bright smile plastered over his face.

Soloman laughed. "Of course. But I forgot, I have something for you." He held out something triangular, or more pyramid like, with an odd looking eye in the middle. Yuugi poked it, it didn't look like an action figure, and it didn't feel like a stuffed animal.

"Think of it as a good luck charm, something from an old man." He winked at him. "Oh and, when the moonlight hits it right, it glows in the dark."

"Really, wow!" Yuugi gasped, amazed at hearing of something glowing in the dark. He'd never seen anything like that! But maybe...

He glanced out the window, sure enough, there was a full moon! "Yey!" Yuugi cried, "I'll get to see it glow tonight!"

Soloman smiled at the young boy, placing a hand on his head and ruffling his hair, Yuugi smiled back up at him, wrapping his arms around the old man, "Sweet dreams Grandpa."

"Sweet Dreams Yuugi"

Yuugi yawned loudly as he placed the pyramid his Grandfather on the table beside his bed. he was about ready for bed, and he wanted to turn out the lights to watch the puzzle glow. He shook with anticipation as he grabbed his Dark Magician and ran toward light switch. "Oh DM," As he nicknamed his stuffed friend, "Are you excited too? Okay! I'll switch out the light on the count of three!" Yuugi's eyes widened as he stared longingly at the puzzle.



He sighed, was he ready to turn out the light and sleep? And...Dream?

Well, he'd get to see a glowing triangle for sure!


Yuugi quickly pressed the switch and leaped into bed, and under the blankets, covering to where only his eyes were showing, and they were derected at the pyramid. Which wasn't shinning.

Yuugi frowned, it wasn't working, why? Maybe it was broken? He got out of the blankets and looked toward the sky, clouds, lots of them, but where had they come from? They weren't there a moment ago!

"Oh man!" He moaned, but was suddenly focused on the sky again, lightning, and thunder.... His eyes widened again. There was something he was afraid of. Thunder storms....

"Eep!" He popped into bed, closing his eyes tight. He hated loud noises, and he hated the threatening flashes of hot light that struck down from the sky.

"Are you scared, young one?"

Yuugi's eyes opened once again as he sunk under the blankets more so, something had just talked to him...He heard it right? Or maybe it was his fear playing tricks on him?

Even so he nodded, maybe it was DM? "DM?" He searched his sides for his stuffed animal, searching and searching, yet finding nothing. The one who promised to watch over him was gone. What was he going to do? What if DM was in danger!

Yuugi clenched his teeth, he had to save him, DM would do it for him! Yuugi quickly threw off his blankets. "DM! I'll save you!" Yuugi stopped, his eyes focused on his sheets, there was no way he could look up. But he had to. "Ah...DM..."


Yuugi gulped, tears running down his face.

"Yuugi Mouto..."

The door opened, the closet door...OPENED!!

Yuugi clenched his eyes shut, "Please don't hurt..." Images of his father beating him, and killing his mother ran through his mind. DM wasn't there to take his mind of it, his fear was taking over. He knew if he didn't do something about it he would be cursed once again, to cry all day, and all night. Over the past.

"No!" Yuugi opened his eyes, the fear building up in his throat, and that's when he was the boy. A young, boy a bit taller than Yuugi, with spiky hair just like his, completely covered in shadow, but he was moving closer. Yuugi swallowed, "Who are you?"

No answer.

Suddenly the boy was right infront of Yuugi, and lightning flashed revealing the boys features. Yuugi gasped. He looked like him, except for a difference in their hair and eyes. "W-What do you want? I asked you a question!"

"Darkness..." The boy replied simply. "I am Yami, the monster from your closet." The boy held out something, Yuugi stood still though, afraid of Yami. "I won't hurt you." Yami dropped the thing into Yuugi's lap, but he still couldn't move. Yami frowned slightly. "I see..."

Yuugi gave him a questioning look. Yami just shrugged, "I just wanted to help, you called me here and now you want me to leave? Am I that scary?"

"I c-called you?" Yuugi stuttered hopelessly.

"Yea. Every night you called for me, I didn't come before cause' I didn't have a reason..."

"Oh." Yuugi sat up, suddenly not as afraid of the boy. "Um, how do you know my name?" Yuugi asked putting a bit of thought into the question. He didn't want the boy to leave, he had just gotten there after all.

"DM told me." He said simply though it was a lie he knew it would make Yuugi feel better.

And it worked, Yuugi smiled back slightly, if DM trusted him that means he must be good.

"Well you havta sleep, it's late. I gotta sleep too." Yami turned making his way back to the door he emerged from.

"One more question." Yuugi piped up, and Yami turned back again, a bit shocked, but nodded. "Why did you say you're a monster? You look like a boy to me."

Yami frowned and his eyes dropped to the floor. "Because I am...You shall see, maybe..." He stopped and turned again, leaving Yuugi before he could ask anything else.

Yuugi dropped back down and covered himself again, but stopped moving when he remembered the thing Yami gave him, it was DM! Yuugi hugged it tightly and smiled, Yami wasn't a monster, he couldn't be.

"Right Dark Magician? Yami's just a normal boy?" Yuugi smiled at the fluffy, stuffed animal before resting his head back onto his pillow, unaware that, the 'Monster in his closet', was still watching him.

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