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Dark Connection -

Chapter Six

"King of Secrets"

Jou wasn't in a good mood tonight, Malik knew that much. He had been dazing to no ends all night and it was to the point where Malik wanted to scream.

It wasn't just Jou though, Marik was bothering him, too.

Like always.

Malik felt he could never get away from that evil, sadistic, beautiful creature. Yes beautiful, there was no denying that. But Malik didn't like being pushed around, which is what Marik was good at, and despite Malik's EXTREME want to get together with Marik, it wasn't going to happen.

That was what Jou was for, getting Marik off his mind.

Jou glanced over at his date who seemed to enjoy sighing, as he had just done so for the fifth time in the last five minutes.

There wasn't any conversation.

There wasn't any contact. Which would have been good for Jou, to get this un-real being off of his mind.


He wished so badly he could just fall asleep and see him, dream about him. Which was the only way he would EVER get to be with the lovely man.

"This is going nowhere, fast." Malik muttered, "Maybe we should call it a night."

"Maybe..." Jou found himself also sighing now, "I'm real sorry Malik."

Malik shook his head, giving a slight smile. "Don't worry about it," with a quick glance at the check he added, "I'll get that."

Yuugi was overly freaked out for the night, some random guy walks into his house, no, HIS ROOM, and claims to be Marik's boyfriend! Or his boyfriend? But Yuugi knew he had just gotten over a relationship, and hadn't been to keen to get into another, so unless he had gotten drunk or high, which he hadn't, there was no way this guy was talking about him.

Well anyway, point was, this guy was crazy and had no idea what he was talking about.

The said man was staring at both of them like they were the ones who broke in and scared him.

"Who areyou?" Marik asked in his deep, evil, voice.The mandidn't seem to bescared inthe least, not at that point at least.

"And why," he started glaring daggers at Marik, "would Itell a couple of random people something like that?"

"Maybe 'cause you just broke into my house." Yuugimuttered.

Seto switched his glare to Yuugi, who was staringat the ground, frightened, and the glare softened...Slightly.

This boy reminded him of Jou. Well, and Yami. But reminded him of Yami in a Jou-ish sort-of-way.

"Well, if I were you, I'd get out of here so little Yuugi and I can finish our happy-time." Marik winked at Yuugi, who shuttered, and Seto noticed. Seto also noticed, however, that his name was Yuugi.

The name mentioned by Jou frequently.

Jou's best friend.

And it was the name Yami muttered in his sleep...

Seto then made a mad dash for the closet. This Yuugi...Was he the one who made Yami the way he was?

He didn't seem to notice the smaller Yami running toward him.

Yuugi remembered, that boy, the boy who always came from the closet! Surely, this man wasn't that boy. The boy... What was his name? ...Looked like himself, slightly taller, and with crimson eyes, but besides that...

Who was this man?

"Wait! Where are you going? Do you live in the closet? Like...Um..." Yuugi searched his mind for that name, but nothing came, and he was losing time. "Please wait!"

He rushed in after Seto who had just closed the door, not realizing Yuugi had any time to get in there at all. And by the time he had realized it, it was beyond too late.

They were already on the other side of the door.

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