Ch. 1 Transformations

Dear Diary,

Kagome here. I'm eighteen years old and boy, do I have a tale for you. It all started when I was sixteen years old. I was walking through Inuyasha Forest when I saw something moving. Well, being the total ditz that I am I'd left my bow and arrows at Kaede's hut, not thinking that I might need them for protection.

"Who's there?" I asked, looking around.

'Yeah Kagome be a dumb ass and yell out,' I thought to myself. Then I heard a growl and freaked out. Standing in front of me was a demon that was part white wolf, part dog, and fox. I was so scared that I ran like a total idiot. The demon ran after me, biting me on the shoulder and lower leg. It hurt so much that I fell and promptly passed out.

There's part of my tale. Be back later.

Ja Ne,



After passing out and waking Kagome found herself transforming into a demon.

---Kagome's View---

I woke up and started looking around me. I noticed that my senses seemed heightened, especially my hearing and sense of smell. 'What happened? Oh Kami! My head hurts so bad,' I thought. I reached up and touched the spot on my head that hurt the most. To my surprise, I felt two ears. Ears the same as the demon that bit me. It felt strange. I began to gnaw at my lower lip as I thought. I couldn't understand it. Then I noticed that I had fangs. I looked at my hands suspiciously and received confirmation for my fears when I saw my new claws.

"Oh Kami! I can't believe this!"

I ran as fast I could to the nearest river or stream and received the shock of my life. For the first time in my life, I was beautiful. I looked carefully at my reflection. Two white fuzzy ears like Inuyasha's sat on top of my head and behind me was a fluffy tail like Sesshomaru's. I was nearly as tall as Inuyasha and my eyes had changed from their normal calm brown to a mingling of green, blue and gold in the oddest arrangement. My hair fell to my knees and I noticed that it had white streaks. I also had a red crescent moon on my forehead. Two swords pierced through the crescent moon, and an arrow shot through all of it. My body had filled out in all the right places and was more muscular. My lips were fuller and the color of roses. My eyelids were slashed in a similar shade. I noticed that I now had the powers of the elements and telekinesis too. After gazing at myself a while, I remembered that I needed a bath as soon as possible, so I removed my clothes and commenced to bathe.

"Damn it! Where is she? KA-GO-ME," someone yelled nearby.

'That's Inuyasha. I better go before he finds me' I thought. I ran from the river and decided to change deeper in the forest. I could hear the others talking even though I was far away.

"Where is she?" asked Sango.

"I don't know." Miroku replied

I dressed in a black silk kimono and a white obi with a blood red sash around my waist. It complimented my new looks perfectly. I loved it. I decided to use demon speed and scare Inuyasha and the rest of the gang.

"Yes, Inuyasha?" I said from behind.

"Kag...Kagome is that you?" Inuyasha asked surprised when he turned around.

"Yes, it is. Why?" I asked.

"You're a demon. And a very beautiful one," Inuyasha commented.

I began to feel a blush creeping up my cheeks until a little fur ball climbed my leg for a hug.

"Mama! Your back! Your pretty!" the little fur ball commented.

"Thanks sweetie," I said. I turned to Inuyasha. "On my way here I sensed 4 jewel shards coming this way. I think its Koga but I'm not sure,"

Before anyone could speak, Koga appeared.

"Where's my woman?" Koga yelled.

"Koga, for the last time, I'm not your woman," I said

"Kagome?" he said, surprised.

"Yes koga-kun?" I said innocently.

"How did you turn into a demon?" he asked. His eyes were bulging and tongue wagging.

"Well, I was bitten by a demon and for some reason, I'm now a demon too" I said shrugging my shoulders.

"You what?!" he exclaimed.

"Are you okay?" I ask as I felt a strange tingling down my spine.

"Yes, now we can be mates," Koga said happily.

"I think not," said a cold, sexy voice from behind us.

We all turned around to see who would dare disturb our confrontation.

Doom Doom

So who is it? Do you know?

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