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The next day they finally made it to the well kagome looked at sesshomaru and said " ill be back in about a hour you wait here ok" sesshomaru nodded his head and as soon as she saw this she jumped in the well to go see her mom once again.


Kagome was finally back in the time she grew up in she sighed and jumped out of the well.

I wonder what mom's going to say she thought as she made her way to her house she opened her door and walked in saying. "MOM COME HERE I NEED TO SPEAK TO YOU." Kagomes mom came running into the living room from the kitchen. "yes honey is everything ok" " mom I need you to come back to the feudal era with me" after she said that her mom looked at her with shock.

"why is that honey you know I don't want to go back there" " yes mom I know this but sesshomaru wants to question you about father" " oh why does he want to do that" " because you know more about him then we do and were trying to find him and defeat him before he hurts innocent people" "uh oh alright but you cant tell your bother that's the reason will have to find a away for him to not find out" " ok mom I can handle that one" kagome then left her mom and went up stairs to her bother but before she walked in she cast a spell she learnt from sesshomaru in training.

"Souta" "yes sister" "mom has to go with me in the feudal ear ok" "but why I thought only you and inuyasha can go through the well" kagome thought about what her brother said and came up with a comeback. "Mom can go through the well too if she holds on to me" souta pondered what she said then nodded in understanding. "but kagome I have a question" "yes souta what is it" "can I come too and why does she have to go" "no you cant come its to dangerous and that I cant tell you but I will tell you its because im uh getting married and uh going to be staying there" souta looked at his sis in shock he couldn't believe it he would never see her again tears welled up in souta's eyes. "But ill never see you again" "oh don't be silly souta ill come and visit I promise" souta smiled and ran to his sister and hugged her tightly.

"Ok kagome but be safe and keep mom out of trouble" "don't worry souta I will" they then gave one final hug and souta went back to playing his playstion three. Kagome sighed and went down stairs. "Well mom he is fine with it so when would you like to go?" "Just let me say buy and then we can leave ok" kagome nodded her head and set down on the couch waiting for her mother. Finally after all the fare wells and crying kagome and her mom both left to the feudal era.

"Kagome can I ask you a favor" "sure anything for you mom what is it?" "Umm can you call me a different name instead of my real name" "sure what do you want me to call you" kagome thought about this before she and her mom jumped down the well.

"Umm how about chi" "chi why chi honey" kagome looked at her mom and smiled and said "because chi is the name of one of my lil girls names for when I get married and have kids kagomes mom smiled and nodded her head applying that she understood then her and kagome grabbed each others hand and jumped down the well. Once on the other side kagomes mom was already turned in to her demon self as was kagome. They both smiled and jumped out of the well.

Sesshomaru was standing by a tree when he hired foot steps he turned his head to the well to see kagome and her mother. Kagome walked over to sesshomaru and smiled then said "sesshomaru I would like you to meet chi" "it is very nice to meet you chi" "like wise milord" "well lets set off shall we it will take two days to get back and we need to be there soon" kagome and chi nodded at sesshomaru understanding why he was in a hurry.

With Moro:

'grr why did she have to betray me I loved the bitch with all my heart and she betrayed me with that bastered of a brother of mine till this day it still hurts me I just cant understand why huh soon I will have my revenge and be able to get read of all this sorrow I feel the damn bitch I new I shouldn't have trusted her huh maybe I should have shadow or amber go and kill another of there members to show them im not to be messed with bwahahaha' after those thoughts Moro walked down his hall way in his castle he took a right then a left and was now at ambers room he opened the door to see her not in there he growled in frustration he then made his way to the dojo knowing they would be in there. Once he got there he was correct in that assumption. He smiled a evil grin as he walked in and growled lowly both shadow and amber looked at him and bowed and said at the same time. "Milord how may we serve you" "girls I want one of you to go and kill another one of there members. Shadow smiled and said "I will more then gladly go this time I know for a fact sesshomaru is on his way back to the castle from looking in to that mirror I had made to see in to follow my enemies I will go milord" "alright that is fine with me come back with his head and DON'T FEAL ME IF YOU DO I WILL KILL YOU IF THEY DON'T" shadow bowed low then went to gather some things for the traveling she would be doing.

Back with sesshomaru:

They had been walking for hours now it was near dark and soon it would be time to stop and make camp they all had a sneaking feeling that something was wrong but did not say a thing.

Finally sesshomaru stopped and said "lets camp here for the night I will scout the area yall two set up camp" "ok milord" they both said at the same time kagomes mom started gathering fire wood while kagome made a bed for her mom since kagome would be slipping in the tree like inuyasha did for some reason she seemed to like it and now understood why inuyasha did it. Just as soon as the camp was finished sesshomaru pooped out of the woods it was clear for now he through the deer down he had caught cleaned and skinned ready for cooking. As kagomes mom started cooking the dinner kagome asked sesshomaru if a hot spring was near by so she could bath while dinner was getting ready. Sesshomaru pointed to the right of him to show her that's were it was she smiled grabbed her bag and ran off to the hot spring.

With shadow

She was now running through the woods buy the looks of it she would be to were there at by morning if she keeps up this speed. 'Oh sesshomaru soon ill get to kill you and that will be great feeling having the great lord of the west die by my hands I cant wait bwahaha' after that thought she just kept heading towards them not stopping once till she got there.

With sesshomaru

Finally kagome came back from her bath ate her moms wonderful cooking then jumped in to a tree to rest. Sesshomaru was under the same tree with his back against it and his head hung down with his bangs in his eyes. Kagomes mom was already lad down on the make shift bed drifting off to a peace full sleep.

The next morning after breakfast they packed up to leave not even a hour or so kagome and sesshomaru and chi all felt a evil aura heading there way they all stop and got in to a fighting stance looking towards were the evil aura was coming from all of a sudden out of the bushes came a demoness with long silver hair black eyes with silver eye shadow on black strips nails and purely whit fangs she peered to be a fox demon she smiled wickedly and looked at them with gleaming eyes. "Hehe look what I got here a lord and two bitches" kagome growled at that commit how dare this vixson call her mom a bitch. "Your to talk whore what do you want" kagome said as she pulled her sword from her sheath. "iv come to kill you now shall we" shadow smirked and got in to a fighting stance sesshomaru was the first to attack hitting her square in the face and cutting her cheek she smiled and wiped the blood off. "is that all you got oh come on I thought you were tough or was I wrong" sesshomaru growled this bitch didn't even flinch he new right then she would be tough to fight. Kagome growled and lunged at the bitch her and kagome were sharing blows for blows soon they both jumped apart breathing heavily. Kagomes mom then lunged at her slicing her right arm and her left leg by her claws. Shadow growled in irritation. 'Damn there tougher then I thought grr' then sesshomaru lunged at her running his sword through her heart and slicing her with his poison claws. She never saw it coming and before she could dodge in time it was too late. Her eyes went wide then Shadow coughed up blood and fail to her knees and said "how can this be" sesshomaru pulled his sword out of her and smirked. "Never call them bitches and mock this sesshomaru now DIEEEE." Sesshomaru then tock one last hit slicing her stomach open she coughed and feel to the ground one lone tear feel from her eyes as she whispered. " for give me milord for failing you" she then died kagome walked over to her and purified her she looked at her mom and sesshomaru and that when they all quietly agreed to go faster so they could tell them what happened. Soon once again they made there way home buy the time it was dark they made it kagome and chi went to take a bath and go to bed they all new that tomorrow was going to be one hell of a long day.

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