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Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye

Summary: One night in her fourth year, Ginny Weasley used a very drunk Draco Malfoy for revenge against her boyfriend, Dean Thomas. What she didn't know was that she would lose her virginity that night, like it, and be the only one to remember it actually happened. Now, two years later, Ginny is starting to let go of her feelings for a certain blond Slytherin, that is, until he decides to annoy the hell out of her every chance he gets.

Rating: R (L,V,S)

Setting: Takes place in Ginny's 6th year, Draco and The Trio's 7th. Spoilers are up to the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so Sirius is alive, Lucius isn't in jail yet, the trio don't know about OOTP, and there is no Prophecy...yet.

Pairings: D/G, H/G moments, RW/HG, H/OC

Warnings: Eventual angst, betrayal, and many more things that might piss you off. And yes, Voldemort will be making lots of appearances in the near future.

Again I will say that this fic was created solely from a D/G perspective, but it focuses on a fair amount of TWO other relationships as well.

Chapter 1: How it Started

The noises of students chattering happily and silverware clinking together made Ginny realize how much she had missed Hogwarts. It was the start of a new year for her and she wanted it to be better than her first five. Looking at herself, she now noticed why many of the guys had given her a second glance as she walked into the Great Hall. Ginny had matured greatly over the summer. Her vibrant red hair now curled at the ends, which now reached the middle of her chest. Her brown eyes had a touch of a golden sparkle to them, making her look alive and carefree. Although she was only about 5'4, Ginny had curves in all the right places, and actually had a chest to show off, which made some girls glare at her enviously. Of course Ginny didn't realize just how beautiful she really had become. Even though she was a Weasley, she was actually quite popular and known as a wonderful person to many people. Her true best friend was, get this, a real Slytherin named Stephanie Anderson. Stephanie was also a very pretty girl and in the same year as Ginny. She was probably three inches shorter, much to her dislike, with the same brown-colored eyes, and her silky brown hair was tinted with a few blonde highlights and a hint of natural red.

Ginny and Stephanie met two years ago, after a very odd situation had occurred.


It all started two years ago, when Dean Thomas was found snogging Lavender Brown in the common room by his own girlfriend, Ginny Weasley.

Ginny had just finished a two foot essay for Potions and was on her way back to the Gryffindor common room. 'I am so bloody glad that is over with,' she thought as she walked through the portrait of the very sleepy Fat Lady. As she started to head to the girls' dorms, she heard faint moaning coming from the couch near the fireplace. Who was up at one in the morning? Ginny quietly walked over to the red and gold couch to see Lavender and...

"Dean!" Ginny screeched. Lavender fell onto the floor with a squeak.

"Ginny, it's not what it looks like," Dean denied hurriedly.

"Oh really, cause it looks like my boyfriend is getting it on with another girl! Or am I just bloody hallucinating?"she cried.

Dean looked at her with his sad brown eyes. "I am really sorry, it was just a thing... I mean, we just got in the moment and..."

"Oh save your dumbass excuses for someone who believes them!" she shouted, then turned to look at Lavender who still sat on the floor in shock. "And you! You were supposed to be my friend! How could you do something like this?"

Lavender looked at her with tears in her eyes. "I am so sorry Ginny, I really am... I didn't mean for this to happen..."

Ginny became annoyed. "Yeah, whatever. Like I said, save your bloody excuses!" she said angrily, stomping through the portrait once again.

"Ginny, it's one in the morning, Filch will catch you!" Dean yelled after her.

Ginny ran fast as the tears came crashing down. She had really liked Dean, maybe even more than Harry, and now she had gotten her damn heart broken. Breathing hard and running even faster, she had no idea where she was going, and she didn't really care. All she could think about was the fact that- "Ooof," Ginny fell hard. All she could think was, 'Who in the hell is out in the corridors at one in the morning?' She lifted her head in time to see something that had probably made her night a lot worse.

"Bloody hell," Draco Malfoy slurred, trying to lift himself off of the cold dungeon floor. He looked down at the girl who stared at him with frightened eyes and politely offered his hand out in assistance.

Ginny looked at him like he was the weirdest thing she had ever seen. Was he actually trying to help her off of the floor? She looked at his glazed over grey-blue eyes, and back at his hand again, feeling as if this was a life or death situation.

"Are ou goin tooo take my had ooooor not?" Draco slurred again.

'Oh gods, he's drunk as hell,' Ginny thought, 'I guess it couldn't hurt to take his hand.' She reached up, putting her small, warm hand into his large, icy cold one, and felt a shot of electricity. As he pulled her off the floor, he gave her an appreciative glance.

"Do I knowww ou?" he asked.

She looked at him with her wide honey brown eyes. "Oh.. no. I'm new here, so you wouldn't know me."

"Whasch ur nam?"

"Oh, its umm.. Lily," she stuttered.

"Ou r ver beutiful," he said, trying to smirk.

She blushed a bright red. "Oh, thank you. I have to get going, but it was very nice to meet you."

"But ou don even knoww my nam," Draco replied, stepping so close to her she could inhale his spicy scent. Draco started to lean his head towards Ginny's pretty pink lips, towering over her by at least a foot.

'Oh gods, is Malfoy about to kiss me? But I'm a Weasley! Oh wait, he doesn't know that, you idiot!' Ginny's brain screamed. 'Oh and he smells really good too. I can't do this what about Dean? Dean… that bastard! Oh yeah payback definitely is a bitch,' she thought, as Draco finally planted his lips on hers. He pushed his tounge in forcefully, loving her natural flavor. She tasted like vanilla and strawberries mixed into one.

Ginny put her hands around his neck and moaned into his mouth. He was a really good kisser.. even if he did taste like Firewhiskey.

Draco broke off the kiss, "Lets go tooo my roo…" He took her hand, pulling her down the corridor to his prefect rooms. Finally remembering his own password, he stuttered it imapatiently to the portrait and it muttered something like "Bloody drunken teens," in return. The two hormonal adolescents walked into the bedroom. Without a second thought, Ginny pushed Draco onto the comfy, silk-green comforter of his four post bed and straddled his waist. Draco took his hands and placed them on her tiny hips, grinding her into him. Ginny leaned down "Make love to me," she whispered huskily.

He flipped her over and replied, "My pleasurrre."

Ginny awoke to the sound of birds chirping gaily. Slowly opening her eyes, she realized that these dark green walls were not hers. What in the hell... and thats when she remembered last night. 'Oh gods I slept with Malfoy!.. and it hurt like hell!' She turned and looked to her left, seeing a very naked Draco Malfoy sleeping peacefully. 'Wow..he is really hot.. and oh shit, I have to get out of here before he wakes up!' Getting out of the bed quietly and wincing at the soreness between her legs, Ginny looked for her clothes and found everything except her bright red panties. 'Oh, who cares? I'll just wear my skirt and hope no one has the urge to suddenly look up it,' she decided, almost giggling at the thought. Running out into the halls and down the corridor she collided with a girl, who looked up at her with a smirk.

"One of Malfoy's chicks, right? Just go down the hall, take two rights, and then you'll see the doors of the Great Hall."

Ginny smiled thankfully, but before she could leave, the girl started talking again.

"Oh gods, aren't you Ginny Weasley? Wow. A Malfoy and a Weasley? And people say this life is normal." Looking at the Ginny's horrified expression, she replied, "Oh, if you think I am going to tell off on you and Malfoy, you're wrong. You see, we have this thing, me and him, where we stay out of each other's sex lives. I just don't really care for who my cousin shags, you know."

Ginny looked shocked. "You're Malfoy's cousin? But you're too nice to be related to him!"

She smirked again. "Yeah, I get that a lot. I'm Stephanie, by the way," she introduced herself, then became utterly confused. "Wait a minute, I thought you said that you didn't like Draco."

"I don't like him." Ginny confirmed.

"So, why did you sleep with him? Wait, you know what? How about we meet at the library around ten? It is a Saturday after all."

"Sure," Ginny replied, giving her a smile.

And that is how Ginny Weasley, a Gryffindor, and Stephanie Anderson, a Slytherin, became best friends.

End Flashback-

Ginny looked over at the Slytherin table for her best friend. She spotted Stephanie, who currently wore a very bored expression on her face. Ginny looked to her friend's left to see what, or who in this case, was the cause of it. Pansy Parkinson. Ginny laughed inwardly and was glad that she didn't have to put up with Pansy droning on and on...and on, about absolutely nothing.

Stephanie looked up and caught Ginny's eye. She smirked, mouthing something that appeared to be 'I am going to strangle her bloody neck.' Ginny laughed out loud.

Ron turned to look at his sister beside him. "What are you laughing about, Ginny?"

"Oh nothing Ron." She smirked.

Just then, Ginny felt the tiny red hairs on the back of her neck stand up, getting the feeling that someone was watching her. She looked back to the Slytherin table to see, instead of her best friend, Draco Malfoy staring at her with curiosity. Suddenly, her stomach felt like it was doing a somersault. She held his gaze for a few moments, then looked back down at her half eaten plate.

Oh yeah, this was definitely going to be a different year.

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