Now, you must all be wondering what happened to everyone else.

Sensible John became the top of his classes and then the head of some prestigious bank or other.  He grew to be a fine English gentleman with lots of ideal prospects.  But he gave it all up to venture to the Americas, where he lived with and studied the culture of what fascinated him the most—Indians.

Michael enlisted in the First World War and became a decorated war hero.  He retired early and started a family at a rather late age.  He still has "Teddy" with him.

As for the Lost Boys, they tried to prolong their childhood as long as they could.  Sometimes, they would be seen running across the streets of London, whooping loudly, all dressed up in their animal skins.  However, they too grew tired of it as adult life finally caught up with them.  They strove to present themselves as proper gentlemen to the society and soon found themselves with a wife and a handful of kids.  They each built a house right next to each other, except for Nibs, who, along with his family, accompanied John to the Americas.  Last heard, he struck it rich in the oilfields of Texas.

Wendy never did see the boy she knew as Peter Pan again because it was a different Peter she met that day in London.  The transformation took a toll on him as he lost his memory of Neverland.  All he knew on the fateful day he saw Wendy was that he loved her from that moment on.  True, he still had his charm, his wit and his precocious character, but he was, in many ways, wiser.  He lived with a wealthy old gentleman who found him wandering on the streets a year before.  Mr. Sullivan became rather fond of the young man and left him everything when he died.

Peter learned about love and to love and agreed that it is truly the most delightful thing.  He and his Wendy married young.  Pretty soon, they had a daughter named Jane, a mischievous child who had her mother's beauty and penchant for storytelling.  She was followed by twins, Edward and Edmond, who took very much after their father.  Each night, their home would be filled with laughter, love, and stories from Neverland.  On some nights, Peter would feel a gentle tugging of memory; on others, he would feel a slight pang.  But at the end of the day, he felt like the happiest man on earth, and if ever he did recall his past, he never regretted his decision.

Some say that when Wendy and Peter reached a certain age in their life, Tinkerbell came back, sprinkled them with fairy dust, returned their youth and brought them back to their beloved Neverland.  A few would even swear that they had glimpses of the happy youths laughing, flying and dancing in the starry skies at night.  A more plausible story, perhaps, would be that they lived to a ripe old age and passed away, just like everyone else.  No one knows for sure, except that in time, Peter and Wendy faded into memory.

Now our story does not end there, for there were always children falling out of their carriages, unclaimed and brought to Neverland.  It was said that Jane and her brothers also had their share of time in Neverland when another strapping young lad who can fly entered their nursery and stole them away to the night.  Wendy and Peter were initially saddened, but they understood.  Eventually, Jane and her brothers did return, bringing back with them newer tales of adventure. 

In a way, Peter Pan never did grow up.  He remains as he was—the enchanting boy who can fly.  For generations and generations yet to come, their story will be handed down to a newer set of dreamers and adventurers.  Then they in turn would tell their story to their own children—for all children do grow up sooner or later—and the magic of Neverland goes on, so long as there are always children who dream and play and believe…

And they all lived happily ever after

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