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Default Chapter

The night was ever dark and cold. But to the eyes of a Death Eater, every day is night and every night is a living hell. Especially to those who are forced to be one. With no choice or freedom they become what they are not supposed to be. After all, who pays for the consequences of this nightmare? Children.

Deep in the heart of the magic kingdom lies the hiding ground of the outcasts. Death Eaters. What comes into your mind when you hear this title? Killers? Lunatics perhaps? But did you ever consider them as misunderstood? Or in need of help? You have no idea about how it feels to be born as an outcast, a killer and an enemy. But above all that, you don't know the extreme pain these children feel to be born as a Death Eater. Their names rejected since the day they were born, trained to be strong by exposing them to the horror of truth that are even too painful for a child to carry.

Serene sat on the ice cold floor, staring at the broken glass window singing a song of an ocean of emotions swirling inside her. Pain. Sorrow. Fear. Longing. Desires. And Hope. Her voice soft and tranquil, but none of these could be heard since the room was filled with screams of pain.



Serene struggled to keep a straight face despite the terrible tension surrounding the room. Ironically, this was done EVERYDAY. And it still bothers her so, at least now she can hide the fear unlike before. This was a daily routine for them. To strengthen their endurance, each Death Eater should be blasted with the Cruciatus or Imperius curse. It was to add more valiance, but mostly for Him to show who the boss is. At least this abuse should be done to adults. But no, not just for adults, but also for children. In fact, especially children. This is just a glimpse of what it feels like to be a born Death Eater.

Serene hummed a tune as she closed her eyes, trying to erase the picture of her friend, Beatrix Lestrange, forcing herself not to scream by biting her lip hard until her lips bled. After what seemed like forever......


Her name was called as she slowly got up. It was her turn. She turned around to find Beatrix curling on the floor with blood evident from her lip, Raccus sitting in the far corner still recovering from the pain, Avalos lying down on the floor and Gazelle sitting on another corner trying not to cry.

Serene slowly walked to the center of the room. In front of her were three people, infamously known as their torturers. On the right side was a tall pale woman with long dark hair named Bellatrix Lestrange, the mother of Beatrix and Raccus. On the left side was a tall man with heavy lidded eyes named Rabastan. And on the middle was He-Who-Must-Not-be-Named-Again himself. All of them wearing black cloaks which made them look like real torturers.

Every step she took echoed around the old stone room. Her friends watching her blanky, but deep down they were frightened. Frightened for her and for themselves. After her last step, she stood still, her heart pounding hard, her head screaming orders to run away. But she knew the consequence if ever she backed out.

She looked at the Dark Lord with her deep, transcendent blue eyes and he stared back at her with his cold ones. She was quite a charming girl, who wouldn't want to look at her? But unfortunately the cruelty of this castle has taken away most of them. She didn't take her eyes away from Him and neither did he. Before she could even prepare for her turn..........


Her body felt weak and the pain took over her.

"Ouch!" Serene flinched as she sat down on the muddy earth. Avalos, Beatrix, Raccus and Gazelle were with her sitting on a circle around the warm fire. Each of them looked terrible. All five of them would come outside after their tests and would sit near the edge of a cliff with a river ahead for a view.

They sat without uttering a word for a moment before Avalos spoke, "A bit chilly today isn't it?" that was all he could talk about. They all nodded in agreement, Beatrix was licking her lips to heal her bite marks, Raccus pulled out a scrap of cloth to help her twin sister with her wound. Gazelle was now crying, although she would quickly wipe her tears away and Serene was clutching her stomach as she breathed heavily.

"I had a really cool dream last night" Gazelle said, her voice shaking. Everyone turned to look at her and listened. "I had a dream that we were all together living in some magic school just like other kids. We didn't care about this life, all we ever cared about was studying and finding a play time" There was a small smile on Gazelle face as she recalled her dream. Often times they were only free during their sleep when their minds would wonder around a non existent world. But this world was their only source of hope. The only thing that tells them to keep going on. "At least you had a good dream. Mine wasn't really what I'd want to remember" Raccus said as he threw in another stick in the fire. Sometimes the dream world would be on their side, sometimes it wasn't fair and sometimes it could give them a new road to their lives.

Serene watched the fire dancing with their warmth. She could still feel the pain swirling in her body. She looked up at the cloud-filled sky. For as long as she could remember, she had never seen a single star or even the moon whenever she would look up the sky. Was this how their lives are going to be? Not a single light in their darkness? Not a single ray of hope in their life? She looked at her friends who were all looking as depressed as her.

They are too young to know this much pain. Was there no one from above to answer their prayer? What must it be like to be normal teenagers? This question was always present in their minds. But let's face it, they'll never be normal. What could be beyond the wide river that separates them from the world? Could it be as cruel as this place? Or could it be paradise?

Their thoughts were interrupted when Peter Pettigrew came out of the castle and stood by them. They all looked at the chubby little man, expecting to have another cruel test or order. But luckily....no. "Serene?" he called.


"His Lordship would like to speak with you"

They all looked at her with worry. What could he want? Is he going to kill her like what he did to some of their other fellow Death Eaters? "Come!" Peter motioned as he ordered Serene to follow. She stood up and walked back in with him. But before she entered, she looked back at her friends with fear and they too looked back the same way. For all she knows, this could be the last time she'll see or be with them.

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