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Nikiski, like any other brown bear cub, left his mother with his two-year-older-brother Siraki when he was turning three. For the first year it had been wonderful. The two brothers played together, ate together, and slept together. They were happy together until the day Nikiski turned four.

Chapter 1: Birthday Wishes

Today was a big day for Nikiski. Finally he could be called an adult bear as he turned four today! He woke up early as usual, bugging his older brother like he always did.

"Siraki!" Nikiski called his brother.

"Hm..." Siraki turned to the other side, facing the cave wall.

"C'om, Siraki!"

Siraki lazily rolled over.

"Siraki, you gotta listen to me from today onwards. I'm an adult bear!"

Siraki opened his eyes, then closed them again, "aaw, you're still my little brother, Nikiski."

Nikiski pulled a face, and roared.

"Okay okay, Nikiski, I'm up I'm up. Don't try to wake ALL the bears around this area up," Siraki finally gets up.

"Yay! You know Siraki, I'm turning four today!"

"Yeah, I know I know. Look at you! You're an adult and still you act like you're... two!"

"Yea, so?"

"Act like an adult!"

"You mean... like this?" Nikiski jumped onto Siraki's back, knocking him onto the ground.

"Ouch! Nikiski, you are getting too heavy for that!"

Nikiski jumped off. "All right all right, can we please go eat? I'm hungry!"

"OK. OK! Relax!" Siraki said as he was standing up and stretching his massive body.

The two bears continued their way down to the river.

"So Nikiski, any birthday wishes?" Siraki asked.

"Uum... I don't need any birthday wishes."


"'Cause I have YOU!" Nikiski walked over and rubbed against his brother.

"Well, you only get one wish a year, so pick yours quickly."

"Hm, OK then... I want to be with you!"

Siraki smiled, and gave Nikiski a hug, and after that, a nudge.

"Heh, you are with me already!"

"Then, I want to be with you forever!"

The two bears chuckled, and they continue their way down to the river. The weather was great. The sun was shining down, with a gentle breeze that moved the leaves and made a sound. It seemed that it was Nikiski's best birthday ever, but, it all changed afterwards.

The brothers got to the river. There were quite a few bears around, all knowing it was Nikiski's birthday.

"Happy birthday, Nikiski," a male black bear congratulated.

"Wow, you're an adult now, enjoy your birthday," a female grizzly bear said.

Nikiski, showed his usual smile, thanked the bears. After that Nikiski got into the river with his brother.

"Remember what I told you about catching salmon in the morning?" Siraki asked.

"Yes, of course. Find them in shallow water!" Nikiski said.

"OK, then you're off on your own then."


"You're an adult now, Nikiski. I can't help you anymore. You'll have to catch the fish yourself."

"Fine," Nikiski said as he walked towards the shallow water. He put his paws underwater, spotted a fish, lifted it up into the air and caught it with his mouth. Nothing was better than a juicy fish in the morning!

Siraki watched as Nikiski was catching fish. He thought that he'd give his present to his little brother when they get back to their den.

After eating breakfast, Nikiski walked to where Siraki was, and sat beside his older brother.

"What are we going to do today?" Nikiski asked Siraki.

"You'll see."

"Oow, c'mon, tell me."

"Nope," Siraki smiles as he said.


"Not working, brother," Siraki gave his brother a look.

Nikiski saw that it didn't work, he figured that he would know later anyways, so he stopped bugging his older brother.

"Let's head back home. I have something to show you," Siraki said as he stood up and prepared to walk back.

"Okay!" Nikiski replied as he pad over to where his brother was. The two brothers started their walk back to their home.

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