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Summary: Danny is going through some problems with his powers. Phasing whenever a certain someone is mentioned. Could this lead to hidden feelings between the two? DannySam

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Reasons for a malfunction

Danny P.O.V.

"Ugh" I groaned sitting up in my bed. It'd been a long night. A long night with barely any rest. I shot the clock an angry look. Four hours of sleep was not enough when my body was dead. Along with a legion of three ghosts last night there was also my father jumping around "smelling" ghosts as he said.

How did I end up with such a weird family?

At least I have Sam and Tucker, I though to myself. I ran a hand through my midnight black hair pulling out a piece to look at it. Except it wasn't black at all.

Wait a sec, white??

I jumped up and stared hard into the mirror. Surely this isn't happening, I groaned again. I was still having problems with my powers. After this entire ghost fighting-hero thing. Somehow in the night I had transformed back into Danny Phantom. My green eyes glowed back at me.

I concentrated and managed to turn myself back to human. Too weird, but at least I could turn back. Not like last night. Awkwardly last night after defeating the ghosts I couldn't get back to my human self. I denoted not to tell Sam or Tucker and went home giving some lame excuse.

Although I didn't think Sam bought it. She's too clever.

And a whole lot of other things.

My hand phased through the mirror I had been leaning on. Wow, Danny, pull yourself together. School today and I don't really need anymore dropping my pants cases.

After my morning rituals, including a little block of phasing in the kitchen I was out the door. Jazz was explaining the importance of self-dedication and telling me I should go to the dance. She just kept up telling me about her theories on the developing brain.

Funny, I didn't even know anything about a dance. I knew what Sam would say when she heard about it, "just another opportunity to point out the overall status of the popular and denote individuality." It was that time my arm phased out. Smiling at Jazz I ran out to catch the bus.

I tapped my hand patiently waiting for Sam to get on. She was two stops after mine. Tucker lived a little too far over to have our bus. Finally the Goth girl, burling and moody stepped onto the bus. Sam sat down beside me giving a small smile.

"How ya doin after last night?" She asked, looking me in the eye. I suddenly felt a little nauseated but kept the feeling down.

"Four hours is not enough for school," I slid my eyes shut a second.

"Hey, I did the homework, so just this once I'll let you copy. But just this once you hear?" Her voice had turned spicy in a warning tone.

"Thanks," I smiled unsubconcously and licked my lips.

"Uh if your tired sleep a little, we have 15 minutes until school." She poked at me.

With that I was out, I felt myself slide over placing my weight on Sam. I felt a little tingle as Sam's dark hair gently caressed my cheek. I ignored it as sleep permitted, I was just too comfy.

"Danny, Danny," I felt someone prod me importantly. It was Sam, hissing at me urgently. I peered my eyes open. We were at the school, still on the bus.

"Wha?" I groggily spit out. Sam pointed down at my body. Or where my body should have been.

Somehow I had phased out, this time my whole body had vanished.

"Hurry change back, no ones looking."

I concentrated and got my body to reappear. Letting out the breath I didn't know I was holding Sam and me stood up. Gathering our stuff we headed off the bus toward our first class in Casper High. Luckily no one had seen anything on the bus.

"Yo!" It was Tucker who came dashing up.

"Hey Tuck," I greeted smacking his hand.

"Man you look like death," Tucker brilliantly pointed out.

"Well duh, he's already fallen asleep and phased out today," Sam explained, she'd gone monotone again. "Which, Danny, why did you phase out, I mean Paulina doesn't ride our bus." Her amethyst eyes had turned in my direction.

I felt hazy, and that unexpected tingle in my foot. I quickly shifted feet hiding my foot I knew had just disappeared. "I don't know, probably just some sudden lapse." I shrugged it off heading into the school. Leaving confused friends behind me.

I had to get out of Sam's gaze. Her vivid deep purple eyes were too alluring.

Just as she is.

I felt the tingle again. This was not good.

Come on Danny, think, think Dash.

The tingling ceased. Leave it to the memory of Dash to set me back in my skin again.

I grabbed my books out of my locker and headed into first period. Who cares that my friends were in there as well. At least I could concentrate on keeping my powers in check in history. Nothing better to do.

Plus I wasn't eager to see Dash, not this morning.

Too bad I wasn't fast enough.

"Yo Danny, where's your girlfriend?" It was Dash and his posse, early.

"She's not my girlfriend," I hissed looking for a way to escape.

"Yea? Then why ya blushing freak?" And somehow, Dash was right.

Dash… was…right?!

I smiled sheepishly and ran. I heard the group start laughing. Paulina's high giggly noise was apparent over the others.

How can I like her?

I bumbled into history sitting in the back beside Tuck.

"I'm guessin that nervousness and blush means you've seen Paulina this morning?" Tuck stabbed at it giving me a sly smile.

"Yea, I've seen her, but ugh, I can't stand her anymore,"

"Wow you serious?" Tuck looked shocked.

"Defiantly, I'm over her."

"Over who?" Sam asked, plopping down in the seat behind me.

"Get this," Tucker turned to explain to Sam. "Danny says he's over Paulina."

"Well good, he needs to be an individual and shouldn't like a girl just because she is popular or pretty, not to mention that girl is very self-centered and annoying."

Tuck snickered and Sam shot him a death glare. I had turned back around trying to ignore the two that had started bickering.

I felt Sam's hand rest on my shoulder. Oh great, why does she have to have such a soft touch? My arm phased out as I hid it under the desk. "It was a good decision Danny, I'm glad your over her."

With that the bell ran and she removed her arm. The teacher strolled in and started our boring class lecture.

"Classes drag more than usual," Sam announced at our lunch table picking at her cabbage.

"Uh Danny?" Tuck poked at my side, I had been slowly dozing off. "You might want to be awake, Dash and groupies approaching."

My head shot up in attention. Dash would probably comment about earlier, and this time Sam was right across the table from me. There wasn't much you could hide from her.

"Guys I just remembered I have to go see a teacher, we'll work on homework at Danny's after school, bye." Sam strangely looked like she was at a rush to get away. She never forgot anything either. She looked just as panicked at Dash coming over as me.

"Hey freaks, what happened to Ms. Goth?" Dash smirked pointing to the empty seat.

"Go away," I shot back.

"Ouch, Danny here's a little sensitive his girlfriend left, awww."

"She is not my girlfriend!" I stood up yelling at him. Dash just raised an eyebrow.

"We'll see," He gave a cruel smile. That pretty much looked like foreshadowing. "How about this, you ask your girlfriend to the dance next week and I won't beat you up for two weeks."

I swallowed hard, my face already paling. Dash and his crew just laughed as he stalked away. I sat back down.

"Your dead," Tuck replied.

"How do you figure?" I asked sarcastically, except sarcasm is wasted on Tucker.

"Well, either Dash will kill you, or Sam will kill you."

I groaned putting my head back onto the table. Various limbs were disappearing under the table. How could I be at a dance, touching Sam, when I couldn't even think about her without phasing out.

"Tucker, I have something important to discuss with you," I usually didn't confide in him about serious things. Maybe that's why he shot up looking intensely at me.

"Yea what's up Danny?"

"Uh you want to skip next period to talk, because it's real personal."

"Sure, it's only gym,"

With that we grabbed our bags and headed outside walking a little ways from the school. There was a small playground there.

I sat down on a swing and Tucker sat next to me.

"So what's this all about?" He asked after a moment of silence.

"First, I need you to promise that you won't tell anyone, especially Sam."

"Um-ok but I don't-"


"Yea man, I promise, I got your back." Tuck smiled.

"Well recently my ghost powers have been going a little haywire. It started yesterday. I woke up this morning as Danny Phantom instead of Danny Fenton. I have a guess at what might be the cause but I'm not sure," Think Dash, keep thinking Dash, think ghost, just don't think Sa-

My legs phased out and I fell threw the swing. I landed hard on the ground.

"Oww," I groaned picking myself up.

"Danny you should have told us if it was this serious,"

"But that's the problem," I growled sitting back onto the swing carefully. We heard the bell ring off in the distance but neither of us made a move to leave.

"What's making you loose your control on your powers?"

"Well," I scratched my head. I tightened my grip on the swing, just in case. "I think its Sam."

On key my arms became invisible and I fell backwards. Tuck found this amusing and decided to start laughing.

"Tuck not funny!" I shouted brushing off the mulch when I regained my arms.

"Of course it is! I mean look if you get this way at the mention of her name, how are you going to deal asking her to a dance?" He found this amusing beyond anything and fell onto the ground howling.

"You're not helping," I growled.

"Ok, ok, just a few tests to see if that actually is what's going on."

"Fine," I mumbled still sitting on the ground.

"We'll start with an easy one, what do you have to think about to get back under control?"


"Makes sense," Tuck pulled out his Palm Pilot and started taking notes.

"Now visualize what I say ok?" I nodded my head and closed my eyes. "Think about Sam in Vlad's arms about to be crushed to her death."

I felt a tingle through my body, and I opened my eyes. I was Danny Phantom.

"Uh huh," Tuck mumbled, crazily writing on the device. "Change back and we'll try another visual." I groaned and regained my black hair and blue eyes.

"Visualize Sam dressed in that black dress of hers," I felt my face heat up and I heard Tuck start to laugh. "Man your invisible."

True enough, I concentrated and changed back. This wasn't heading anywhere good.

"Bad news, you've defiantly got something for her man." Tuck came over to pat me on the back.

"That's just great," I yelled out angrily. I was pacing.

"Look you need some time, go home, I'll tell your teachers you got sick. We'll meet you for homework later."

"Uh ok, thanks Tuck. Your not such a bad person to talk stuff out with,"

"No prob, hey what do you mean?" Tuck had caught on after as moment. I chuckled.

"Well I just guessed you'd be as good at this kind of stuff as you are with the thermos," I smiled slyly.

"Oh ha ha Danny, I'll see you and your sarcasm later," Tuck started back toward the school.

"Remember Tuck,"

"Yea yea, no word to your girlfriend," Tuck ran off laughing before I could tackle him down.

With a Cheshire smile on my face I headed home. At least something interesting was happening.

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