Note: this fic is the fourth in a series I am writing about Willow and Faith. I have included a

summary for those who have not been following the story line. This particular summary may not

be as detailed because it is a two-part episode.

Previously on GuitarGrrrl's version of Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Buffy and Angel talking at the Bronze: "Spike.... His soul's a little different than yours Angel...He

fought for it. He earned it back. You, were cursed with your soul." "What—How do you know

for sure? I mean- what about the Shanshu?" "Maybe it wasn't meant for you."

Cut to the Summers' kitchen: Dawn: "It says it right here Buff, in black and white, 'In his 150th

year, the champion, a vampire with a soul, will carry a great weight upon him...."

Cut to:

Willow and Faith just got finished a picnic. They're on their way home, in Xander's car. "You're

not real." Willow said through clenched teeth. "Leave us alone." Faith said sternly. The camera

finally lets us see who's sitting there in the back seat. It's The First. This time it has taken the

form of Tara. "I don't see why I should leave I mean- I'm all you think about baby."

Cut to Summers' residence. Willow and Faith pulled up. Spike and Buffy are of the porch.

Faith: "You guys ok?" Spike: "Yeah- she's just a bit spooked." Faith: "What happened?" Spike:

"The First. Appeared as her mother." Faith: "Same thing happened to us, appeared as Tara.

Willow fell asleep crying. I'm worried about her."

Morning: Faith talking to Dawn in the hallway. "Willow had terrible dreams last night. I heard

her talking in her sleep. I tried to wake her, but I couldn't. Then she started crying." "What was

she saying?" "I dunno Dawnie. It was hard to understand her." Faith flicked the butt of her

cigarette into the grass. "I think Buffy had nightmares last night too." "What makes you say

that?" "I dunno. Since I became a slayer, I've been kinda connected to Buffy somehow, like a

slayer intuition or something. I can feel when something's wrong with her."

Cut to: Buffy and Spike in the basement. "Got somethin' for you." "Is it a stake?" Buffy walked

over to Spike and held out her hand.

Spike looked down to see Buffy holding the ugliest, gaudiest necklace he'd ever seen. "Thanks,

luv. Steal it from King Tut's grave?" "Angel gave it to me. Says it's supposed to be worn at the

final battle. By a's you Spike." Buffy leaned down and kissed Spike gently on the


Cut to: Willow's room. Faith: "What'd you get at the mall?" Willow kissed Faith's lips hungrily,

but Faith pushed her away. "Will you answer my question?" Willow nodded yes. "I want you."

She whispered in the slayer's ear. Faith kissed Willow softly on the lips. Willow deepened the

kiss, her tongue begging for more. "Red, stop." Faith looked at the woman sitting on top of her.

"This is, hot, YOU are hot, but I gotta tell ya Red, it's not time."

"Willow wait—"

Willow slammed the bathroom door and rested her back against it. She slid her body down the

door until her butt hit the floor. A few more tears fell. "Willow, Will don't do this..."

Faith is sitting on the floor, one hand banging gently on the door. "Willow...Red... open up!"

Tears begin to fall. "I love you..." Faith whispered to herself.


The Summers' backyard. Faith is training with the potentials. She's setting up some dummies

and targets for them to practice. Kennedy is setting up her crossbow and Faith is standing, arms

folded, watching.

"You don't have to baby-sit me. I know what I'm doing."

"I wasn't- I mean—whatever." Faith turned to walk away.

"What the hell's wrong with you? Red won't let you get down and dirty."

Faith stopped in her tracks. Without turning around she said, "You have no right to talk about

her that way."

"I'm just sayin'—I'd've had her in the sack by now."

Faith turned around and pushed Kennedy to the ground. Kennedy landed on her ass.

"What the hell?" She whined.

Faith pushed Kennedy all the way to the ground so that she was laying flat on her back. Faith

put her foot on Kennedy's stomach and bent down so no one else could hear her.

"You're just jealous because she doesn't want you. What we do behind closed doors is

nobody's business, but hers, and mine."

"You making her cry is my business, I care about her." Kennedy gasped.

"She doesn't care about you. Just leave her alone."

"Or what? You'll kill me?" Kennedy smirked, proud of herself for hurting Faith.

Faith took her foot off of Kennedy's stomach, and trudged off to the back stoop. She lit up a

cigarette and went back to watching the potentials train. Buffy stepped out onto the porch.

"Faith- Willow didn't give you her present...?"

"Let's not talk about it." Faith said as she blew smoke out of her lips.

"You turned her down?"

"How does everyone know about this?" Faith stood and turned to look at Buffy.

"What are you talking about?"

"Brat just came down on me hardcore for making Red upset and now you're gonna yell—save

it, B. I've heard it. It's between me and Red, not everyone else."

A single tear rolled down Faith's cheek. She walked into the house, slamming the door behind


Buffy is standing with her hands at her sides. She'll deal with Faith later.

"I need everyone to listen hard." All the young women in the backyard stopped what they were

doing and turned to look at Buffy.

Buffy V.O.

"We've pretty much left you all in the dark about this upcoming battle,"

Cut to: Giles and Dawn in the living room discussing a book.

"we've been planning, preparing, you've been training."

Cut to: Willow brushing her hair, looking in the mirror. She has tears in her eyes.

"We've all been preparing for something, and even though we don't know what it is for sure,"

Cut to: the kitchen where Andrew and Xander are browsing through their comic books, smiling, laughing.

"we've come up with a plan of action. In a few days it'll be time to fight."

Cut to: a shot of the potentials, not really listening to Buffy.

"Some of you may die in this battle."

Cut to: Spike in the basement, losing a battle with a punching bag.

"Some will come out bruised and broken,"

Cut to: Faith walking out of the kitchen and into the hallway just as Willow is walking down the stairs.

"but we have to stick together."

Willow, wearing Tara's leather jacket,

"Stick it out, together. Put aside your differences,"

sped past Faith and slammed the door with a majick flick of the wrist.

"and fight, together."