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A/N - Yeah, noogies. Definition: A painful sensation caused by the rubbing of knuckle, fist, or hand to ones head. Generally causing hair displacement and mild cursing.


Noogies and Other Business

"Oh yes it was" snapped a fifth year Gryffindor with messy black hair and hazel eyes.

"It wasn't!" retorted another boy, with sandy brown hair, pale skin and grey eyes.

"You have to admit though, it was pretty spectacular" mused a fifteen-year old with brown hair.

The last and smallest of the party nodded vigorously. "It was brilliant James."

James Potter stood up and looked down at the other Marauders, who were lying on the lush grass by the lake, their heads touching, staring up at the clear blue sky. Sirius had one knee raised and was looking at James with a bemused expression.

The Gryffindor seeker bowed, exaggerating outrageously. Sirius cracked up and howled with laughter, Peter tittered nervously and Remus just sighed and rolled his eyes. "Alright, alright" he gave in, "it was good, but it was still dangerous."

James grinned wolfishly and lay back down, the top of his head touching Remus's.

"Of course Moony, the Wronski Feint is always dangerous."

Remus groaned and kicked his heels back, head butting James.

"Hey!" James complained, flipping onto his stomach and grabbing Remus pinning him to the ground. Amid shrieks of protest he administered a merciless noogie.

"James! No! No James gerrof!" The sandy haired boy squirmed on the grass and wriggled out of James's reach where he stood up and flattened his hair self-consciously. James, Sirius and Peter laughed and Sirius spoke up, "You need to get a sense of humour Moony" he told him.

"Maybe so" replied Remus. He turned to James, "Detention" he said, his face perfectly straight.

James sat up looking like he'd been punched. "What?" he whispered, "What for?"

"For insulting and bullying a prefect" came the answer.

There was a stunned silence, while all three of them stared at the Gryffindor prefect. A slow smile crept over Remus's face, "A sense of humour. Remember?"