The Mutants go to Ottawa (Working Title)

Chapter 1

The air of the space station was filled with tension. The 14 people who filled it sat in silent contemplation as they watched people they knew, and were even friends with be prosecuted, ridiculed and abused. Finally, after a long period of stillness, Mia Rainy spoke.

"Well, that just sucks! I don't see how they can prosecute them. I mean by doing that, they're ten times worse."

"Isn't there anything that can be done?" Asked a timid voice from a corner. All eyes turned to Abby.

All eyes then turned to Sanina, who quietly whispered, "The only way we can save our friends is if we some how are able to get asylum for them. Unfortunately, not many countries look to kindly upon mutants and will probably turn them away. We a lucky that Canada is not one of those types of countries."

"Is there any way that the could get sanctuary here?" The question came from a John, who looked extremely upset.

"Do you mean IN the space station?" asked Trent.

"No, you dodo, in Canada." John said, now looking slightly annoyed, but in happier spirits.

"That may be possible, however tremendously unlikely," Sanina answered, taking her usual matter-of-factual stance.

"Not if you know how to ask right!"

"Chandra, we are not going to get crazy now are we?" Sanina inquired. The question was useless though as she already knew the answer.

"No, of course not! Why would we get crazy?" Came the voice of Daniela.

"WE ARE NOT GOING TO MURDER ANYONE! AT ALL!" Boomed the voice of Greg.

"Why murder someone, when we can hold many more hostage." By that time, everyone had figured out Chandra and Daniela's plan.

"Okay, anyone have a slightly more normal plan?" John questioned. Every one looked around. No one spoke.

"Okay, all in favor of Chandra and Daniela's demonic little plan," with that eight hands raised.

"Well, then I guess we better get packing, if we're going to go hold the Canadian Parliament hostage," Sanina sighed, head buried in here gloved hands.

Chandra and Daniela, along with Abby, Arya, Joseph, Lyn, Trent, Sammy, and William cheered. One of them yelled the words that the others dreaded most.


End of Chapter 1