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Hiya, I'm sorry if I haven't updated my stories in ages, I'm writing a new chapter for just put on your dancin shoes at the moment! Any who I decided to stop writing mean girls and make a new story based on the mean, bitchy antics of Regina and co! But this time I'm not doing the film word for word (cos that's just plain hard!)

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Prologue: A day in the life of the plastics!

# Authors P.o.v #

It was just another typical first day back at Juuban High School! The nerds were discussing how fascinating their holiday homework had been, the bunkers had been discussing summer school, the cheerleaders were showing off bending in every possible way and the freshmen were panicking, and fretting about getting lost!

But there's one group I haven't yet mentioned! The plastics!!

In other words, Raye Hino the group leader; tall, slim, gorgeous black hair, beautiful face, RICH! Everything any girl would die for! And then there was Lita who took over if Raye was absent! She was very tall, had a great figure and was very, very pretty, almost as lucky as Raye! Gossip Queen Mina Aino was the third member of 'the plastics'! With her silky, sun kissed blonde hair, natural tan and amazing figure, she new everything, to do with everyone who was anyone in the social chain at Juuban High! And last but not least, Amy Anderson! Medium height, gorgeous hair, great connections i.e. Raye! And lets just say she's more than just a pretty face, Amy happened to be the smartest girl in school! Her nickname; babe with brains!!

Together, these four gorgeous girlies made the plastics, otherwise known as the richest, most beautiful and coolest girls in school, any other person who was not a member of the group and was seen being talked to by them, was remembered forever!!!

So you could pretty much guess the impact these girls had on the school, if you can't lets just say it's BIG! The teachers like them because they're angels in class (without being nerds), the boys like them because they're so beautiful, and I've already mentioned why all the girls look up to them! Because they live dream lives, every one of them is perfect in every way!!

But today was no different from every other day at Juuban High! Raye and the gang walked in through the doors and everyone noticed! With their designer clothes, amazingly styled hair, and perfectly done make up they were hard to miss!

Everyone pretended to carry on with what they were doing, but naturally they found it hard not to stare at the angels, who were of course used to it and loved every minute!

The plastics walked up to their lockers, which were all next to each other, and opened them at exactly the same time (which most people found really amazing and spooky!) Raye got out her mirror and started checking her hair and make up! Lita also did the same thing and told Raye she looked perfect (as usual)! Mina got out her cell phone, which was beeping continuously with messages, being the Gossip Queen she is! And finally Amy got out her books and began looking at some algebra theories, which had now become the most studied things at Juuban High!!

Hundreds of eager fans of the plastics paced the area around the lockers just to get a closer look! But then the bell rang, and everyone's attention was turned towards getting to lessons, which gave Mina, Raye, Amy and Lita some time to relax!

"Oh my god, doesn't that get annoying to you bitches?" Asked Raye, the girls were used to remarks like this from each other!

"Well, duh! Of course it does, but hey we can't help being beautiful!" Replied Lita.

"Exactly! And hey, at least we don't have to worry about people hating us right?!" Said Mina.

"But Mina, lots of people do hate us!" Answered Amy.

"WHAT?" Screamed Mina, "since when has anyone hated me?"

"Not just you Mina, us! People hate us because we're so perfect and they get jealous! And that leads to hate! But we can't help being perfect, so it's not our fault!" Said Raye casually!

"Couldn't of put it better myself!" Replied Lita, as she checked her make up, once again!

"Lita, Raye, you guys are gonna break those mirrors soon, you use em' so much!" Laughed Amy.

"Yeah she's right!" Mina Giggled.

"Shut up you fugly sluts, I can do what I want, and besides, Darien's in my first class!" Smirked Raye!

"Oooohhh!" Replied the other three, "Why didn't you tell us?"

"Simple, I forgot, sorry but I was too busy concentrating on getting him back!" Replied Raye.

"But Raye, you were the one that dumped him, you told him he was boring!" Said Mina.

"I know, but that was a HUGE mistake!" Answered Raye.

"Yeh, it was you two go so well together!" Said Lita, "well, we'd better go to class I'll meet you whores back here at break! Oh, and Mina I'll see you in Algebra second period!" She said, as she waved good-bye and headed towards her cookery class!

"She's right, I'll see you lot later!" Raye slammed her locker door shut and walked towards her next lesson, and with a wave, Mina and Amy did the same!

The whole day went smoothly for the four girls! Raye did some serious flirting with Darien (her ex if you haven't already guessed, he's tall, handsome, sexy and gorgeous and had a great personality, and a killer smile! Every straight girl in the school fancied him!) Lita, made the most delicious cake in cookery class! Mina found out some of the juiciest gossip in her Drama class! And Amy got 100% on her test (again)!!

This was how every day of their lives went, perfectly!

Raye, Mina, Lita and Amy decided to go shopping after school (it was a part of their daily routine!) On the way into USC (a shop) however Raye noticed something!

"Who the hell is she?" Being a local and recognising practically everyone in the mall due to it being a small town, Raye knew when there were new people!

Standing in front of them was a small girl of about their age! She had gigantic baby blue eyes, and golden blonde hair put up in the strangest style, looked like a pair of meatballs and spaghetti coming out the side!

"Hhhmm, interesting I've never seen her before, I think we should go introduce ourselves!" Said Raye as they walked over to where the girl was standing...

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