Originally Posted 4/21/06

Theme: Fireworks

Group: Count: 200


Her eyes shut she raised her lips for his kiss, excited and nervous. Their first kiss after so long a wait; now they stood by the well, and she was in his arms. His lips were on hers, tender and gentle. She waited, waited for the fireworks that every movie, and novel said would happen to happen. Nothing, not even a sparkler flickered in her mind. He lifted his head, a goofy smile on his lips. She smiled, assured his masculine pride that it was marvelous, and then leapt down the well.

Safely in her room, she cried for the lack of the fabled light show. Did it mean she didn't love him? No, that she was sure she did. Why hadn't she felt the electric tingle, seen the fireworks behind her eyelids. The romance novels from her nightstand were tossed in the trash. They were just filled with lies. There were no tingles at his touch, fireworks in his kiss.

He was waiting for her when she returned and took her in his arms. Resigned to never experiencing them, she allowed his lips to move against hers. Then it happened… in vibrant neon electric fireworks exploded. They were real.