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---------------------------------------------------"I'll Keep Waiting" By S- Club 7 (Part II)---------------------------------------------------

--Three years after the last chapter-- (Ash's POV)

"May, it's all my fault. Please come back to my side, I'll keep waiting until you come back." I called again. It had been six years since we broke up and I am still waiting for her under 'our' tree. Why was I stupid enough to trust Misty? If I haven't, I wouldn't be like this.


All this love's too much to understand

Must be part of a master plan

But I wish that it was just that easy 'Cause I miss the way you touch and tease me


(May's Side, her POV)

"May!" Mrs. Maple called.

"Yes, mom?" I answered.

"You have to clean your room before you do anything else today!"

"Ugh, why?"

"It's too messy, you already put it off for a week now!"


I went into her messy room and started putting my things away, sorting the laundry from the books and other miscellaneous items.

An exhausting half an hour later, I had finished cleaning up everything except my desk; it was the worst of them all. Once again, I started putting the books onto my bookshelf, the clothes into the laundry basket, and other objects away.

During the clean up, I came across a piece of jewelry. I held it up, trying to remember why it looked so familiar. It looked like an ordinary necklace; a silver chain with a charm on it. I turned the charm around. It had something engraved on the back of it. It said: 'Ash and May' in a heart with an arrow striking across it. Our necklace...


Damn it girl why can't you see

It's not over for you and me

One day you'll see that you were wrong

Then you will realize it was true love all along


I starred at 'our necklace'. Starring at it some more made me remember good times we had. That was the past, this is the future, he's with Misty now, he should be happy, making a fool out of me. Then, I remembered the time of us buying the necklace; a bracelet came along with it too. I stopped starring at the necklace and started to search for the bracelet.

After minutes of searching, I stopped. Ash had mailed it to me three years ago; it was still in the envelope. I remembered that when I received it, I opened it but as soon as I saw the bracelet, I closed it, I was still mad at him.

Gingerly, I took the envelope and reached for the matching bracelet. As I took it out, a note slipped out of it. It said:

'Dear May,

I know that you are probably still mad at me. I've sent you the bracelet to remind you of how happy we once were. I will love you forever and ever; I will be waiting at the tree we first kissed until you come. Please come and hear me out!

Love, Ash'

"Ash..." I quickly grabbed the necklace and bracelet, put it into my pocket and ran to our tree.


Dry these tears of rain

Dry these tears of rain

Say you'll show me love again


(At the park, May's POV)

"Ash..." I said. He was still sitting under the tree keeping his promise.

The black haired boy turned around, he thought that he heard someone call his name. To his surprise, he saw his angel, still looking like the last time he saw her.

"May!" He ran up to her as she waited with the wind playing with her hair.

"May! You finally came? Are you not mad at me anymore? Do you realize that you still love me?" He blurted out. He had a million things to say to her, not knowing where to start.

"No, I'm still mad at you." I answered coldly

"May..." He said.

"Explain." I ordered.

He sighed, "Okay, well..."


I'll keep waiting till that day when

You come back on home to me

Life's too short to live without you

Where you are is where I wanna be


Ash had almost finished his side of the story, he had explained to May that Misty was his old girlfriend when he traveled through Jhoto, but he broke up with her so she left. Then, he also admitted that he had cheated on me.

"You cheated on me!" I yelled, "I trusted you, and you cheated on me!"

"I-I did, I'm sorry, but that was the first time you caught me, the second time, Mis-," He explained.

"You admitted it! You cheated on me!" I burst into tears and ran away not bothering to listen to him anymore.

"No, the second time, Misty forced that kiss!" He called after me.


What can I say to change your mind

Thinkin' about you all of the time

Don't keep me holding on

Come back to where you belong


"Wait, May!" The boy called. He ran after me.

'This has been the third time making her cry!' He thought, 'I-I can't make her cry any more, I promised...'

I blindly ran, not knowing where I was going. Suddenly, I felt someone grabbing my arm, causing me to halt.

"Let go!" I yelled.

"No," Said the voice. I knew it was Ash. "I can't make you cry anymore, I promised you that I will make you the happiest person ever!"

"You lied then, you already broke the promise three times!"

"That's why I have to mend it!" He replied. He grabbed my other arm to turn me to his direction and embraced me so I couldn't run away. I starred at him as he starred back. Our eyes locked.

"Let go of me already!" I said again.

"No," He answered and pulled me closer and closer.

I had no idea why but my body was responding too, I also was leaning closer and closer to him. Putting my arms around him as he did the same to me. I closed my eyes, leaning closer and closer until our lips met.


I'll keep waiting till that day when

You come back on home to me

Life's too short to live without you

Where you are is where I wanna be -----


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