Prince Charming made his way into the ballroom, as dramatic as a princess would. Everyone looked up at him and bowed low. He nodded and everyone returned to their conversation as though he did not exist.

Slowly, but surely the women were lining up to greet him. Many wore masks, despite the fact that the ball specifically asked for no masks, but that is what happen when you invite large numbers of princesses, they tend to be rather dull.

The doors of the ballroom opened and a magnificent looking Millicent stood in the doorway, plumes of smoke echoing behind her dramatically. She coughed slightly and annoyed glared about her and the smoke stopped. A woman's glare can do that sort of thing.

"I need to see the King, at once!" she half shrieked, while still managing to keep her cool. For all of history, Millicent was the only woman who could manage such a thing. The only person who could do that sort of thing, to be exact.

Someone came forward and offered their arm to Millicent, who gladly took it and descended the stairs like her request was nothing special. Most people could not just waltz into the King's ballroom and demand to see him. Millicent could. It was another one of Millicent's many talents.

Grumbling, Joan was walking down the main street of the village when a small beeping noise started going off in her back pocket. Fairies tend to be more technologically advanced than the rest of the population; otherwise, they wouldn't be fairies and be revered as the wiser race.

Muttering angrily to herself like always, Joan pulled out a small black box. A little red light kept flashing and the beeping continued. Joan began pressing random buttons trying to get the beeping to stop, while those who were walking around her began giving her funny looks. Despite fairies being more technologically advanced, most fairies didn't really know how to use their advanced little gadgets, and preferred the easier method of a letter or a phone call. Oh wait, phones were still another technological advancement, but most fairies had become used to it by now.

Finally the damn box stopped beeping and Joan continued walking nonchalantly, pretending there were not at least twenty people staring at her. Never mind she was still wearing her ridiculous wings, but most people didn't really see that kind of thing.

She had managed to decode from her beeping box that there was a young woman on fifth avenue who needed the attention of a fairy godmother. Her name was Ella, and she wanted to go to the Prince's ball.

Oh great thought Joan.

Millie finished her fifth drink and glared at the crumpled man who had laughed at her before.

"Do I know you?" she slurred slightly. (Even witches can't help getting a little drunk, especially the older, I mean younger ones.)

The man laughed and nodded. "Oh course you know me." he cackled. Millie looked at him closer he pulled back the hood that had covered his head. His features were distorted and his grin lopsided. "Can you guess my name?" he said slyly, his voice rough and crackly.

Millie leaned back and grinned. "Uncle Rump! How could I ever forget?" Millie clapped him on the back. He winced visibly.

"Good question..." he muttered, "How can you forget something like me?" But Millie was no longer paying attention. She had passed out on the bar, her grey hair falling across the table.

The bartender looked over and wrinkled his nose. "Gross." he muttered, before sending someone to help Millie to a room.

Thunderbolt carried his prize back to his cave, his prize screaming the whole way.

"How dare you steal me, you creature!" Diamanta shrieked (She didn't study her magical creatures very well while in school, otherwise she obviously would have recognized him as a first class red fire dragon.)

Thunderbolt placed her down gently in his cave. She instantly ran to the edge, but backed away quickly when she saw how far down and steep the slope was. For once, Thunderbolt was glad he lived on the steep side of the mountain, and that Diamanta didn't have enough brains to simply look out the other entrance. Thunderbolt quickly moved his body so he blocked that entrance, just in case Diamanta came to her senses. She didn't, since she didn't really possess any to begin with.

She turned around and glared angrily at Thunderbolt. he cowered slightly. The glare of even a pretty woman can be very menacing, even when the pretty woman doesn't really know why she is glaring. "Why did you steal me from my palace?" Diamanta demanded. "I was getting ready for the Prince's ball!" She wailed and sat down on a rock before standing up again, disgusted. "Now my dress is all dirty!" she wailed again.

Thunderbolt began to regret his decision to steal a princess.

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