Well here's my first fic I've ever made, forgive me if I make it a bit sloppy since this is all a bit new to me. It's a BBxRaven from BB's side. If people seem to like it enough I'll keep going with it. If not then this will just be a one shot. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Chapter 1- Possible


Beast Boy could feel sweat running down his brow as he worked out the few words running through his spinning head. He was struggling to keep calm as possible, but he wasn't doing very good with that at all since Raven was already resting her head on his chest.

"Raven...um, are you feeling alright? I mean this seems a bit unusual don't cha' think?"

His words fell on deaf ears, Raven just snuggled him and let out a soft sigh letting him know she was content. She pulled Beast Boy's arms down and wrapped them around her waist.

"What's wrong, you seem a bit nervous Beast Boy...are you?"

Raven was looking into Beast Boy's eyes and was speaking in a very cool tone. She gave a faint grin, almost...sly like she was planning something. She was, she began to pull her face closer to his.

"Oh no...she's not gonna try and...no she wouldn't she hates my guts!"

He was wrong, as Raven was now already close to planting a kiss. It was all just too fast for him to handle. "I can kiss her can't I? I mean she's pretty...and I think I do l...!!!" His thought's were cut off quickly as Raven and Beast Boy's lips met. They were kissing each other like they had loved each other their whole lives, this was something that Beast Boy thought was impossible and through being very confused and quite scared, he was...happy, he always knew there was a part of him that liked her . Something that made him admire her.

Their lips parted for a moment, Beast Boy saw the expression on her face, she too looked very happy as well. Beast Boy thought for a moment and tried to work up something to say to the telepath.

"Raven I...I want you to know...I..."

Sunlight poured in through a window into a deep green room, through piles of clothes, stacks of CD's and video games was a bed, which was also piled with more filthy clothes, was a boy sleeping. How sleep was possible for anyone in such a room was beyond everyone else in the tower. There he was though, Beast Boy, sleeping soundly under blankets, pants, and a few shirts. Beast Boy opened his eyes slowly and let out a heavy sigh in disappointment.

"You know...I had a feeling that dream was way too weird to come close to real...hehe Raven isn't the type to..."

Beast Boy shrugged the thought off his mind and ran his fingers through mangled hair and looked around his room "Hmph...what's that smell?!" Beast Boy gave a good scan of his room as if looking to find some poor dead animal lying there in his room. All he saw were clothes, all of them giving the sweet aroma of old tofu and pizza.

"Hm...my keen animal senses tell me it's laundry day..."

He let out a groan and heaved himself out of bed and began picking up piles of clothes as boxes of tofu fell from the piles as he picked them up, he quickly tossed them into deep green laundry baskets off to the corner of his room and dragged them into the hallway outside of his bedroom. He stepped into his room once more to make sure he had everything and spotted a full box of tofu on his floor lying there lop-sided.

"Mm, I'll finish that when I get back."

With that Beast Boy dragged all his laundry down the hallway to washer with his dream of Raven still fresh in mind keeping count in his head.

'Lesse...that's what...the 3rd time I've had a dream about her...no more late night snacks for me man!

Beast Boy reached the room and pushed it open with his back and dragged everything in it.

Okay I think that might be all for my first fic ever, what did cha' all think? Huh, huh? Sorry no Terra in here, I'm not really a Terra basher, it's just that I don't know what to do with her since she hasn't been in many episodes and haven't seen much of her.