Bad Aquantence (?)

{Tidas, Yuna, Auron, Kimahri, Rikku, and Lulu enter an elevator. They are all quiet when the silence is broken by a rowdy girl in a green tanktop}

Unknown girl: Whew! Finally got outta ninja classes! Them dang classes last all flippin' day!

{Everyone is quiet, but Rikku looks her way}

Unknown girl: What you lookin' at, woman?!

Rikku: I'm lookin' at you, nadynt

Girl: What did you call me? Is that some type of ghetto language?

Rikku: No, it's Al Bhed. I can speak two languages, one-and-a-half more than you'll ever learn.

{It was obvious that the girl and Rikku weren't getting along so well at the beginning}

{The elevator rings on the 150th floor. The building has 200 floors. A perky girl with curly hair and a yellow dress walks in}

Perky girl: Hey, all! I'm Selphie! Boy, this elevator sure is crowded!

Girl: Yo, Selphie. I'm Yuffie. Yeah, sure is, especially with little Miss I-Can-Speak-Two-languages over here.

Rikku: I can do more than that! I can steal too! (Rikku holds up Yuffie's shuriken and smiles)

Yuffie: (gawking) Gimme that back! I can steal too, you know! (Yuffie holds up Auron's wig and smiles)

{Auron grabs back the wig from the little girl and places it back on his head}

Tidus: Calm down, you two. No use fighting. We'll be off this elevator soon, so you'll never see each other again.

{Yuffie and Rikku are still at it.}

Rikku: Well, um..I can..push the elevator buttons faster than you can!

Yuffie: You're on!

{They race over to the elevator buttons and push at them, trying to push them all as fast as they can, but they keep interfering with each other.}

Rikku: You keep pushing my hands away!

Yuffie: I am not!

{They keep pushing buttons, until they both hit each other's hands on the emergency stop button. The elevator instantly stops, and then drops fifty floors. Everyone screams in panic as it drops. It stops at the 100th floor. The buttons are all jammed from Yuffie and Rikku pushing them}

Rikku: Look what you did!

Yuffie: I didn't do nothin'!

Rikku: See? You can't speak two languages, because that's a double negative, and you're insisting that since you didn't do nothing, you actually did something! {Rikku sticks her tongue out}

{Yuffie grabs her tounge and holds her in place and slaps her across the face}

Tidus: Stop it, you two! {He walks over to the elevator buttons and tries his luck at pressing the emergency stop button, but fails}

Yuna: He's right, you two shouldn't be fighting {She looks at Rikku} Please, cousin, apologize.

Rikku: Apologize? Who's side are you on, Yunie?! I didn't do anything to her. {She grins at Yuffie, obviously putting her down for her double- negative earlier}

Selphie: Come on, cheer up! If you apologize, then the whole thing will be aside! You're both to blame.

Kimahri: Little perky girl is right, Rikku.

Rikku: (groans and turns to Yuffie, holding back her anger) I'm sorry, Yuffie.

Yuffie: Yep, that's right, and don't you forget it! You are to blame, and that's why you apologize! (She smiles sweetly) I forgive you.

Rikku: Whaat?! You forgive me?! {Rikku jumps at her with her claws ready and slashes her on the face. Yuffie counterattacks with her shuriken and slashes her arm. They both step back from each other and look at their wounds.}

Lulu: I have a suggestion. {She casts a transparent bubble onto Yuffie and Rikku, so when they come in contact with each other, they will be harmed by black magic.}

Auron: Is that really a wise idea?

Lulu: It seems it is. Pain is one way to get through to their heads. {Rikku and Yuffie are sitting across from each other in the elevator, glaring at each other, but scared to touch one another.}

Yuna: Too bad this doesn't do what I wish it would. {Yuna casts silence on them, not to keep them silent and from yelling at each other, but in case they each knew magic}

Selphie: There we go, much more peaceful.

{Yuna curls up on the floor next to the blitzball player, and leans on his shoulder, hoping to catch some rest until the elevator starts moving again. Auron decides to rest too, and leans against the wall of the elevator. Kimahri and Lulu are watching Yuffie and Rikku, who are still glaring at each other. Selphie uses Kimahri as a big fluffy pillow and leans on him to sleep. Kimahri stares at her oddly, but says nothing.}