Lulu: If not for the sake of everyone, at least for the sake of we sane ones, can we find an escape?

Kimahri: Kimahri think elevators have floor and ceiling hatches.

Selphie: That's dangerous!

Auron: Exactly, which is why you three are going.

Yuffie: Hey, I can be all ninja and stealthy like! If I get to the martial arts floor, then maybe I can get promoted for getting out alive! (She climbs through the roof vent)

Selphie: I've done this before at Balamb, so I'll go help her out! (She climbs through the roof vent)

Rikku: They may need some help. After all, I'm good with anything mechanical! (She climbs through the roof vent)

{The roof shutters close, and there is silence in the cubicle. Auron walks over to the elevator buttons, flips the door open to the emergency start-up button, and pushes it. The elevator starts moving again}

Lulu: I'm surprised you had that much patience with them.

Auron: I didn't expect the curly haired girl or the ninja, but oh well. Killed three birds with one stone.

Yuna: Or one elevator (Yuna laughed)