Chap1 Full Moon

It was a bright sunny morning at the train station. Harry, Hermione, and Ron were waiting for the Hogwarts express to pick them up and take them to Hogwarts for their sixth year. They all were looking forward to having a wonderful year especially Harry who would be spending it without the Dursleys. When the big black train slowed to a stop in front of them they all gladly got onto the train.

"I can't wait to see who our new DADA (AKA:Defense Against The Dark Arts) teacher will be," Hermione said.

" Yeah maybe he or she might actually keep the job," Harry replied.
"Ron are you ok? You haven't said a word since we have gotten on the train," Hermione asked concerned.
"Oh-um-well nothing to say really,"
" Well hope you boys will get serious about your work this year," she said.
Harry looked at his best friend Ron he didn't look like he was happy about something.
"What is eating you mate?" Harry asked.
" Nothing I am fine really," Ron said.
Harry didn't believe Ron's reply of course something was wrong he didn't take anything off the trolley when it came. Ron looked out the window seeing the sun setting slowly over the horizon. Turning away from the window he closed his eyes to fall asleep.
"Ron wake up we're here,"
Ron got up and walked off the train with his friends. He kept his head down during the carriage ride. When they arrived at Hogwarts they all seated themselves at their correct house tables.
"Before we start our wonderful feast I must again lay out the rules. No students outside their dorms at night. No students are allowed in the dark forest. Thank you now begin the feast,"
" The rules never change," Harry said.
"Well I am hoping this year we won't be breaking any rules," Hermione said, "I want to stay a perfect. You should be thinking about that too Ron."
"Uh huh,"
After the feast they all headed down to their common rooms.
"The moon looks most beautiful when it is full," Hermione said looking out of the window.
Ron turned to see what Hermione was talking about. The moon did look beautiful but he wished he hadn't looked.
"You guys go ahead I need to check the hallways one more time,"
"Ron the Hallways are fine and –
"It is my job to check again,"
"Maybe I should come with you," Hermione offered.
"No but thank you,"
They watched Ron walked down the corridor for a while till he was out of sight then they went inside the portrait hole. Harry and Hermione took their places in front of the fire.
"Something is wrong with Ron," Harry said.
"I am worried he isn't really acting like himself," Hermione said.
"You're right Hermione you're right,"

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Ron stood in the dark forest afraid as ever. He hoped no one would see him here. Like every night he changed. His feet grew in size along with his arms. He grew a dog like nose and sharp claws. His clothes ripped off not able to fit anymore .He raced through the dark forest wildly. Running into a unicorn his werewolf instincts attacked the poor animal brutally. The unicorn kicked and shrieked as he ripped through his flesh. Afterwards Ron ran off leaving the poor animal dead.


Harry woke up sweating from a scary dream it was very strange because it was about Ron being a werewolf, which was completely false. Looking over to Ron's bed Harry saw it was empty. Immediately Harry jumped up to see if what he saw was true. Looking closely Harry saw indeed that Ron was gone. He went to see if he was downstairs but he saw no one in the chairs. Sitting in a chair he decided he would wait to see if Ron would show up. Harry dozed off during watch.

"Harry wake up,"


"Why were you sleeping downstairs Harry?" Hermione questioned.

"I was waiting for Ron," Harry explained, "he wasn't in bed last night." Hermione turned too look at Ron who only shrugged.

"Maybe you were having a dream Harry," Hermione said.

"It was no dream," Harry said.

"Well why don't we talk about this over breakfast," Ron said.

They all went to the Great hall where they sat to eat breakfast.

"You are saying you were in bed all night?"

"Yes Harry didn't get up once," Ron said taking a sip of his pumpkin juice.

"O.k. if you say,"
After breakfast they went to Care of Magical Creatures. They met Hagrid outside his house along with the other students.

"'ello we 'ill be learnin about a ery majestic animal,"

"What is this animal Hagrid?" "Glad yer asked arry we will be learnin about ell it is er serprise," he said taking them into the darkforest. Hagrid turned to face the students smiling proudly.

"We ill be learnin about an unicorn,"

Everyone gasped some even threw up. Confused Hagrid turned around to see an awful sight. There it was a unicorn lying dead on the forest floor ripped up so badly it was sickening.

"Well er this was a er um I don't know what type of animal would do such a thing,"

" What do we do know Hagrid?" "Well we er open yer books to page five hundred and fifty five and read about unicorns," Harry, Hermione, and Ron walked back into Hogwarts ready to head to their next class, but Hermione stopped.

"Hermione why did you stop we will be late?" Harry asked.

"Harry what ever hurt that animal can't possibly be an animal from the darkforest," Hermione explained, "it is too torn up to be an animal from the darkforest."

"What are you saying Hermione?" Harry asked.

"Well the only animal I can think of is well a werewolf,"

"Shouldn't we be on our way?" Ron asked.

"Come to think of it yeah, werewolf could have,"

" Hermione you don't want to be late for Arthimacy," Ron said.

" You're right Ron, bye guys,"

"What was that for?" Harry asked.

" Oh you know how Hermione is about being late for class," Ron said walking on.


In Divination Harry and Ron took their sits in the way back.

"Today class will be reading palms," Pro. Trelawney said, "it might take a while to understand someone's palm but page two hundred and thirty three will guide you."

Harry and Ron opened their books to the page. First Harry looked at Ron's hand he examined all the lines.

"Ron your palms tells me you are hiding something but I can't tell what,"

" Hiding something Harry I would never you and Hermione are my friends why would I possible hide something from the both of you?"

"I don't know,"

"Well Harry your palms says that we should stop doing this silly palm reading,"

"Really Mr. Weasley it seems to tell me that he will take part in a dangerous journey to save a friend. Read the book correctly while reading palms O.K.?" Pro.Trelawney said.

After Divination they met Hermione in the great hall for lunch. "Well Ron are you hiding something from us?" Harry asked.

"Harry where did that come from?" Hermione asked.

"Harry is suspicious because during the palm reading he read that I was hiding something so now he thinks there is something I need to share," Ron said then started stuffing his mouth.
"Don't tell me you believe that rubbish Harry,"
"Hermione as you said yourself he hasn't been himself,"
" Well-
"Ron you know you can tell us anything because we are your friends," Harry reminded him.
"I know but well-
Ron thought about telling them but he could just see the look on their faces. Horror struck they would be if he said what was wrong. So he kept his mouth shut and said no more. On their way to potions class they ran into Maulthoy and he his goons.
"If it isn't The Boy who lived, Ron Weasel and the know it all, how nice to see you all," he smirked.
They tried to walk past Maulthoy and his friends but they stood in the way.
"Move out of the way Mautlhoy,"Harry said,
"No I think I would like to stand right here it is you who is in my way,"
"Maulthoy if you are still mad that your dad is in Aszkaban it is isn't Harry fault only his own if you ask me he deserves to be there," Ron said.
"I don't think I asked you," Maulthoy sneered.
They just walked around Maulthoy and his friends. Finally sitting themselves in their sits the bell rang while Maulthoy and his friends walked in.

"Aw yes well for being late Harry, Hermione and Ron thirty points deducted from Gryffindor," Pro. Snape said.

"That's not fair they came in later than us and-

"For speaking when not told to you will get another thirty points off,"

All of the Slytherans snickered at the Gryffindor's lost points.

"Class we will learn to make a potion tell the truth," he said taping the board to show the directions. Getting to work they made their potions. At dinner Ron got up.

"Ron where are you going?"

"To the common rooms," he lied. Ron checked to make sure no one was watching and opened the doors to the outside. In the common rooms Ron wasn't to be found. Harry and Hermione even checked in the boy's dormitories but found nothing.

"This is becoming ridiculous," Harry said.

"Where could he be?" Hermione asked worried.

"Well I have a hunch," Harry said.


In the darkforest Ron again transformed feeling sorry he left his friends like that. He again wildly raced deeper into the forest. The same forest Harry and Hermione were checking.


"Harry why would Ron be in here?"

" I don't know," Harry said, "did you here that?"

"What?" Hermione asked. "Over there in the bushes," Harry said walking to it.

Opening the bushes they found nothing. They heard a wild growl from behind them. Turning around they came eye to eye with a werewolf.

"Harry it's a werewolf,"

The werewolf growled and snarled. Harry was scratched in the face by the werewolf claws causing him to fall over. Hermione was there whimpering in the sight of the terrible beast. Closing in on Hermione the werewolf let out at mighty howl.
"Harry do something," Hermione pleaded.
" Curico!" he yelled stunning the beast.
Hermione ran over to Harry being careful as not to get near the unconscious werewolf. They headed to the hospital wing first to do something about Harry's wound. Then they went back to there dormitories still not finding Ron.

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