Don't Forget

By: Hakai

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A/N: derived from the combined thoughts of "I want to write a post-series fanfic!" and "I wanna write a Roy/Ed fic!" I've only read up to vol 6, part of vol 8, and misc anime episodes.

Renamed: was Memories. Sorry for the change. .

Set post-series: Roy/Ed, possible Winry/Al

Chp. 1 - Touka Koukan - Equivalent Trade


It had been two months since Alphonse had been restored. And three months since the brothers had been to headquarters. Just long enough for the colonel to miss his lover. But that would end soon. The Elric brothers had called Hawkeye the other day to tell her that they would be coming in. If Roy had been a gambling man, he'd have said that they'd be here today, but that might have just been his unseen anxiousness. Three months of abstinence had made him a bit grouchy. But that would change.

He wondered how Edward was doing. Did he miss Roy as much as Roy missed him? With the restoration of his brother, did Ed even have time to think about his lover? He hoped so. Even if he disliked being a sap it couldn't be helped. Besides, mushy-ness made Edward blush, and that was always amusing.

When Roy would sink his teeth into Ed's neck or lick just behind his right knee was most effective. Ed could be so easy to rile up it wasn't funny. Well… okay, it was funny. Though Edward was quick to anger, he was slow to loosen up. It was a challenge for Roy every time. That wasn't to say the he didn't enjoy it. Quite the opposite. If Ed hadn't been a challenge, Roy might have lost interest long ago.

Roy plopped himself behind his desk. Even more restless than usual, he could find neither the patience, nor the will to get any work done. He sighed.

Outside the hustle and bustle of the office seemed to have tripled. Roy's ears perked up as he made his way to his office door. Peeking out through the crack he could make out Havoc, Fury, Hawkeye, and the others all gathered around in a circle. Chattering away.

"Yeah. Basically I'm fine with just Al restored. It's not necessary for me to try regain my arm and leg as well." Roy felt himself smile. Edward. "Besides, Winry and aunty Pinako back in Rizenbul [1] are making a fortune off of me."

"But Nii-san! That's not fair to you." Ah yes. Roy thought, the ever thoughtful little brother. Fury moved to the right and Roy could see that, yes indeed, Al had been restored. Lean and tall his hair and eyes were a few shades darker then his brother's. He bore the same sweet smile the colonel had always imagined him to have and was clad in a black tank top similar to Ed's long sleeved one and he carried a blue coat over his arm of the same style as his brother's red one.

"So I see all you limbs are still in tact. You didn't have to give up anything?" Fury asked curiously.

Al chuckled a little. "We were shocked too. But we still seem to be in one piece."

Time to show face, Roy thought making his way to the crowd.

"Well Fullmetal, congratulations on restoring you brother. But he turned out taller then you. Of course, that's no surprise." Roy teased by way of greeting.

Edward glared up at him. "Taisa." Alphonse warned. "It's a little early to start teasing Nii-san."

The Flame Alchemist chuckled. "But of course. It's all in fun, right Fullmetal?"

Ed chose to ignore Roy and instead turned to his younger brother. "Al, who is he?"


[1] I wasn't exactly sure on an English translation for Rizenbuuru. So it came out Rizenbul. -shrugs-

a/n: I realize that Roy, being the ambitious one, would have been promoted by this time. But 'taisa' is just so much more fun to say. ; And I'm not sure why it's 'taisa' when spoken by the characters and 'colonel' at other times. It just comes out that way. l0l.

This is more like a prologue rather that a first chapter. Anyway. I don't plan on discarding this one. .