Don't Forget

By: Hakai

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Set post-series, restored Al, Roy/Ed, Winry/Al, one-sided Envy/Ed

Epilogue - Shinri - The Truth


Dear Envy,

Did you know I hate writing letters? Really. Every time I write a letter I'm reminded of those days of handing in reports to a particularly loathsome colonel.

I haven't seen or heard from you in, what? Four months? But that's for the best, really. If I hear about you, that means you've been caught. But you'd never get caught so easily, right?

Al and I rebuilt our old house in Rizenbul. It was like going back into the past. We'll be living there from now on if you need anything. At least those wrathful mothers aren't still mad at me! Speaking of mothers, Winry you remember the blonde mechanic, right? will be a mother soon. She's about three months pregnant, I think. That brother of mine. I mean, you don't see me getting my boyfriend pregnant! Uh… actually, that'd be really weird if I got him pregnant. No Envy, don't smirk like that! It's not an M-preg! I can hear you saying something like that already! Anyway, if their kid's a boy, Winry wants to name him Nicolas. But Al wanted his cat's name to be Nicolas. I don't know about you, but I find it hilarious that their fighting over whether to give a certain name to their cat or future son!

Well, Envy, my psycho homunculus 'friend' who refuses to die, this will probably be the last you'll hear of me. But, like I said earlier, if you need anything come to Rizenbul. I'm sure to return their sooner or later. And Al would be more then understanding… I think…

Cutting this letter short because I believe I see cake being served,

Edward Elric

p.s. I don't know how to say this… but… Thank you. For all you did for me…



Edward turned in the direction of the voice. But it was too late. bam! Something hit him in the face and landed in his lap. "Ow… what the-?!" Realizing what it was in his hands, the teen's eyes became wide.

"Edward Elric!" Armstrong cried through tear-filled eyes of happiness. "You've caught the bouquet! That means you shall be the next one to be married! Oh how happy this is! Do not forget to invite me to your wedding!!"

"Mother would be thrilled, Nii-san!" Al said teasingly. "Both her sons married!"

Ed couldn't bring himself to do anything aside from blinking in shock as Major Armstrong proceeded to squeeze him in a tight hug and babble incoherently. Alphonse, Winry, Hawkeye, and everyone else for that matter, couldn't help but laugh and tease the young alchemist's traumatized state.

All but one, the Fullmetal Alchemist's loving boyfriend, Roy Mustang, who instead, chose to gripe and whine. "No fair, Ed! I was supposed to catch the bouquet!!"

Owari. Fin. For real this time! XD


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