Hello! This is a story based in ancient Egypt where is Malik is hot and Yami Malik is sexy! Blunt enough? It is a Bronzeshipping (Malik x Yami Malik) story. Very short chapter but the others will be longer! Read, Review, and Enjoy (RRE)!


A dim flame cast shadows across the pharaoh's room. Malik leaned against a tall, lime stone column and breathed a deep sign. His boredom seemed to be intensified by the quiet of the room. A man walked into the room and broke the silence. It was only High Priest Seto. He took a stand next to Malik, right between the column and the throne. Seto's face was creased with sincerity. His stare was a permanent look outwards. Malik turned his attention away from Seto and back to his normal solemn gaze.

A boy entered the room. He walked up to the throne and presented the pharaoh with a goblet of wine. "Thank you, Yuugi," the pharaoh answered. The slave smiled brightly and walked away. Pharaoh Yami's voice always seemed deep and assuring. It was no wonder that he had kept Egypt prosperous for so long. Malik slightly turned his eyes to look at him. Yami's Horus's Eye gleamed and his tanned skin complemented his ivory clothing. Malik admired him greatly. The Pharaoh had noticed Malik's great knowledge and made him a priest. Now, Malik looked to Yami as a father, for his had died years ago.

Seto gave Malik a small grunt. He was not supposed to be distracted in the pharaoh's room. It was dishonorable. Something touched his shoulder. Malik nearly yelped. "Calm yourself, my love," Isis cooed. "It is only me." She giggled quietly and began to wrap her arms around his shoulders. He flinched.

"Ah, hello sister." Seto looked over and grinned. "Is your fiancé still making you happy?"

"Mmm, yes." Isis kissed his neck and slipped her hands off his body. Her dress trailed on the sand floor as she pranced away. She flashed her eyes at Malik before turning the corner. Seto resumed his position as if nothing had just happened. It had been no big deal. However, Malik's heart thudded hard in his chest. He could not marry Isis. There was something about her that bothered Malik so much. Seto thought it would be a good idea to force Malik to wed Isis. Malik resented him but could not do anything to upset Yami.

Something caught his eye. A shadow moved against the room's back wall. It was a man. A simple hip wrap covered his waist. Sandy blond hair spiked over his head and spilled onto his back. Golden chains held his feet close to together. A slave. Malik was intrigued. The slave's skin burned bronze and his body was sculpted with muscle of a laborer's day. He hid behind a large clay pot. Malik needed to see his face and leaned forward. Seto noticed his distraction. "What are you looking at?" he harshly whispered. Malik blushed. "Hey, guards! There is an escaped slave over there!" He pointed at the slave's direction. The man ran but was cut off. A guard roughly grabbed his arm and dragged him on the ground out of the room. Malik stood, still leaned forward slightly, staring at the nameless slave. He had to see him.

The moon shone through Malik's open window. He sat with his knees pulled against his stomach. Thoughts of that slaved held his mind. He had never seen him before, but he still felt the need to see him again. The city's cells were only a few minutes away and he would surely be kept there before punishment. Malik had never given slaves a second thought. Their kind worked for their betters and in return, they were fed. It was fair, at least, that is what he had always been taught. Why couldn't he see him? Malik was a priest. He had the right to do what he wanted. But, what of the pharaoh? His door clicked shut as he sneaked out into the night.

The prisoners' cells came into sight. Brickwork and metal bars made up its impenetrable walls. Malik crouched and crawled over to the bars. He looked in. A dark formed sat on the floor. He looked up at Malik, his whole body engulfs in darkness.

"Malik?" He nearly jumped again. "What are you doing here? Were you coming out to find me?" It was just Isis. He turned around to face her.

"Of c-course. Just coming to see you while taking a midnight stroll." It did not even seem convincing to Malik.

"Well, let's get away from these filthy slaves. Come." They walked to the Nile's bank. It shimmered an iridescent sparkle. They rested against a date palm. Isis put her head on his shoulder and purred. Malik took his fingertip and gentle pushed pack her hair. Even though Malik did not like her, she was beautiful. Isis would be more like a sister to him than anything else. She reached up and kissed him on the lips. Malik restrained but knew he had to. They held the embrace and then looked out to the river.

"I must go," Malik spoke.

"Okay." Isis smiled and kissed him on the cheek, just barely brushing her lips on his skin. His emotions haunted him as he sauntered back home. In his bed, Malik gripped his pillow and stared at the ceiling. Questions flooded into his mind. Who was he? What will happen to him? Why do I want to see him so much? He groaned and buried his face into the bed sheets. Malik would see him tomorrow.


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