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Which leads me to the reason that I am writing this fanfiction. Even though the ending scene with Chrno and Rosette was beautiful, it made me so sad. And when it turns out that Aion was alive around 50 years later, then why couldn't Chrno be alive? And that led me to think of this idea for this fanfiction. It will take a chapter or two for the story to pick up pace, but I don't want to make it too fast pace, as I am still working out the ideas for the story, so any suggestions would be welcome, as I will probably be making things up as I go along too. Now that you have all read my very long sentence, I am pleased to say...


The year is 2044, over a hundred years since her death. With an evil threatening to reoccur for the third time, the world may have no choice but to call forth her power, and reunite her with what killed her, in hopes that she may bring about the salvation of the world. Chrno x Rosette, Joshua x Az

When she died, I thought that I had died too. I might as well have. What did I have to live for? She was the one I protected. She was my reason to live. I just couldn't get over her. It was different with Magdelena. I loved her. But I didn't really know who I loved. When she died I mourned for the loss of my lover. Then a new light came into my life. A different one. She didn't care that I was a demon. She had always believed in the impossible. She had to. What else could she do when she had a dying brother?

She wanted to braid my hair. She laughed at me. She laughed with me. When she became my contractor it pained me. She would add to the blood on my hands. By then she had, had already a place in my heart. But as she grew and became even more beautiful she found even more places in my heart. I changed because of her. I loved her. So much that it hurt.

Every time I looked at the watch around her neck, I was in pain. I cursed it. The stupid old thing that would kill her. I cursed myself. A useless, hornless demon that was using up her life. I wanted to protect her. Fight away her fears. Keep her safe. She loved me too. I could see it in her eyes. She told me too. Only a few times though. She didn't look like the shy type. Yet, there was a maidenly shyness around her whenever she told me. But she didn't need to. I saw it in her eyes. I felt it whenever we hugged. I felt it whenever we kissed.

She was in my arms when she died. She didn't want to die. She was scared too. She wanted to live longer. Too see more of the world. But she died. I was the cause of her fear. I stole her life away. I couldn't protect her. But the last thing she said to me was thank you. What was she thanking me for killing her?

She was smiling when she died. I wanted to die too. I thought I did. I remember smiling, thinking that maybe God would let me see her, from time to time. Even though I was cursed to be kept in the flames of hell, maybe I could see her, in heaven, from afar. She was always an angel to me. Now she could become a real one.

But I couldn't even have this. Everyone else thought I was dead too. After they moved our bodies, I disappeared. I don't even know where she was buried. I couldn't leave flowers for her. Or even watch over her as I had with Magdelena. That pained me. But I trusted that Azamaria would find a place that she would have wanted to be buried. Azamaria would turn out like Rosette. Compassionate, kind, energetic and loving. Rosette would have like that.

No matter how grave my wounds were, or how much they had hurt for the past four years. I still couldn't die. Maybe there was a reason why I was still alive. But it has been 116 years since she had died. I still don't see a reason for my existence. I have my horns back. But I would have gladly given them up to see her one more time. To just hold her one more time.

Every time I saw the Magdelena symbol, I saw her face. As beautiful as always. Still smiling. Maybe fate liked torturing me. For the past 16 years I have been having dreams about her. She was always calling to me. Standing so far away that I could barely see her. But I knew it was her. Her shinning golden hair, her melodious voice. I would run after her, chasing her for hours. But she never seemed to get any closer to me. She was so close, yet so far. It was heaven. It was hell.

Then one night, in my dream, I caught up to her.

She smiled at me and disappeared.

Yes she disappeared.


I caught up to her.

That was all that mattered.

It had to mean something.

-End Prologue-

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