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The atmosphere at Chrno's apartment was filled with tension. Rosette lay on the borderline between panic and hysteria, and Chrno was just tired.

"What is this?" She asked tightly. Rosette was lost, half concentrating on the issues at hand and half consumed by the memories that did not make sense.

"A picture." Chrno stated, unsure of how to approach the subject.

"Yes I can see that." Rosette said back. "But why and am I there? Why are you there? Why is Azamaria there? Why is S-St-Sa" She fumbled over the name.

"Satella?" Chrno provided.

"Why is Satella there? Why do I know her? When I don't? How do I know her?" Rostte asked, a desperate pleading note bleeding into her voice. Her legs shook, as her confusion grew she became more and more tired.

Chrno got up and walked towards her, aware of the energy that it cost her to stand. As he neared her she flinched and took a minute step back. He hesitated and then put his arms around her. She leaned into his chest and slipped her arms around his waist, letting the picture drop onto the carpeted floor.

"How do I know you?" Rosette whispered voice strangled with an unknown emotion.

"Shhh. It's alright." Chrno whispered into her hair, "I'll explain as best as I can." He promised.

"You are in that picture, as well as Az, Satella and me. It was taken over a hundred years ago, here in New York when you were 16." Chrno paused contemplating how to continue on. "Demons can live for a couple thousand years. You died when you were 18."

Rosette felt Chrno tense as he pulled her closer. She had died. The statement made sense to her, and yet it didn't. She unable to quite grasp the concept that she had died. The thought just floated there mixing in with the rest of her disconnected memories. She shook her head, trying to pull the fragments together, as if it were some giant puzzle that would eventually connect.

"So many different things happened. Happy things, sad things. You were such a strong person, you still are too." Chrno murmured into her hair in what he hoped was a comforting manner, something he used to do all in the time in the past. He started talking, first hesitant about what to tell her, and how to say it, but after a short while the words just came tumbling out. He told her about Joshua, the Order, Aion, Az, the orphanage, how she used to destroy things, her violent manner towards the elder, everything he could remember. Everything except about him. He skimmed over their first meeting, their frequent visits when she was in the orphanage. Chrno gave her only the barest of details about their contract, and hastily summarized all their missions, the conflict with Aion, and barely mention the last two years of her life.

It was just too painful.

He had concluded that the substance that Aion had slipped into her drink was the catalyst that had caused her memories to come back to her in a confusing, chaotic swirl. He was certain that she would have remembered over time. Familiar places where main events had happened, and the places that they used to frequent had triggered something in the back of her mind. If time had taken its course they would have probably slipped back to her in dreams and waking visions. Slowly and gradually she would have been able to revisit memory after memory. Now from what he could surmise all she was a mess of in her head, her present and past life mashed together in no certain order, thus making it hard to distinguish between the two. He hoped that telling her, her life in chronological order would help her put her memories in order, but he had no clue of telling which memories she had, all of them, or fragments from different sections of her life. Chrno couldn't guess what Aion had planned doing this, at least not at the moment. He had to deal with the current issue at hand, which was his Rosette.

The amethyst eyed demon told Rosette as little of him as possible because… Well because… Well there was no set reason. It could have been that he just didn't want to scare her away. It might have been because he just didn't want to revisit painful memories. It probably was because he wanted her to draw her own conclusions of him, based on her past and present feelings, and intervening in that would have just felt like he was making her like him. Chrno wanted Rosette to tell him that she loved him because she really did, not because he told her she did.

He stopped talking when he felt Rosette to pull away from his embrace. He let his arms fall to the side and stared slightly at her. Rosette figure was covered in shadows. The lone beam of light belonged to the moon outside that had managed to peek through his curtains and fall in a slant around her eyes, making them glow. Her hair no longer resembled the colour of liquid honey, but rather a metallic brown. It rustled slightly as she spoke, Chrno felt that her would rather concentrate on that than the words coming out of her mouth. These were the words that their new relationship would start off with, would she want to stay with him or-

"I want to go home."

His eyes quickly snapped shut in an effort to hide the pain.

They sat there, in front of their little house, on their porch. Maybe if she was a normal girl and Chrno was a normal guy they would have had a life centered around this house. Going to work during the day, coming come to each other at night. Sitting together just enjoying each other's company. It would have been a nice life. She would have wanted kids, two or three, at least one girl and one boy. Maybe they could have adopted, she remembered what it was like to be an orphan. It would have been a big family.

She watched the sunset; hand would tightly around Chrno's. There was so much more she could have done with her life. She was always been strong, thinking about the best way to live in the present. It did no good to think of a future that she probably wouldn't have. All that it did was create self pity. Surely she had been strong enough that she could afford to be weak at the end. She wanted to live longer, have a fuller life. She wanted to see Chrno smile more, and laugh with joy. Not the pained husk that he was now reduced to, with the wound that Aion gave him left unhealed. She could fix that, with one flick of the watch and the last bit of her life. It would have been put to good use wouldn't it?

It became harder and more taxing to breath. She felt a wave of desperation wash over and she flung her arms around Chrno sobbing into his small body. She wanted to live, and cried it, thought it, wished it. She felt Chrno's arms come around her as she cried. She knew that he felt guilty, but he shouldn't. It wasn't his fault; the blame could be put on the fates, and the road that they had traveled, a very rough path that only they would ever travel. She loved him, with all her might, and he loved her back, with the same intensity, maybe even more. The thought calmed her down somewhat, she could feel a warm glow all over her body, a mixture of Chrno's love and the sun's dying rays. Satisfied she closed her eyes and whispered three words.

"I love you."

Rosette was awake but she didn't want to open her eyes. Opening her eyes would mean that she would acknowledge that she was awake. That she would have to face the mess that had replaced her brain. That she would have to remember the shadowed pained look on Chrno's face when he told him that she wanted to leave.

He was a mystery. He was no longer Yuan's friend that had seemed vaguely familiar. He had a place in her heart, mind and soul. But what was it? A sorrowful looking demon that she had taken pity upon as a child? Her best friend? Surrogate brother? A past lover? (As the latest addition to her memories had suggested.) Or all of the above? What he had told her last night had helped somewhat but her mind was still a mess. He had barely mention anything about himself, what did that mean?

The time he had really showed anything about their relationship was when she was getting out of his car, about to enter the apartment complex in which she lived. He caught her arm and then had said- She screwed her eyes even tighter that but that did nothing to dispel –the event?-

"Rosette haven't you ever wanted something to never end? To keep on going? Have you ever lost something so dear to you, or made such a mistake that you wish that you could turn back the sands of time?" Chrno's eyes were filled with such an intensity and desperate longing that Rosette was unable to look away. "A second chance. That's what I-" His voice caught in his throat , she could almost see the words that were struggling to burst out. She couldn't decide whether or not she wanted to hear them. His grip on her arm loosened and his hand slowly slid down and off her arm. Suddenly she was filed with an intense longing to find out what he was going to say, she wanted to put her hands against his face before he turned away and read the words that were about to fall off his lips. But she didn't, she let him give her one more short intense look and drive away. She didn't know who he was anymore, she didn't know if she ever did.

A soft knock on her door pulled her out of her thoughts. She quickly relaxed her eyes and lay motionless on her bed, breathing deep and steady. The door opened a crack.

"Rosette?" Yuan's voice said softly, "You awake?" No response. "Well maybe you are, maybe you aren't. When you get up have a look at this folder. Some things in it might interest you." A light thump was heard and the door was closed.

Clear blue eyes opened and stared at the door. Yuan had been alive back in her memories too, the same minister that had watched over her, was now her adoptive uncle. She knew what he said had something to do with what had happened … was it last night, or this morning? Chrno must have said something, when he opened the door for her at 4:00 AM his eyes held such a mixture of pity, happiness and pain. Pain he felt for a demon friend. Pain that she did not want to be responsible for.

Her eyes drifted down to a discolored folder. She reached out, stretching over the carpet and snagged the folder with her finger tips. It was the same folder that she had found in the Archives. Her fingers drifted over a name. Azamaria. She knew her. The blonde flipped the folder open and pulled a random page out of the pile, leaving a finger in between the papers to mark the place in with it had come from.

It's been a year and a half since Rosette and Chrno have gone missing. I've tried as hard as I could to fine them, enlisting the help of people who had loved and adored the couple. But they're gone. So is Aion. Most people have assumed that all three are dead, ending a conflict that might have destroyed the world. Almost everyone has given up hope that they're alive.

I won't. I know that they're alive. Chrno and Rosette had gone through too much pain to die now. I know that Rosette doesn't have much time left, but she can't be dead. He loves her too much. And she-

The rest of the page was illegible due to the moisture marks that were splattered all over it, marks that Rosette could only recognize as tears. She slipped the page back and pulled out another one closer to the top.

I don't know why I'm recording their lives, they should be here to do it themselves, but obliviously they decided that after the defeat of Aion that they deserved a little break. I only wish that they had taken me with them. But then again they deserve a little time to themselves too… Minister Remington asked me to start recording what I knew of their early history, he told me not to worry too much about it though, when the two of them decide to wander back they can fill in the massive blanks. I would ask Joshua but he still is stuck in his little kid mentality. The sisters watching over him say that he's not doing too well, he won't eat as much as he needs unless he sees his "Nee-san", or Chrno. I think that he's in denial, he can't or won't admit to all the pain that he has caused Rosette or Chrno.

I'm trying to figure out Chrno's last name, do demons even have last names? So far I've turned up with nothing. I asked Miniter Remington about it the other day and he said that the "thought that Chrno would just take Rosette's last name." I didn't quite understand that, so-

Rosette put the paper back in the folder. There were hints to their relationship all through out what Azamaria was writing. A voice asked in the back of her head, if it could possibly be the same Azamaria that she knew now, but she didn't have time for that right now. Everything that she had read had dances around the point, what had she felt for Chrno? Was it an unrequited love on his part, or did they really only have a brother sister relationship? She had questions and she wanted answers, and sitting around and moping in her room were not going to give her those answers.

She pushed the blanket of her body and stood up, padding over the door and upon opening it she announced, "Yuan I want to go back to the archives!"


Joshua smiled dreamily, and sighed with content. If it were any other day he would have been disgusted with himself, mooning over a girl. But today was special, well actually it was more of last night. Yuan must have been so happy with himself sending him and Az on a job about possessed mistletoe. At first he had been angry, but nope, not anymore, especially when he had gotten a few kisses out of it. His smile stretched even wider, life was pretty sweet. He didn't know why Rosette was making such a fuss in the background; she had gone off with Chrno and they were made for each other.

It was dark.

She couldn't see her hand as she waved it in front of her nose. Or at least she thought she was. Her senses were dead. Her orientation was gone. She was floating in a black nothingness.

Now what?

The blackness flickered for a split second to be replaced by a dark grey and then again going back into black.

A naked light bulb flickered on with a buzzing sound somewhere above her head. She tilted her head back to locate exactly were the light bulb was located and squinted again the harsh light that attacked her retinas. She moved her hand up to shield her eyes, but stopped when she felt pricks all along her wrists. She looked down and blinked at the metal cuffs, lined with spikes, which were constraining her wrists. Moving her eyes down to her feet, she saw that they had also received the same treatment.

Welded to the cuffs were chains that were bolted to the glass floor, giving her a little less than a foot to move. Underneath her was a giant clock, its ticks soundless as the second hand moved around and around, the minute and hour hand falling suit.

Some thing in front of her appeared. It was a flat white screen. Its cream completion was broken when the number ten appeared on it. The screen flickered and then it began counting down as it did in those old movies.



Her breath caught in her throat.



What was she in? This had to be a dream.



Wake up, wake up, she chanted to herself.



Fear began to well from inside her. She tried to get rid of it the second she felt it. Panicking would do no good now.



What was there to be afraid of? She was just going to watch something. Being chained down didn't necessarily mean that something bad was going to happen.



She closed her eyes.



She opened them back up. Running away wasn't going to do anything either.



How had she fallen asleep anyways? Last she remembered she was at the archives sitting between shelves and shelves of documents.



She shifted slightly. Damn it. Blood started tricking down her wrists and ankles.



Something wet and sticky slipped its way down her face, she could feel a faint sting all around the top of her head. It slipped down to lips and she used her tongue to taste exactly what it was. Warm and metallic tasting. Blood. What the hell?




-End Ch. 9-

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