Title: Family Ties

Author: Saiko

A/N: Okay, I'm working through serious writer's block lately, so if it sucks, 'm sorry, mates... Really I am. Hopefully it won't suck too bad though. My brain's just been in that sleepy mode that summer and too much rain tends to settle it into. Ah well. I'd suggest you read "What Freedom Truly Is" before this one if you haven't. Just a friendly suggestion, because this has to do with that. I'm back on my regular track and this is set after "My Father's Son." Oh, I don't own the characters that Disney does. Too bad... They run about in my brain via plot lines anyway.

Chapter One: Old Memories Resurface

The morning light spilled into the room, making for a very irritated pirate captain that tried to hide from it under the sheets of his bed. He heard a small laugh from the person next to him. "You comin' out, Cap'n?"

"Not if I can 'elp it, luv," Jack grumbled. "Care to join?"

She grinned and slipped under the covers with him. "We can't hide all day, Jack."

"Sure we can, luv."

"But we're comin' into Port Royal today."

"Oh yeah.... Too bad."

"Jack!" Ana Maria growled as she pulled back the sheets. "Get your lazy rear outa bed."

Jack put on his best pout. "Since when are ye orderin' me 'round, lass?"

The dark haired girl grinned as he finally sat up. "Because I 'ave to or we'll be 'ere all day, luv."

"An' tha's a problem?"

"You going to let someone else captain your ship?"


"Knew you'd be wakin' up more sooner or later."


The Pearl docked in Port Royal later that day. Her occupants were met with wary eyes, but no trouble. Jack and Ana made their way to the Turner house without incident. Well, without incident until a three – year – old attached himself to Jack's feet, demanding he walk. (A/N: I've had kindergarteners do this to me...)

"Bill.... I can't walk with ye attached, lad."

The little boy – a small replica of his father all ready – frowned and pouted. "Walk, Uncle Jack!"

Jack started to respond when he heard a chuckle from Elizabeth who was holding the newest addition to the Turner household: Katherine Turner. "Jack, he's not going to let go."

"'e's yer li'll treasure snipe!" the pirate captain grumbled. "Listen, lad, let me go now. I can't move like this. Ana, some 'elp, luv?"

Ana Maria grinned wickedly. "Help, hmm? Yer on yer own, Cap'n, sorry."

Jack frowned as he slowly tried to make his way up to the house with the lad attached to his ankles. It was an entertaining sight to be sure.

"Bill, get off of him!" Will hollered as he appeared from the house.

"Nice to see ye too, Will," Jack grumbled.

Will grinned broadly. "You never come anymore. What's been keeping you?"

"Ships to plunder an' villages to raid. Ye know the job, it's demanding."

Will laughed. "Good to see you, Jack."

The pirate captain returned the grin as he shook the hand Will had stretched out to him. He then averted his eyes downward to the boy still clinging. "Now get me outa this trap ye've set, whelp!"

"Come on now, Bill. Let him go or he'll never come see us."

The boy reluctantly let go of his "favorite uncle" and started inside. Jack watched him go with a small smile. He couldn't help but like the boy, though he'd never admit it aloud. No... That would never do.


"There have been some interesting things happen lately," Elizabeth said as she sat down next to her husband. "Have either of you heard of a man named Douglas Pratt?"

Ana Maria froze in her place. "Say tha' name again."

"Douglas Pratt," Elizabeth repeated. "Do you know him?"

Ana Maria and Jack exchanged glances. Ana's was nervous while her captain's was very thoughtful. "We met through him," Jack mumbled.

"Not good circumstances?" Will offered.

"Not at all." Jack shuddered slightly as unwanted images came unbidden to his mind. The circumstances in which he met Ana were not pleasant in the least, but the incidents before their meeting were even more frightening. He shuddered as he thought about Anderson's lovely chats that they had together, all the chats that had to do with the scars on his left arm and the P burned into his right. All those chats that had caused fevered dreams for months after and still reoccurring nightmares since his hanging three or four years before.

"Who is he?" Elizabeth ventured.

"A man more evil than you can imagine," Ana Maria answered. "And his little sister isn't much better. Is Emily Pratt along?"

"Yes, I met her day before yesterday. Seemed nice enough, but there was something off."

Jack chuckled at this. "You 'ave no idea, luv. No idea at all."


A/N: Yay! First Chapter! This one might be a bit slower than usual, folks. very sorry. I've been wrestling with writer's block and a novel idea. ::grumbles::