Hello everyone, just a small word to say that I don't own Harry Potter and all the other characters that come with it.

A word of warning this will be slash and will have some male/male relationships. It will have lots of fluff and some of our well known characters will be oc to fit with this fic. This is my first fic of this kind (slash I mean) but I wanted to give it a go, so on with the story.

Of Phoenix and unicorns


They say that in the magical world there are two creatures that are purely of the light. Rarely seen, for man is such an impure creature, they only show themselves to humans worthy of their presence. Once every thousand years an evil so great is unleashed onto the world that the magical creatures must step in to save the human world and theirs. Usually either a unicorn child or phoenix child is born and their powers and heritage are revealed to them on their sixteenth birthday. They are placed in the human world so that they can fight the evil and bring peace back to all.

Sixteen years ago the evil that is Voldemort, rampaged and destroyed a good part of the muggle and magical world. The leaders of all magical creatures met deep in the Emerald Forest in Ireland. Dark and light creatures were represented. On the light side were The Phoenix Lord, Unicorn King, the Elvin Queen, The Lord of Griffins and the King of light Dragons. On the Dark side were the King of Dark Elves, The Lord of War Unicorns, Prince of vampires, Prince of Werewolves and the King of the Dark Dragons.

They met around a magical blue fame fire, their sign of peace. The discussion lasted most of the night and finally they came to an agreement. The evil was too great for just one child to beat, this time they would send two. There would be the phoenix child who would have the abilities of all phoenixes. He would be able to survive the killing curse by being reborn from his ashes, his tears would heal and his animagus form would be a phoenix. He would have tremendous magical powers. He would be know as the Grand Phoenix Lord.

The other one would be the unicorn child, he would have the healing power of unicorns, be an empath, he would be able to speak to all kinds of creatures, and he would be quick and agile. He would be of such beauty that his mere presence would warm the heart of others. His animagus form would be that of a pure white unicorn and he would be known as Grand Lord of Unicorns.

Both boys would be born to different circumstances; everything in their lives would be of total opposites. They would be drawn to each other all their lives. When both turned sixteen they would find each other and find a love so pure, in which they would find the strength to defeat evil.

This is their story...