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It had been one year since the final battle. Draco, Harry, Hermione and Ron were getting ready to graduate. After the ceremony they would leave the human world to go to their own realms. They would of course keep in touch with their human families and each other but now they would be free to perform their duties as leaders of their races.

The Gryffindor dorms were swarming with activity. The younger years had left the day before by train. Today was graduation and only the seventh years with their families were left in the castle. They had a huge party the night before and many of the graduates were now sporting huge hangovers.

Harry and Draco were sitting in the common room laughing at some of their friends who were grumbling about too many butterbeers and too much firewisky. They were sitting on one of their favorite couches watching their one and a half year old daughters. They had not told anyone but Draco had taken the antidote to the contraceptive potion a few weeks ago and they were now awaiting the birth of their first son. No one but the Elf Queen and they knew about the impending birth. Since they were leaving the human world they had decided not to wait to make their family larger. Both having been very lonely growing up they had decided to add to their family quickly. Both boys wanted at least half a dozen kids. And the way they were going they were already half way there.

Harry laughed as Marguerite decided to climb all over Seamus who was lying on another couch groaning and holding an ice pack over his throbbing head. Seamus looked at the little girl who smiled at him and shaking his head he sat up taking her to sit on his lap.

"You know Maggie that you take after your daddy Draco for being intolerable." He said as he tickled her. The little girl's only response was to grab hold of his hair to bring him down for a sloppy kiss on his forehead. "Unk Emus booboo?" she seemed to ask.

"Yes Uncle Seamus had too much to drink last night." Harry laughed as he swept up his little imp in his arms. "Come my little flower lets get you ready for the ceremony. I think daddy Draco has bought you new robes for the occasion." His daughter squealed and smiled while waving at Draco. Harry rolled his eyes. His two girls had taken after Draco in his taste for fine clothes. #Damn they are only nineteen months old. What will I do when their sixteen. # Harry shook his head and went up to the dorms to change Maggie. A few minutes later Draco came up with Lily and soon both little girls were wearing beautiful silk robes. Marguerites were the same light blue that her eyes; and Lily's robes were a beautiful light green that also brought out the color of her own eyes. On both their heads were simple circlets of gold. Marguerite had a small chain around her neck with a unicorn pendant with sapphire eyes. Lily also had a small chain but her pendant was of a phoenix with ruby eyes. Both girls sat quietly as their dad changed their clothes to their regal looking robes. As usual Draco's were silver and his silver circlet was full of sapphires while Harry's robes were gold and his gold circlet had rubies incrusted into it.

Each man carried a child downstairs were they other Gryffindors smiled and clapped at them. Harry blushed; even after a year of being known as the Phoenix Grand Lord he was still uneasy about his fame. Draco as usual took it all in stride. He was proud of what he and his love had accomplished. They were happy that they could leave this world knowing that it was at peace.

The young family made its way towards the great hall. Harry quickly spotted Sirius and Remus. They werewolf prince was holding their young son. The boy was an exact replica of Sirius, even down to his mischievous ways. They constantly had to keep an eye on him. At one year old he had just learned to walk and making his parents search for him was his favorite game. Sirius and Remus had called their son James Alexander Joshua Lupin Black. The little prince was already loved in the werewolf realm. Now with new laws and more freedom for his people the werewolf population was starting to increase naturally. No more taking of children from another world unless the child was in dire straits and needed to be taken out of his environment to survive. Two other werewolf babies had been born after the birth of the young prince. Remus and Sirius had been happy to hear the news.

Hearing their son call out to Maggie and Lily they turned around to watch the two young men that were like sons to them. It was quite a happy and noisy group that was in the middle of the great hall. A few minutes later Ron and Hermione and their ten month old son soon joined the group. Little prince Eric Arthur Weasley soon joined the other three children playing on the floor. He couldn't walk yet but could crawl at amazing speed showing his vampirism heritage.

About fifteen minutes later, Severus and Shara came into the room both holding one of their own twins in their arms. Severus had his daughter Kirelle while Shara their son Darien. The four month old babies were looking with great big eyes at the colorful ceiling.

After everyone had taken their place Headmaster Dumbledore started the graduation ceremony.

"It is with great pleasure that I welcome all of you here today. In front of me is see the hope of the future. Many generations have passed through the halls of this school and many more will do so in the future. Today we celebrate the new witches and wizards who have completed their education; it has not been an easy time for these young ones. The second rise of the Dark Lord Voldemort as unfortunately tainted the years that these students were enjoying in this school. Thanks to a group of individuals the future generations will have a more peaceful time while being educated. Let us hope that this peace will last for many years."

Albus finished his speech and invited a few of his professors to come and address the crowd. As expected Severus announced his retirement as he was leaving with Shara to live in the Elvin world with their family. Sirius and Remus also announced their own retirement. They were heading for the Werewolf realm. Prince Joshua had made it clear that he wanted a few years with his wife where he could travel the world and he wanted Remus to take over the reins of his princely duties. Remus had reluctantly agreed. Only with the promise that Harry and Draco would come and visit often did he accept; and in a ceremony a few weeks ago he had become his Royal Highness Grand Prince of the werewolf realm and Sirius had become his prince consort. Their son was now crown prince. Both men looked forward to being able to help the new world that they had come to love.

Ron and Hermione were moving to the Elvin realm along with Severus, Shara, Harry and Draco, they would be staying at the royal palace. There they would have their own wing where they could raise their family. Hermione had no intentions to follow the twenty five year rule for raising children. She had already planned that her children would have at least two but no more then four years difference in their ages. So in a few months she planned on getting pregnant again. Being the princess of Vampires did have its privileges.

Hearing her name called Hermione went up on stage to make her head girl speech. A few minutes later Draco did the same as he was head boy. He had teased Harry about his superior intellect when he got the position and Harry had only responded with tricking him into bed for one of their very pleasurable romps. Harry had asked a breathless Draco who was now the superior intellect. Draco had just laughed and shut him up with a kiss making them forget all about head boy duties and such.

As Draco made his speech he could hear Harry chuckling in his mind reminding him of that very night. Draco finished his speech with a small blush. He would get back at his husband later. As the ceremony was about to end Headmaster Dumbledore made one final announcement.

"I would like for all of you to give a big hand of applause to the graduating class of 1997" A roar of applause and cat calls was heard through the school. As the noise went down the professor gave his final words.

"Now it is with both pleasure and sadness that I announce my own retirement." Gasps were head throughout the hall. "Yes it is time that I pass the reigns of this school over to some younger blood. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to your new Headmistress Minerva McGonagall." Now it was applause that could be heard. A blushing Minerva stood up and acknowledged the applause.

"It was one hundred and thirty nine years ago that I first came into these halls as an eleven year old boy. And I have been associated with it ever since. From the night I was sorted in my house of Slytherin up until today, I will always have fond memories of this place." People were shocked when they heard what house the world's most famous living wizard had been in. They would have never guessed that the leader of the light was a Slytherin.

Albus just chuckled when he saw the reaction of his friends. "Yes believe it or not, I was sorted in Slytherin. I was the fourth Slytherin to become headmaster of the school. Now it just goes to prove that you can't judge a person by his school house; they are always more then they appear. Now all I can say is thank you for giving me all these wonderful years. I will leave this school in capable hands."

Once the headmaster was done he finished the proceedings by inviting everyone to a final feast. Afterwards he too would move to the Elvin realm. He would live his final days in peace surrounded by the ones he loved the most.

After the meal was done everyone gave teary goodbyes to their saviors. Each promised to return for visits and to keep in touch. The four graduate students stood on the platform waving to their friends as the train left the station. It would be a long time before they would see them but they always would make sure to come back once a year to stay in contact with the human world.


Sirius and Remus were the first to leave. Sirius opened a portal to the werewolf realm and he sent their belongings in first. He turned around to get another good look at the school. So much had happened in his life. Between his years as a marauder, his twelve years in Azkaban, his marriage to Remus his soul mate and the birth of his son; his life had been anything but boring. Taking his godson in his arms he gave him a strong hug.

"I'll see you soon pup, remember that I'm just a portal away. Remember our kids have a play date once a week."

"I know Sirius, it just feel funny to know that I won't be seeing you everyday. I guess its all part of growing up." Harry returned his godfather's hug. "Take care of yourself Sirius and I'll see you in a week. I love you."

"Love you too pup, now go so I can kiss my little grand goddaughters goodbye." Harry laughed as he handed Sirius one of his girls. Remus was busy talking with Draco and making sure that he reminded Harry about the play dates.

"Now you know Draco how Harry isn't the best to remember things so I leave it up to you to remind him."

"Don't worry Remus I'll take good care of him and I'll always make sure he remembers his appointment." Draco smirked at seeing his husband glare at him. After everyone had said goodbye the Prince of werewolves and his family left through the portal.

The next to leave were Severus, Shara and their children, their goodbyes were shorter but just as tearful. The friends they had made in the wizarding world were dear to them.

When they were ready to leave Shara grabbed Severus' arm while they both held one child; with a snap of her finger they disappeared from view.

Ron and Hermione were the next to leave. Ron had a lump in his throat; saying goodbye to his human family the Weasleys was not easy. He had known them all his life and he loved them deeply. Hermione too had trouble saying goodbye to the Grangers. She was crying and holding on to her mom.

"Take care of each other Hermione. Please come back to see us. We will miss you terribly." Said Helen Granger.

"I will mom; I'll write to you and keep up updated on how we're doing."

After Ron had given a hug and kiss to everyone in his family he turned around and took his son and Hermione in his arms. He looked at Molly and winked at her. "I love you mum and I'll see you soon. I promise to come and visit at least once a month and if I can't then I'll let you know." After he gave his mother his final promise Ron snapped his fingers and his family was gone.

The last five to leave was Harry, Draco, their children and the Headmaster. Harry did the same as Sirius; He looked at the school on last time. Just like Sirius his time in Hogwarts had not been boring. The sorcerer's stone, the basilic, the dementors, the tri-wizard cup, the department of mysteries and his defeat of Voldemort at the end of his sixth year. His only year where he was able to finally enjoy himself had been in his seventh. Although it had been a busy year with NEWTS and his children he would have never traded it for anything else in the world.

After saying goodbye to the Weasley family who had practically adopted him and the member of the order of the Phoenix; they gathered around Harry who snapped his finger and with a pop the savior of the wizarding world was gone.


Albus Dumbledore lived another thirteen years in the Elvin world before he passed away. He went of to his next great adventure with a smile and surrounded by his family. Harry had been very sad to see the great man finally pass away but somehow as the headmaster gave his last breath Harry saw the ghostly forms of his parents greet the Headmaster's spirit. He smiled knowing that the old man would be in good hands.

Severus and Shara lived for the rest of their lives in the Elvin realm. Four more children would make it a total of six in all; two other sons and two girls. They lived for many years watching over the new Snape family. Severus lived to be one thousand and fifty years old. Shara decided to join her soul mate in the afterlife and in a beautiful elfish ceremony she joined her husband in death. Their children mourned their passing but they also saw the good side of things. Their parents would always be together.

Ron and Hermione both being immortal beings lived in the Elvin realm for the rest of their lives. They had five children who helped keep the peace with all races. They outlived all their friends but with the books that Hermione had written their memories would always be remembered.

Sirius and Remus lived in the werewolf realm for over two centuries before Remus passed away. Sirius lived another fifty years after the death of his husband. He lived to see his great-great grandson many times removed become Grand Prince of werewolves. The animagus was a great leader and when he joined his husband in death he did so quietly in his sleep. Remus had waited for him with their friends. When the two lovers were reunited their joy was felt all over the world.

Harry and Draco lived in peace with their friends; they split their time between the werewolf realm, human realm and Elvin realm. They had the six children they had wanted. Their son being born five months after their arrival in the realm; another set of twins, this time boys followed and their last child a little red head girl, who was the exact image of her grandmother Lily, was the last to join the family.

Never had there been such peace in the magical world; for over five hundred years the wizarding world lived with peace before another dark lord darkened the horizon. He had been quickly dealt with by a young witch who had been prophesized to do so. Harry and Draco watched as nineteen year old Camilia Weasley defeated the dark lord. Camilia was just as beautiful as her great grand mother Ginny Weasley. Ron had been very proud of his grand niece.

Both Harry and Draco lived to be almost seven hundred years old before they passed away on the same night holding each other. Both had lived a long life full of love where neither of them ever felt alone.