Viking Raid
By Icka! M. Chif

"Coming!" Yamino called, wiping his hands on a dishrag as he hurried to answer the doorbell's summons. "I'm sorry for the wait- Heimdall-san?!" His voice went up an octave as he got a good look at their guest.

It wasn't that having Heimdall over was unusual. Okay, it was, but that wasn't what made his eyes bulge out and his grip on the door suddenly turn white knuckled.

It was the fact that aside from one heavily chewed shield on one arm, the Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge was completely utterly stark raving naked. He wasn't even wearing his usual boots or gloves.

And completely at ease with this fact.

Heimdall tossed his head to the side, flicking violet hair away from his one visible eye. "Is Loki in?" He asked casually.

"Er, yes." Yamino cleared his throat, falling back into professionally driven manners. "He's up stairs in his office. If you'd care to come inside and state the purpose of this visit, I can go and get him for you."

"Don't bother." Heimdall waved him off as he stepped inside, the placid expression turning down right wicked. "I can get him myself."

With niceties out of the way, Heimdall raised both hands over his head and released a terrifying roar, making a mad dash up the stairs. "RAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Yamino blinked. "Oh, dear...."

"Yo, Megane!" The world serpent was distracted from the decision of going up and rescuing his father by the grinning appearance of Narugami, the ever-present Mjollnir resting over one shoulder. "What's up?"

"-AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Heimdall ran back out of the door, a wide-eyed black-clad bundle over one shoulder. He quickly disappeared down the street.

Yamino blinked.

Narukami blinked.

Yamino felt a headache coming on.

"Was that Heimdall?" Narugami inquired.


"He wasn't wearing any clothing, was he?"

"No, he was not."

"But that was a battered shield, yes?"


"And Loki over his shoulder?"

"It would appear."

"Okay. Just checking." Narugami nodded.

Yamino looked at the Thunder God, startled by the easy acceptance. "Do you think we should go after them?!"

"Nah." Narugami shrugged and brushed past him to walk into the house. "It's just a Viking Raid, Loki can handle it. Got any donuts?"


• Megane = Glasses

Berserker insane were fiercest of Viking Raiders, who went into melee combat wearing absolutely nothing and carrying bitten shields.
Why? I dunno, maybe they thought the size of their assets would frighten away everyone else. shrugs

Mental pic came from Hagar the Horrible's Guide to Viking Life. Blame Morgan for handing it to us to read.