Eye of the Storm

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Summary: Harry finds himself with the Order after his first year at Hogwarts, the rest of the summer he stays with his temperary legal guardian... Severus Snape.

Author: Me!

Series: This is my new series called 'The Storm'.

Authors Note: I have been reading a lot of Severitus stories but I'm not sure if this follows one or not. I dont ever really know what they are.

Authors Note#2: I will be updating my other series called 'the boy who lived' but I'm at sort of a writers block for that.

Authors Note#3: Things in italics are memories.

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"Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love, this is the eternal rule."


A young man was sitting behind his desk quietly fighting the turmoil that threatened to overwhelm him. It was Halloween, but most importantly it was the first anniversary of the destruction of the most dangerous wizard that ever lived. Sighing slightly the man closed his eyes only to open them instantly. He hated to close his eyes, the image of that night would replay over and over again in his mind.

The dark mark covered the space between the the heavens and the Potters house by the time he got there. Albus Dumbledore, Mad-eye Moody, and other 'Order' members had already arrived. The silence was bearing down on him so hard that it hurt his ears. Walking carefuly into the house he respectfully walked around three dead bodies. The man cringed as he looked at each in turn. James Potter, Lily Potter, and Sirius Black were all dead.Turning to face the stairs a very old looking man came down to greet him.

"Ah, there you are." He said solemnly, "I will be taking young Harry to his relatives now."

The younger man looked up surprisingly as the other walked over to him holding a baby boy.

"The child survived? But Albus, how is that possible?"

Albus Dumbledore looked at the sleeping baby then back to the younger man.

"I only have theories. Only theories." He said and walked out the door.

Covering up the body of James Potter he stopped to look at him. No visible scars or marks were seen, not even a bloody scratch. James' glasses had fallen off so he gently picked them up off the floor and placed them into the owners pocket. 'Not that he'll need them.' came a small voice from inside his head. After the cover was shielding all three victims he sat back on his heels.

"No one deserved that Potter. Not even you."


Looking up from his desk Severus Snape greeted the headmaster of Hogwarts School.

"What can I do for you Albus?"

The elder wizard looked grim as he took a seat across from his potions professor. Severus refused to meet his eyes.

"I was going to ask you the same question." Dumbledore said and watched the inner struggle that made the younger man sigh and slouch in his chair.

"It's been a year Albus, but I can still see it in my mind like it happened yesterday. James, Lily, Sirius, their bodies just laying there. And then the boy, that tiny baby defeated him." He stopped talking when he saw Dumbledore shaking his head.

"What do you mean?"

"Not defeated Severus."

The younger man shifted uncomfortably but sat straight up.

"So, it's not over?"

A small frown formed on Dumbledore's lips as he said quietly.

"We're not even close. This is just the eye of the storm."


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