Eye of the Storm

Chapter 17 - Never Know

Harry had trouble going to sleep that first night at the new order headquarters. He was sleeping in his old room but it had been charmed to enlarge and he had furniture and a desk with a workable light to do his homework. To think that only hours ago this house was in ruins and his aunt and uncle were killed by death eaters made Harry shiver. Turning over in his bed the savior of the wizarding world fell into a restless sleep.

Down the hall Severus Snape was having sleeping problems of his own, though it had nothing to do with the house or the thought of death eaters. Rolling over on his back Severus thought of the first time he ever saw Harry. The boy was sitting at one of the desks in his classroom next to Hermione Granger. He looked so much like James Potter and all he could think about was how he was tortured by him and his cronies in school. Then, Harry had been so innocent and content and now Snape could tell the change in the boy as he met the Dark Lord last school year.

In a moment of parental instinct Severus knew that Harry could never know. The only ones who could was himself and Dumbledore. If the truth was known by Harry his subconscious would override the charm placed on him, or so Dumbledore said, and he would look like is true self. That could and would be dangerous to both.

The next few weeks of summer vacation were going to be long ones and niether Harry nor Snape was going to get any sleep.


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