Another little short story that the lack of sleep caused me to write. needs to sleep more

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Ron was walking along, minding his own business when he passed by an empty classroom. Pausing, he thought he heard two voices coming from inside.

"You wanted to see my wand Potter?" It was the voice of Draco Malfoy.

"Yes, you don't know how long I've been wanting to."

"Well, I guess you're just going to have to wait some more beca-"

Ron held his hands to his mouth as he heard the distinct rustle of clothing being removed, quite roughly at that.

He heard Malfoy gasp a little breathlessly. "Potter, you're being so rough!"

"Its your own damn fault," Harry replied, his own voice a little hoarse. "the wait was starting to push me over the edge."

"You're so impatient." Malfoy groaned.

Ron was about to peek in when they started talking again.

"Wow.. its so smooth.." Harry said sighing.

"I am a Malfoy after all.."

They were silent again, until Malfoy began to groan loudly.

"Quit rubbing it would you, you act like you've never seen one before... unless, you do have one or your own right?"

"Yes of course I have one!" Harry said angrily. "See here it is!"

"My my Potter, a little aggressive now aren't you?"

"I'll show you aggressive-"

Ron heard a thump, there could be only one explanation..

"NOO!!! HARRY DONT DO IT!!" Ron screamed pushing the door wide open.

He blinked at the two boys who were in a very compromising position on the floor.


"Ron!" Harry screamed.

Just as abruptly as he had come in, he left, the door closely swiftly behind him.

Yes.. it was thosekinds of wands...


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