The Library

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Ron was staring across the library. Again. Ginny sighed wondering if her elder brother was ever going to wake up and realise his feelings for his long time best friend. Ron and Hermione had argued again, like every one else in the school Ginny now blocked out what the argument was supposedly about, since she, again like everyone else, knew what it was really about. Hermione had marched off to look for a book and Ron began to talk at Harry, who himself was staring off into space contemplating a loony friend of Ginny's, probably refusing to admit to himself that he was. Ginny gave an exasperated sigh at how oblivious boys are. It was getting to the point where she now began to believe that they did it simply to irritate her.

Ron, having ceased venting at a distracted Harry some moment's back, stared at his other best friend. Though of course he was not staring at her. In fact he was staring at the books which Hermione just happened to be examining. He was in fact considering the essay which he was writing for potions. After all he wanted a good grade. At this point even Ron's mind, which was by now well used to denying what was blatantly obvious, to the point at which even Snape was urging him to admit his feelings just to stop it from annoying him, failed to believe him. Ron suddenly noticed that every few moments that Hermione was glancing at him, with emotions plain enough on her face for even Ron to read. He had a moment of epiphany. From denying he felt anything for the girl, who in her sixth year had bloomed, he now moved to realising that he was hopelessly in love and even beginning to hope that his feelings might be returned. Ron had never been known for deep contemplation before embarking on an action, and now he moved quickly, as he saw Hermione vanishing further back into the bookcases.

Hermione stood, her flash of anger having cooled, attempting to be engrossed in Jane Austen. However as she glanced up at Ron at approximately every third sentence, she was aware that a book which mentioned romance was not the best reading material in her state of mind. From across the room she spotted Ginny giving her a clear look, Ginny had become very fond, since Hermione's own fifth year, of giving her these looks. Half of Hermione's mind was almost indignant at the fact that she, one of the most intelligent witches Hogwarts had ever seen, could be turned into an emotional wreck by a boy who had never even heard of Jane Austen. Unfortunately the other half of her brain was singing 'Mrs Hermione Granger- Weasely, Mrs Hermione Weasely, Hermione Weasely', and naming the redheaded children who skipped around her brain. She decided not to torment herself any further and moved so that Ron was out of sight, As she busied herself in a quiet corner of the library she suddenly felt a shadow fall over her book. She turned around to see Ron standing over her, looking at her in a way which made her tremble. "Hermione I... know...I feel", he began. Hermione after a normal argument would have jumped in with a cool put-down. But she couldn't quite control her vocal cords at the moment. Ron looked at her a second more, before swiftly moving down to capture her lips in his. His lips were soft and warm, and her brain stopped working. He moved away and ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes fixed on hers. Hermione touched her lips, then touched his face and smiled. She began to formulate her thoughts into a question which was dismissed for later as his arms moved around her waist and his face moved down to hers.

The End