Chapter 11

There was an obscene amount of light pouring into the large room. The curtains were fully drawn letting all of the early morning sun in. Normally, sunlight did not bother the boy. Nothing did, really. But today, it was his bane. It wasn't too long ago he awoke and at that time the sun was elsewhere in the sky. It took the boy a few moments to remember what happened to him, why he was in his bed, but slowly it all came back to him. Shishio had stabbed him in the side for being a little too free with his tongue. So quickly was he struck, he didn't even see or hear it coming. It was not a fatal wound, but it wasn't exactly a scratch, either.

Soujirou squinted and tried to move his head, but it did nothing to lessen the assault of light on his eyes. Slowly, he grabbed the top of his sheets and tried to lift them over his head, but the action caused pain to shoot through his entire body. He bit his lower lip to muffle his cry, all the while, he mentally cursed himself. How could he make such a miscalculation with Shishio? He knew his statement was bold. Yes, it was far too bold. But, he had to get his master's attention. He was falling victim to Karma Chameleon. The great Shishio Makato would have been brought down by a mere woman if he has not acted. No, that would not do. Soujirou meant every word he said; if it came down to it, he would kill Shishio before he allowed someone else to lead him to Hell.

"You really are foolish, boy," Yumi said in a clear, calm voice. The young man did not hear when she entered.

"Could you please close the curtains? It is too bright," Soujirou requested.

Yumi moved from the doorway to the boy assassin's bed, her geta clicking on the hardwood floor. She gazed down at him, her face expressionless. He turned to her, his eyes were almost pleading. A part of her wanted to leave him writhing, but instead, she walked over to the window slowly and closed the curtains. Now, only the lamps near his bed emitted any light and instantly, Soujirou felt more relaxed.

"Better?" the older woman asked.

"Hai," the boy said, motioning for her to come closer.

"You slept for a whole day, you know. You lost a lot of blood. Why did you anger Shishio-sama?" the woman asked, sitting at the end of his bed. She was worried about him.

"I wanted him to discover the truth on his own. I guess I did too good a job of it, eh?" Soujirou said with a chuckle, but he quickly stopped when the pain ripped through his body.

If Shishio had wanted to kill him, he could have. The assassin, known for his god-like speed, did not see the weapon until it was planted firmly into his side. He had no chance to defend himself and he would have never known what hit him. But Shishio did want him to know what hit him and why. The loyal servant barely escaped with his life. His master had done it on purpose. There was no way the assassin could strike out against the spies in his condition. And Shishio, knowing his minion as well as he did, knew the boy would kill them.

"They are still alive," Yumi continued. "I am not sure why, but they are. He has not even incarcerated them."

Soujirou sighed deeply. This was very disappointing. Not even incarcerated? Here he laid in his bed, barely surviving his wounds…he, a loyal servant while those traitors remained unscathed? It was outrageous. But, he couldn't let it show. The boy had learned from a very tender age that humans were quite unreliable, illogical and sadistic. Shishio had shown him a man could act with reason, but even he was not immune to the vices of human nature. Then, the question came to him.

"Why haven't you killed them?"

"Me?" Yumi asked, placing her hand on her chest. He couldn't have been serious. "I haven't the skill."

"Yes, you do," the boy reassured her.

"I am no martial artist. I am decent enough with my dirk, but that's only to defend myself. There's no way," Yumi said quietly, lowering her head with her shame. Her lack of skill was a sore spot with her. Yumi felt as if she was useless. She did not have the strength or endurance for physical activities outside of those involving pleasure.

"Come now. As a woman, I'm sure you know that sometimes the subtle approach is the most effective," Soujirou said with a smile.

Suddenly, understanding lit Yumi's face. She didn't have to wield a metal weapon. She could use poison! Of course it was the most logical answer to their dilemma as it would not involve any kind of violence. But what kind of poison? Where would she get it from and how would she make sure they ingested it. Oh, she would find a way.

"How do I do this?" Yumi asked, again unsure of herself.

Soujirou motioned for Yumi to move in closer to him. She inched from her position lower on the bed. When she was close enough, the woman leaned her body towards his. She placed a hand on his chest and they were nearly cheek to cheek. From this position, Soujirou silently noted the fine view he got of Yumi's ample bosom. Noting this, Yumi was about to complain when she felt a small object being pressed into her hand. She was surprised, for she did not see the boy search for anything or even move, but she tried to not let her shock show on her face.

"Use this," he said in a low voice. "Find some reason to get them all in the same room. Do not worry about Shishio-sama. This will not affect him in any way I wouldn't want it to. It will kill the traitors."

Yumi merely nodded her understanding and clasped her hand around the vile. She would have to be strong in these next few hours. Then, she would have everything she ever wanted: respect and a true place at Shishio-sama's side. And the bitch would be dead.

Kissing the boy on the forehead gently, Yumi rose from the bed and straightened her pink silk kimono. In doing so, she secreted this vile on her person.

"I will come and check on you later," she said respectfully, then quietly left the room.

Soujirou waited until he heard the door shut before he did something he rarely did. He laughed. It was barely more than a chuckle, but it was a laugh all the same. How easy it was to get the woman to do his bidding. It was a good thing, though, since his master had temporarily incapacitated him. Indeed, Shishio was clever, but the apprentice always surpassed the teacher. The boy had learned from the best, and indeed, he was the better tactician.

Yumi, continued down the hall with an air about her. She was confident, confident that she could accomplish the task at hand. She had never felt surer about anything in her life. With Shinta and the bitch dead, there would be nothing that could come between her and her dearest Shishio-sama. She would have proven herself to be the most loyal and the most dedicated of all his followers.

And the bitch would die.

The corners of her mouth turned up into a delightful smile as she pictured the beautiful, powerful, deadly "Paloma" writhing in pain as the poison tore her insides apart. Yes, all that beautiful red hair tousling about her sweat-drenched face, her eyes clamped shut in unimaginable pain. There was nothing Yumi desired more, well, almost nothing she desired more, than to see Paloma suffer.

Stopping at a chamber door, Yumi did not ask permission to enter. She simply opened the door to reveal "Paloma" by her large window, practicing some skill. Dark eyes narrowed and shot an evil stare at the concubine.

"Why have you barged in here unannounced?" Kaoru demanded, completely outraged by the woman's behavior.

Her question was however ignored. "Your presence is required in Shishio-sama's quarters within the hour," was all Yumi said as she turned on her heels and left.

Kaoru was puzzled. Never had she seen that particular glow in Yumi's eyes. She was up to some sort of mischief, something more sinister than usual. It was no coincidence that the boy assassin was missing in action as well. There was rumors Shishio killed him, but the spy knew that was not the case. The boy had been on to her and Kenshin and revealed this information to his master. Shishio either believed him and struck at him for letting the spies get too close or did not believe him and struck out for his employees accusation. Either case, Kaoru knew the time for her to strike was near. Kenshin and Shisho had to be exterminated before her cover was blown. If her identity was ever revealed, she would have a bevy of assassins on her tail just clawing at the chance to off her.

And that shit just wasn't going to happen.

Kaoru walked towards her bathroom, deciding a nice, hot shower was in order. She needed to think out exactly how she was going to go about killing Shishio in about an hour. She had dreamt of the many ways, but now it was time to pick one. Her options would be limited, she thought as she picked up some bobby pins on the sink and pinned up her hair. It was possible she had to kill him with her bare hands. He would be able to sense any hidden weapons on her, and there was no doubt he would be immune to poison. His pet, Soujirou, would have seen to it. There was no choice but to take him by surprise. Kaoru did not want to take the man to her bed, but she couldn't rule that possibility out. Removing her sports bra and exercise pants, Kaoru wrapped a towel around her body and reached through the shower curtain to turn the shower on. At that moment, her senses tingled and she began to jump back, but it was too late.

A hand grabbed her wrist like a vice and pulled her into the shower, the curtain rings clinging violently and she struggled against her attacker. The appropriate pressure was applied to the base of her wrist so that pain was shooting through her arm. Kaoru bit her bottom lip and attempted to focus her energy. Instead of fighting against the obviously stronger person, she allowed herself to be pulled into the shower. In doing so, she was able to reverse the energy of her attack and loosen the grip on her wrist. At that moment, she looked her attacker in her eye. It was none other than Kenshin.

His look was a cold one, the face of a killer.

"You are too easily distracted," Kenshin said as he tried to tighten his grip again. However, Kaoru was too quick and far too aware to be trapped again. As she got control of her left hand, she used the right to turn on the hot water, drenching them both and making her slippery. Kenshin growled as he clawed at his prey, and in the process he tore the towel from Kaou's form.

It was now Kenshin who was distracted, for the female assassin's lush, feminine form was far from resistible. Flashbacks of the passion they shared ran through his mind for a brief second, brief enough for Kaoru's knee to connect with his groin. Kenshin doubled over and the woman jumped out of the shower, grabbing her discarded clothing as she moved. She put on the garments as quickly as she could, knowing her foe would be at her heels. Sure enough, just as she pulled her pants up, she was pushed to the floor.

Kenshin's eyes glowed amber as he sat atop Kaoru, straddling her form. He had a dagger in his hands, trying to drive it through her heart. Kaoru had to use all her strength to keep him from his goal, but slowly, she began to falter. As his momentum pushed him down onto her, Kaoru shifted her weight to one hip and pushed Kenshin off of her and onto his back. The reversal caught him by surprise, but it shouldn't have knowing this woman's skills set.

Kaoru was relentless with her blows. She punched Kenshin with all her body weight behind each blow to the temple and chin, her sharp knees digging into his sides. Her thighs held him like a vice and she dealt blow after angry blow. She was outraged. Outraged that this man thought he could kill her. The fire in her eye told Kenshin he had to get her off of him quickly or he would be seriously injured. Quite the turn of events, for he thought to quickly dispose of the Karma Chameleon. He could not let the woman kill his mark. To do so would risk his pay check and perhaps his life. And to let her live, no matter how sweet her body, was simply not an option. Spies prided themselves on the ability to not be detected. Once one knew their secret, the offending party had to be disposed of.

So, the pair was at war and by some miracle, Kenshin was able to grab one of Kaoru's wrists and pull her close to him. He attempted an arm bar, but she was too fast. Kicking him in the kidney, Kaoru shot off the floor and got in a defensive stance. Kenshin rose also, breathing deeply from his exertion.

"So, you thought you could kill me?" Kaoru spat.

"No," Kenshin replied calmly.

Kaoru cocked a puzzled brow.

"I know I can kill you," he said as sped towards her, aiming for her chin.

Seeing the attack, Kaoru took a small step back and pivoted her body. She countered with a shot to Kenshin's side as he passed. Barely flinching, the man turned and landed two well-placed side kicks that Kaoru definitely felt. Quick, however, she performed a sweep kick, knocking Kenshin to the floor on his stomach. Having already tasted her grappling skills, the male assassin quickly rose to his knees and tried to get off the floor, but Kaoru's knee connected with his chin and he found himself on his back. Like a tigress, the female assassin pounced on her prey, however Kenshin was quick enough to throw her off. Kaoru fell into a roll and when she turned towards Kenshin, he was charging at her with a blade. The look in her eyes made him pause. He was no fool. The opportunity had left him and he was on her turf, in her room. If he charged, she would have some other nasty move in store. This assassin would not be easy to dispatch, indeed, she was probably his equal. He had to think.

"What are you waiting for?" Kaoru yelled, pissed off that that man was trying to ruin her plans.

"I have a proposition for you," Kenshin said quickly.

"Why would you need to make a proposition when you're so sure you can kill me?" Kaoru mocked. "I need nothing from you except your head on a silver platter!"

Kaoru moved at lightning speed, catching Kenshin off-guard. Her speed increased the force behind her punches, and quickly, Kenshin found himself crashing into the wall and he heard the distinct cracking of ribs. With her victim on the floor, Kaoru placed her foot on his chest, grinding on his injured ribs. Kenshin, not to be outdone, grabbed Kaoru by her Achilles tendon. She immediately stopped, knowing that a false move would end her career and her life. Kenshin smiled sadistically at her.

"So, how about that proposition?" Kenshin asked.

"How about you eat me…" Kaoru grit through her teeth and Kenshin increased the pressure on her tendon.

"As much as I'd like to do that again," Kenshin said as he slid his other hand up her calve, "I think we need to talk."

"Ok," Kaoru ground out. Of course, she had no intention of discussing anything.

Knowing what was on her mind, for it would have been on his, Kenshin made Kaoru fall, keeping his grip on her tendon. Slowly, he rose and dragged her over towards a chair. Kaoru shrieked with her outrage, but did not fight him much. When she got up she was going to throttle him until his face turned blue and he evacuated his bowel.

"Now," Kenshin said as he sat heavily in the chair, "since I have your attention…I think you know that we are wasting our time trying to kill each other. "

"You're the only one wasting time. If I had been the one sneaking in the shower you would be dead," Kaoru said with a smirk on her face.

"Well, that's all up for debate. However, now I have you in a precarious position, but I don't fare much better. I've no doubt you could still attack if I sliced you right here," Kenshin applied pressure to her tendon for emphasis, " and then we'd both be two assassins that missed their mark."

"What are you getting at?" Kaoru demanded. She was tiring of this nonsense and at the moment she had a clear shot at Kenshin's groin. However, he did pique her interest.

"An accident," Kenshin said simply.

Aggravated, Kaoru took the shot Kenshin's unprotected groin and she was quickly released. As the male assassin was doubled over in pain, she stood up and flexed her foot.

"An accident? I didn't come all this way to cause an accident," Kaoru started to rant, but at that moment, her door flew open and again it was Yumi disturbing her. "What the fuck do you want now?'

"I figured I'd find Shinta in here with you. Follow me immediately to Shishio's chambers, both of you!" the usually meek Yumi barked.

Shocked by the authoritative tone, the pair complied and without a word, following her out. At that point, Kenshin sensed what Kaoru had sensed earlier. The concubine knew something and surely it was to the two assassins' detriment. What could it be, however? Kenshin knew that Soujirou had been suspicious, but he could not believe his cover was truly blown. Unless, of course, the boy convinced the jilted Yumi otherwise. The normally short walk seemed to take forever; Yumi's geta seemed to be like the beating of a drum almost, announcing pending doom. This would be an interesting affair.

Yumi stopped in front of the door and knocked upon it three times. When a muffled voice was heard, she opened the door and let the pair of assassins go in before her. In the room, Shishio was reclined upon a bed of brightly colored pillows as a very plump, very naked girl fed him an apricot. Yumi did not look phased as she shut the door and took her place at Shishio's side. No, she looked quite satisfied, Kaoru and Kenshin noted.

As the pair knelt before Shishio, he silently noticed their disheveled appearance. Had they been fighting? Had they been fucking? Had they been plotting his doom? So many questions, but there was one he wanted to ask them more than any other. Shishio held his hand up to halt the servant from feeding him another piece of fruit and his gaze bore down on the two in front of him.

"Are you spies?" Shishio asked in a cold voice.

Before Kenshin could say anything, Kaoru was prostrated at Shishio's feet, her head touching his foot. Kenshin resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"If I may speak?" Kaoru asked.

"You may," replied Shishio, his tone was almost musical.

"If you believe me to be a spy, then please, end my humble life now…but please do not insult me by asking that question. I live to be your killer. You are my master and I am just a servant, your slave," Kaoru said in a tone so genuine it threw even Yumi off.

"And you," Shishio said, looking at Kenshin, "Do you make the same proclamation? You do not have to do it as gracefully as my dove."

"Hai, Shishio-sama," was the simple reply.

Shishio looked at the pair as if he was considering their words. Of course, he trusted Soujirou. He would not doubt the boy for a second. However, he could not make it appear as such. He wanted to catch the vermin in the act. He wanted to let them think they had a chance and at the very last moment, separate their heads from their shoulders. Especially the woman's. Shishio looked over at Yumi a brief moment and smiled. She was the only woman he could trust. He was foolish to dally with the others…but Yumi was so appealing when she was angry. Today, however, the little piece he plopped before her didn't even make her raise a brow. Peculiar, Shishio thought, but perhaps she was focused on punishing the traitors just as he was.

"Rise, Paloma. I simply had to make sure. Yumi, will you pour us some wine?" Shishio asked of his faithful woman.

Yumi bowed politely and scurried off to do as she was bid. A few moments later, she returned with five glasses, one for everyone in the room. The plump serving girl was surprised by the generosity of Yumi, who was known to be horrifically jealous. She had the good grace to cover herself with a thin cotton yukata, though it still left little to the imagination.

Kenshin and Kaoru both eyed the class speculatively, thinking Yumi was just a little too eager. Surely it was poisoned, but did she not pour the wine from the same bottle? Perhaps she knew which glass was laced? That had to be it. Thinking quickly, Kaoru bowed and moved to where the older woman was.

"Let me help you with that," Kaoru said sweetly and she took the tray before Yumi could protest.

It mattered little to Yumi. Even if she got the drink that was poisoned, at least one of the spies would die and Shishio would dispatch the other to doom quickly enough. At least that's what she hoped. Shishio was amused by the sudden submissive attitude of "Paloma". It was all for naught, of course, and he quickly took one of the wine glasses. Yumi looked alarmed as Shishio picked up one that was laced. However, the boy ensured their master's safety, so she tried to relax. Kaoru also picked up a poisoned glass, as did Kenshin. It was the little whore that got the clean glass along with Yumi.

"A toast," Shishio proclaimed, " to the future."

"May I join this toast?" a voice asked.

Everyone turned to the door and there stood Soujirou. He was heavily bandaged and in obvious pain, but the smile never left his face.

"Of course! Yumi, one more glass, please. Sit, sit boy!" Shishio ordered.

Soujirou was dressed in royal blue pants and shirt, the heavy bandaging visible beneath the lightweight cotton. No one dared to mention how he got his wounds, else they risk getting a similar ones. The boy nodded politely at the plump girl and then at Yumi when she brought him his glass of wine.

"Now that we are all here…to the future!" Shishio said as he raised his glass and all the others followed. Shishio drank his wine deeply was the others sipped tentatively.

Yumi looked nervous as she noticed how slowly the spies drank. From her work as a courtesan, she knew how to give the appearance of drinking without ever swallowing. This skill helped her stay sober while her clients got mindlessly drunk. They knew. She would be on their list now. Why was think happening? It wasn't going according to her plans at all!

Sudden coughing tore the concubine from her thoughts. She looked at Kaoru and Kenshin, but they were only clearing their throats. Shishio, however, was hacking violently. Throwing the wine glass to the ground, he clawed his convulsing body over towards the horrified Yumi.

"SHISHIO-SAMA!" she screamed as she pulled his form into her lap. She was crying hysterically as Shisho grabbed at his throat and gasped for air. He knew it was over. Those fuckers succeeded. They poisoned him. What a mundane way to die, he thought as he felt his life begin to leave him. But, he was in the lap of his favorite woman and Soujirou would be there to avenge him. He wanted to be angry, but he had not the energy. The poison had taken it all away.

"Yumi-dono," Shishio whispered as he took his hand and roughly placed it on his woman's cheek. "I loved …. you…you best of all. I trust you…to kill…trust…"

The light in Shishio's eyes had flicked out, and his hand flopped to the floor. Yumi sat deadly still, so still all wondered if she had died of shock. But, the blood-curdling scream that came moments there-after let them know she was alive.

"Shishio-sama….Shishio-sama," she cried as she shook his body, trying to wake him up. He couldn't be dead! How could this happen? He was supposed to be immune! "SHISHIO-SAMA!"

The full-figured girl was crying softly at the scene, while the others sat stone cold, including Soujirou. At this, the two spies cocked a brow.

"HOW?" Yumi screamed at the boy. "How did this happen?! You said he would be fine!"

Soujirou smiled a purely sadistic smile. "No. I said the poison would not to anything I wouldn't want it to do to Shishio," he said.

Then he began to laugh as understanding ran across Yumi's face. She had been tricked into killing the only man she truly loved. And the boy, he meant to do it. He wanted the poison to kill the traitors, all of them. And Shishio was a traitor in his eyes.

He rationalized that there was no reason for the two spies to be living except Shishio's judgment was still being clouded by the female. Despite the evidence presented to him, Shishio would not make a move to harm his precious "Dove". But, Soujirou was prepared to fix all of that. The night he presented the dossier of "Paloma" to his master, he had placed some poison in Shishio's drink. Not enough to make him ill, but enough to kill him almost instantly when he drank the second poison in the vile he gave to Yumi. The two spies would die a much slower, more painful death, but they would still be dead within the hour. It was not the end he wanted, but it was an ending none the less. He would not allow Shishio to continue disgracing them with his indecision.

However, the boy made one miscalculation. Yumi was too obvious with the poisoned drinks, and the spies did not ingest any of it at all. After taking a few false sips, they spit the laced beverage back into the glass. Instead of dealing with two dying assassins, he had two very pissed, very healthy ones. And in his state, even with his skill, disposing of them would be difficult.

"It was a good try," Kaoru said, as if reading the boys thoughts. "You were the first to get close, but this is as close as you get. I will kill you now."

Kenshin stood up and eyed Kaoru. "Who said you get to kill him?" he asked, speaking as if the boy wasn't even there. This annoyed him quite a bit.

Kaoru smirked. "Ladies always go first."

"Since we both know you are not a lady," Kenshin said in an amused tone, "that means I will kill him."

"No! I will kill him!" Yumi screamed as she plunged the dirk she kept in her obi repeatedly into Soujirou's back. "I will kill him! I will kill him! I will kill him!"

Yumi was like one possessed. Her weapon moved swiftly and deftly into its target. Indeed, it seemed her sanity left her and all she could fathom was revenge. The boy tricked her. Who would she have now? Who would love her? Shinta's affection was all a hoax. She killed the man that admitted his love to her with his dying breath. He said he trusted her, yet she was the one tricked into killing him.

"Die already! Why won't you fucking die!" Yumi screamed as she continued to plunge her dirk into the boy. Previously injured and now mortally wounded, there was nothing he could or wanted to do to protect himself. His blue shirt slowly began turning a dark purple as his blood soaked and stained it. That same blood gushed from his back and covered Yumi's face.

Soujirou finally dropped to his knees. He was dying. Was he happy to die? Did he really care if he died? No and no, he decided quickly as he slipped to the floor.

"I guess…I was not the better tactician," he said slowly as the darkness began to take over.

"Nope," was all Kaoru said as she walked away from the scene. Kenshin grabbed her arm.

"Where the hell do you think you're going? You can't leave a witness," he yelled, motioning to Yumi direction.

"You said you wanted to kill. Kill her. Crazy bitches are not my thing," Kaoru said with a wink as she darted towards the window.

Kenshin was hot on her trail and with unsurprising speed, grabbed her by the ankle just before she was able to leap out of the window. Kaoru fell ungracefully to the floor with a loud thud; the wind temporarily knocked out of her. On the floor, the pair struggled wildly, each trying desperately to kill the other. Kenshin thought he had the advantage as he was sprawled over the female spy. However, Kaoru's grappling skills saved her from the various holds her fellow spy tried to place her in.

Yumi's blank eyes focused on the scene before her. This was her opportunity to kill them both. While everyone knew she carried a dagger, no one knew she carried a gun. Slowly, as to not draw attention to herself, Yumi reached for her weapon, which was tucked in her obi close to the back of her right hip. With surprisingly steady hands, she aimed.


The shots rang out and both Kaoru and Kenshin's eyes grew wide with shock. Turning their heads, they saw Yumi. Her arm was now limp, the gun falling out of her hand. Then, she dropped to her knees as the blood began to trickle from her lip.

"Shishio-sama, gomen nasi," were her last words as she fell to the floor.

Behind her fallen body, the pair could see Soujirou. He was on the floor, his body barely moving with his shallow breaths. He placed the gun he had in his hand on the floor unsteadily and used the last of his strength to smile one of his unsettlingly calm smiles. Then, as if a candle had been snuffed, the life left his eyes and Soujirou died.

There was an eerie silence in the room now. The two spies glanced and the bodies that littered the floor as if they expected another to rise unexpectedly. Kaoru checked the pulse of Shishio, Yumi and the boy. Satisfied all were truly dead, Kaoru picked up the gun Sourjirou left on the group and pointed it at Kenshin. Quickly, Kenshin drew his own weapon.

"Well," Kenshin said casually, "seems it's just us two."

"That's how it seems," Kaoru replied.

Before either could pull the trigger, the large wooden doors to Shisho's chamber exploded, sending splintered wood in all directions.

"Fuck! Now what?" Kaoru exclaimed as she moved towards the window.

"The cavalry has finally arrived," Kenshin remarked dryly.

"This is not over, you know," Kaoru said as Shishio's private bodyguards piled into the now-smoky room.

"Of course it isn't, I haven't killed you yet," Kenshin said with a wink as he dove out of the window.

Kaoru leaned out and saw Kenshin on a balcony three floors below. Determining the distance she had to drop, Kaoru cocked her gun back with a smile as Kenshin burst through the window below.

"No, it is I you haven't killed you yet," the female assassin whispered into the breeze as she gave chase.

The End

And I seriously couldn't think of a better place to end it than here. I have been writing this fic for a very, very long time. It wasn't supposed to take this long to complete as I had always planned it to be only ten chapters. I, however, did not plan on the severe lack of time I would have as I continued on in college. I hope you all enjoyed the action, sensuality and, yes, even the over-the-top perfection and cockiness of the spies. I certainly had fun writing it.