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She sighed. Working for the Preventers wasn't as fun as they had made it seem in the presentations they showed recruits. But then again, she was now a secretary for Lady Une. Her partner was off for two months due to an injury he acquired in one of their missions. 'Damn Heero, perfect soldiers dont get hurt.' It's not like she didn't know what the real reason for his absence was, but she wasn't a gossip, and resented him for being able to get off. She had to wait a couple of months till she got her vacation. 'Thanks a lot Yuy.'

She sighed. 25. 25. 25. The number just rang in her head incessantly. In two weeks she would be 25. How had her life come to this? Shouldn't she be out spending her money recklessly along with the other careless, stupid, good looking rich people? Granted, working for the Preventers had its quirks, but to be just a secretary now, to be taken out of where the action was, that was just preposterous. "When did picking up the phone and filing papers become rocket science?" she wondered aloud. This remark got her a few glares from the people around her. She made a small sound that sounded like a chuckle and turned her head. Just when she was going to get up to get some coffee the phone rang.

"Preventers, Sector 4, how may I help you?" she answered. 'I sound like one of the maids that used to pick up the phones in my house.' "Yes, I'll make the connection right away." She put the person on hold and proceeded to inform Lady Une. She took the call and Dorothy hung up.

'Now where was I? Oh, right, me turning 25.' She sighed and shook her head. Everyone she knew turned 25 gracefully. Agent Maxwell threw a big bash, where she got drunk. 'That was actually fun, except for the fact that I woke up naked next to the birthday boy. Thank God that by then he had broken it off with that black haired girl,or else it would have been hell.' She remembered distinctly that Agent Chang didn't leave his house until after his birthday had passed. She also heard that Sally Po had been with him in his house. She smirked, 'So much for his hate of women.'. Trowa Barton, was well, Trowa Barton. Quiet and agile. No one even knew his birthday had passed until his sister had mentioned it. She didn't know when exactly Heero Yuy's birthday was, not that she cared to find out. 'Stupid Yuy, 2 months off! Relena no doubt had her way with how much time he had off.' She rolled her eyes and looked at her watch. 'One hour till my break. Could today go any slower?'. Quatre Raberba Winner had a ball in his honor thrown to him by ESUN. She had attended, and had in fact danced with the guest of honor. After that she had left to her house due to personal business, or so everyone thought. Truth be told she didn't really know why she had left, but had felt relieved when she did. When she finally snapped out of her train of thought and got up to get that cup of coffee she so badly needed, the phone rang again. 'What is this? A hotel?'. She grabbed the receiver with force and answered.

"Preventers, Sector 4, how may I help you?". She didn't want to help anyone, she just wanted coffee. Was that too much to ask?

"Report to my office immediately Agent Catalonia." With that, the line went dead. Dorothy sighed, and turned. Just about as she was about to reach for the doorknob she turned on her heel and began walking into the office on the other side of the hall. 'Une can wait, my coffee can't.' She began walking faster until she reached the little room. She turned to the coffee maker and took a cup. She filled it and put two sugars in it and sipped a little bit. 'Heaven' she sighed. She exited the room instantly and walked to Lady Une's office. When she reached the door and was about to turn the knob she was startled when the door opened itself. On the other side was Lady Une, with a glare that would shame Heero Yuy's.

"I called you two minutes ago, what was the delay?' Lady Une said as headed for her desk.

Dorothy entered the room and closed the door behind her. 'What? Is she going to have a heart attack over two minutes?'. "I was getting some much needed coffee." She answered. Lady Une lowered her glasses and glared at Dorothy.

"Are you telling me that coffee is more important than an order from your superior?" Une asked, not at all entertained by Dorothy's lack of discipline. 'She wants to get fired, to bad she won't get her way' Lady Une thought delightfully.

"Of course," answered Dorothy. "Now, what services do you require from me?" Dorothy asked as she sat on the seat opposite to Lady Une. 'If she called me in here to tell me to get her another danish like she did last time, I swear I'm not responsible for my words' she thought, annoyed.

Lady Une straightened herself and took out a file out of her desk drawer. "Quatre Raberba Winner, head of the Winner Enterprises is in need of a new bodyguard. We found out that his former bodyguard, Richard Roberts, was leaking information to the press about Mr.. Winner's private and economic affairs. That as you know is a direct offence of the Preventer's Code of Conduct. Mr.. Winner must always be watched due to his status in the ESUN and his role in the Eve's War. He is a highly influential figure among the Preventer staff, and I'd rather have him alive, not dead."

Dorothy looked at Lady Une with a smirk. "In other words, the richest man on this side of the solar system needs a babysitter because you don't want someone who periodically gives money to the ESUN and the Preventers dead. You could just have said that you want his money guarded, not him." She didn't really see why this was of any interest to her, but she intently listened to whatever Une had to say. Anything was better than pretending to be a pleasant secretary.

"Right." Lady Une said and looked straight at Dorothy.

Dorothy took a sip of her coffee and relished its taste in her mouth. 'Heaven' she thought to herself. "I suppose you want me to find good Preventer officers to take care of Mr.. Winner, and can keep things to themselves. But right off the bat I can tell you that your best bet would be to send in Trowa Barton. From what I heard, they became very close during the Eve's War." She stopped for a second. "VERY close." She said as s he chuckled. That's not the only thing she had heard, but then again she wasn't one to believe rumors. From what she had read Quatre R. Winner had become quite the playboy. How that ever came to pass, she had no idea. She doubted that he was a playboy, but then again, you never know.

"It seems you're not understanding Dorothy." Lady Une said with a twinkle in her eye. Dorothy looked at her with a perplexed look on her face. "I have assigned you to be his new bodyguard."

Dorothy didn't even bother trying to hide her surprise and annoyance. "What do you mean I'm his new bodyguard? I'm your secretary. I'm indispensable. I have a partner that's coming back in two months. I simply cannot accept. My sincere apologies."

Lady Une looked at Dorothy with an amused look. She knew this would get her. "As I recall, Heero Yuy won't be coming back for another two months. You hate being my secretary, and as you so aptly described to me yesterday, you wanted to be where the action was. This, Dorothy, is where the action is."

"I didn't mean that kind of action." Dorothy said through gritted teeth.

"We also don't want anyone to know that Mr.. Winner will be accompanied by a bodyguard. There is no need to alarm the press, or his family." Lady Une added.

"That's exactly why you should send Trowa Barton. They're great friends." Dorothy implied shamelessly. "And besides, I think you're forgetting out little Libra incident that landed Mr..Winner in the hospital for a month."

"And I think you're forgetting the frenzy that followed your dance with him at this birthday celebration. Rumors were flying left and right about how you two were involved." Lady Une said, her voice giving away her feelings of irritation.

'I knew there was a reason for why I left that ball right away. Last thing I need is another scandal.' Dorothy sighed. She had no other choice, other than to quit or stay and be Lady Une's personal danish deliverer. "Fine. But tell me why you didn't give the job to Trowa Barton." she inquired.

Lady Une sighed. "Mr.. Winner and Agent Barton had a falling out a couple of months ago, after Mr.. Winner broke off his relationship with Catherine Bloom." Dorothy remembered hearing about it from Relena. Things turned ugly towards the end of that relationship. They had made quite a couple. "Anyways, have your things ready by tomorrow morning. The shuttle leaves for L4 at 0800 hours." Lady Une informed Dorothy and turned to her computer screen. "You may clear out your desk right away." With that she passed Dorothy the file on Quatre and turned back to her work.

"You couldn't just say 8:00 a.m.?" Dorothy asked as she left the room.