Luke Can Waltz

Summary: What exactly was going through Lorelai's mind while she experienced her first dance with Luke? A descriptive piece on the scene from "Last Week Fights, This Week Tights".

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"You wanna dance?"

She heard the words, she saw his mouth moving, but her brain was still struggling to believe it was true. Had Luke actually just asked her to dance?


"Yeah," he responded simply.

"Umm, you said before you don't dance," she replied, all the while wondering how on earth she had ended up here, like this, with Luke. She still didn't believe it was actually going to happen. She figured something would happen, he'd burst out laughing, admitting he had no idea how to dance and how stupid was she to fall for it, or the phone would ring with some drama to deal with somewhere, or..

"Well I'm a compulsive liar."

She shook her head. Wha? So he can dance, but he doesn't want to? Wait, that Crazy Carrie person was the one asking before. Ok, so he was lying to her, but he's not lying now, right?

"Umm, ok yeah, let's dance." Oh my god, I'm going to dance with Luke. Oh my GOD! Ok, don't burst out laughing, do NOT laugh. He will kill you. He offered her his hand, and it took a millisecond to realise she was supposed to take it. Oh god, there's no way I'm gonna get through all of this without laughing. Come on Lorelai, suck it up. He was taking her other hand, and sliding his right arm around her waist. Ooh, that tickles. She was practically biting her lip to prevent the giggles from escaping, but then he started the simple waltz steps, and any thoughts of laughter flew from her mind.

It came as a total surprise that he knew what he was doing. He was certainly no Gene Kelly, but he was putting the right feet in the right place and he was swaying in rhythm to the music, and that's all a girl could really ask for. Concentrate Lorelai, you can't be the one to screw this up, watch his toes! She focused on adjusting her posture, settling her hand on his shoulder, getting comfortable. She couldn't believe how nice this felt. She was beginning to wish that the song would never end, and they could just keep dancing all night. It felt so natural, so intimate. She bit her lip then to keep from laughing at herself for thinking of that word to describe Luke.

She watched her feet for a second to make sure she was doing the right steps, and then looked up to find Luke staring straight at her. He wasn't smiling, but he looked happy, content. She couldn't hold his gaze and looked up, a smile breaking out on her face once again, one which he instantly returned. Oh thank god, he thinks this is funny too. She checked her feet again, and then looked at him. The smile was gone, but that gleam in his eye was still there, and he was giving her his full attention. She wondered if he even knew anymore that there were other people on the dance floor with them. It seemed like he was only interested in her, the person in his arms. She felt a tingling sensation flowing through her body, and for some reason she suddenly felt shy. She wanted to move closer, she wanted to feel his arm around her, not just settled lightly on her waist, she wanted to put her head on his shoulder.

But what would he think? Was that too much for a friend to do? Would he freak out and ask her what she was doing? She glanced up at him again, and the look in his eyes urged her forward, taking that tiny step closer until her body was pressed against his, and her arm was curved around his shoulder. She felt him adjusting his hand, sliding it further around her waist until he was holding her tightly against him.

She couldn't look at him, but she wanted to so desperately. She glanced around, trying to avoid his eyes, but she couldn't manage it for long. She glanced up and found him staring right at her. She couldn't describe the look on his face, but it was one that was vaguely familiar to her. She had never seen it on his face before, but she remembered seeing that look in Max's eyes once. Somehow, it was so much more meaningful on Luke's face. Somehow, it made her feel like she was the only woman on the planet. Somehow, she knew she wanted to see him look at her that way for the rest of her life.

They shared a smile and he averted his gaze. She felt slightly disappointed that he hadn't leaned forward to kiss her. It would have been so easy, so natural. They were so close, barely inches away from one another, and it would have taken only the slightest of movements to connect his lips with her own. She leaned in closer, her cheek beside his, and breathed in deeply. God he smells good. Slowly, she tilted her head down until her chin was resting on his shoulder. There was the tingling again. She breathed him in, wishing for the second time that this dance would never end.

Who knew Luke could be so romantic?

The end.

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